Friday, October 24, 2014

Update: Back to my Happy Place

This is SO strange, and buy 'this' I mean sitting down to type up a post.

*waves* Hi, guys! Let's cut to the chase because I think I may have more to say than I think I do. I haven't blogged in AGES- almost two months, which doesn't sound as long as it seems, but it is. I came back from Disney World and then BOOM - classes begun once again and I was determined to do well this semester. Not only that but my blog was slowly starting to stop being my happy place. No matter how many times you can read "it's not about the numbers," I was sub-consciously being consumed by page views, post views, amount of comments, and of course, how many people were following me. I was constantly comparing myself to other blogs and, seriously, no matter how many times they say "don't do it!" you just can't help it. So no more of that. 

I started blogging at a point in my life where I needed a place to talk about and connect with a few people who loved something as much as I did. At this point, I need my little space on the inter webs back more than ever. Make up is a creative outlet that just makes me happy and relaxes me. I'm also quite good at it, and I've never been a person to think they had talent in something, but with make up, I think I have some chops. I'm still in school and it's becoming harder and harder to stay focused when it feels as though everyone else around me is working towards something and I'm just there for a degree- in and out. I've talked with my mom and we've agreed that once I'm done getting my Bachelors, I'm going off to make up school to do what I love and something I can get better at. Having this realization kind of sorted out all the messy puzzle pieces of my future and I feel like the puzzle of my life is slowly starting to put itself together, at least for now. 

I want to get back in the swing of things of my hobby. I miss it. I love doing it and it's not something I've ever wanted to be more than that. From now on, I'm getting back to that- blogging for me and those that want to come along. Stay tuned for make up, favorites, inspired and creative makeup looks, life, and whatever else I fancy!

See ya later! ;)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Disney World Haul

*dances* it may seem a little strange but I'm so excited to type this post because of the things involved and I'm surprised at how photogenic every thing was. If you haven't been keeping up, a few weeks ago I took a teeny tiny vacation to magical place that is Walt Disney World in Florida. You can read about my time at Hollywood Studios here, Magic Kingdom here, and then Islands of Adventure/Universal Studios here. So of course I managed to grab a few goodies for myself whilst I trekked in and out of the shops. 

At Downtown Disney is where I found my oh so sought after sequined Minnie Mouse ears at the World of Disney shop (it was heaven, and I want to spend a whole day there!) I've gone to Disney plenty of times but for some reason never had an urge to sport them (probably because I thought they were super expensive, which, some are, haha) but this time, even before we got to the parks, I was all over it. I absolutely love them and loved wearing them all through Magic Kingdom. I couldn't even bear to pack them in fear that they'll get squashed. The materialistic adoration is real here folks. Oh shoot, I actually forgot to include the pins I bought at the parks. Never thought I'd be a person to enjoy a pin but it was way too cute to pass up. You can find a picture of them by clicking here. It's currently attached to my school bag so I can carry the cute every where I go, and explains why I forgot to include them. The pins with Mickey and Minnie kissing were given away as a gift. The last thing I picked up at was a Minnie Mouse shaped, bright pink, pen. I am an absolute sucker for them and usually come away with way more than just one, haha. I'm growing up-dang it. 

So what I was really hoping to find at World of Disney were Tsum Tsum's and the Alex and Ani Disney inspired bracelets. I found neither. World of Disney is a HUGE store (no exaggeration) so it may be that I just walked right past them, but I'm not sure if they have them there or not. Tsum Tsum's, for those who don't know what the heck I'm talking about, they are these newly released stackable plush toys that look like your favorite Disney characters (not all of them, unfortunately) and you can get them in size, mini, medium, or large (which is, also, HUGE) Whilst back at Miami, my sister and I actually came across a Disney Store at the marina that had them and we raced to get them.  She cried over the cuteness overload, haha. I got the classic duo, Mickey and Minnie Tsum Tsum's in the mini size and my sister proceeded to get Daisy, Donald, and Pooh. Pooh was meant to be a gift, but she HAD to keep him, haha!

Like said, I couldn't find the Alex and Ani bracelets anywhere. I think I may have saw them at one shop on Main Street in Magic Kingdom but I was so hot, tired, and ready to push my way to a good firework viewing spot that I didn't care to double check (would've save me the *8 shipping though -sad face-) Anyway, I ended up ordering the Cinderella's Castle Alex and Ani Disney bracelet. I was debating on getting the Minnie Mouse one they had with red and silver polka dots, but I think I've got enough Minnie themed things for one year. Plus, I liked the simplicity of just all silver and I've got a much stronger connection to the castle and Magic Kingdom.

Lastly, is a not so Disney themed purchase, but a Harry Potter one. I explained it a little bit in my post on Universal Studios, but we basically had the VIP Express tickets to the parks for the day. They were paper tickets that you show to cut the line of almost every ride. So what people do is carry them on snazzy lanyards with a plastic insert for the ticket. Of course I didn't think to get one before we got on the crazy water drenching rides (more about that in the post, haha) but when we got to Diagon Alley and I saw it in the shop, I knew I had to have the Hufflepuff lanyard. I don't have any Hufflepuff themed items and that's my Hogwarts house, as told to me by Pottermore (#harrypotternerdsforthewin) I had the Gryfindor scarf already, so I didn't want another one. Didn't need a keychain, nor did I need a pin (barely knew what to do with the Disney one!) so the lanyard was the greatest solution. I wore it proud for the rest day and I'll be bringing it back with me, along with the Minnie ears, on my next trip there!
And with that, the Disney World fun concludes. For now, at least ;) I hope you guys enjoyed reading these posts and this little mini haul as well. I'm surprised at the amount of stuff I didn't get, honestly, haha, especially stopping at only two Tsum Tsum's because they are way too adorable not to! But now I want to know...

What are you favorite things to pick up for yourself at the Disney themed parks?
Which ears/headband would you want to get?
How many Tsum Tsum's would you get?
Also, what Harry Potter house are you in? 
This nerd needs to know!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Florida | Universal Studios + Islands of Adventure

So on our last day in Orlando, we didn't go to a Disney themed park, only because, besides Disney, I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd. There was no way I was missing out on the glory that was going to be Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express (although I did end up missing out on the former, BOO HOO D:) Anyways, my dad so graciously agreed to get, not just the 2-Park Admission, but VIP Express so we can run through both parks without having to wait on the lines. We started in Islands of Adventure working our way through Marvel SuperHero Island and having quite a long stop at Toon Lagoon. First we got soaked at the Congo rapids style Popeye ride, so we thought we should absolutely follow it up on the Ripsaw Falls, where we got absolutely drenched. I think I saw water in the shape of a fist just smack the whole of the left side of my body. It looked like I had just gone for a swim. So of course we had to spend a nice amount of time drying off and no way did we want to spend $5 for a drying service, haha! Good thing we managed to take photos before all the water madness, otherwise we would have looked like wet dogs in all those photos, haha.
THE most refreshing strawberry and lemon slush to have ever existed in the entirety of the world. They only had it at the Marvel Superhero Island so I couldn't get another once it was finished. Also, a worker at the park made me throw it out because I couldn't get on a water ride with a drink. Of course, I hid it and she was right pissed when she saw me emerge off the ride to retrieve it, haha! 
I feel like this is an omen in a picture. Seriously, the detail in all these parks is amazing and so fun. We could have snapped pictures there all day!
BEFORE THE STORM ... the ride that had me lying flat on scorching hot benches afterwards just to dry off, haha
After spending the amount of time that we did at Toon Lagoon, I was like "forget Jurassic Park" (I know, terrible, but they had another water ride there that no one was fit to go on anyway) We rushed through Jurassic Park and *angels sing* we were at Hogsmeade. I always walk through the grounds super star struck, as does my dad. The detail is just impeccable which, it turns out, if you're not the biggest Harry Potter nerd, you can still totally appreciate. I was super excited to get on the Hogwarts Express, which was quite magical, but a little tarnished by a small family who had children that wanted to hog both sides of our small compartment. There was plenty of room for them to fit on one side, but of course, their parents said NOTHING and I didn't either, but, there you go. When we finally arrived at King's Cross Station we had a traveler with us, I won't say who, but she way quite cross herself. So I couldn't totally appreciate where we were. Plus, we couldn't, for the life of us, find Diagon Alley. We were walking around like angry chickens with their heads cut off.
Luckily (LOL), Anthony happened to also be at Universal with his family so we met up and he showed us the majesty that was Diagon Alley. Super clever and creative way to hide this park, but dang, I wish there were some signs! Again, didn't get to spend too much time here (or any at all) but I managed to snap a picture and quickly pick up a Hufflepuff lanyard to proudly house my express pass. We ended up meeting up with Anthony's family and riding through a good chunk of the attractions at Universal, one being the Hollywood Rip Ride RockIt roller coaster, which was a blast (and got stuck, haha!) After that, my dad, sister, and I were super hungry having not eaten any lunch or dinner yet, so we took the trek through the rest of Universal, City Walk and back through Islands of Adventure to end our day at The Three Broomsticks. It was a trek, but so worth it because the food there is delicious and portions are monstrous. Plus, I ended the day with my very first Butterbeer, which tastes surprisingly delicious and refreshing!
So that's it folks. My small Disney vacation that just has me itching to go back very, very soon. Especially to fully immerse myself in all that is Diagon Alley, and also spend more time at Downtown Disney, which I went to for the first time this year but of course, right before they were closing. I hope you guys enjoyed these posts. I have one more Disney post left in me that I'm almost certain you guy will enjoy seeing/reading. After that, it's back to life and beauty reality!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Florida | Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

So there were two things that really made my day in Magic Kingdom. Super-awesome-sequined Minnie Mouse ears and running into my boyfriend on the edge of Main Street. Magic Kingdom is my favorite from all the parks. My dad would say it was designed mostly for smaller children and I would say that it's the one filled with the most magic. I had my Minnie ears at the ready and practically skipped through the entrance of the park. Anthony (the man friend) was on a separate vacation with his family in Florida but we somehow ended up going to Disney on the same day. I was so happy because we got to take a picture by the castle together, which okay, was totally wicked and is now probably my favorite picture of us (as well as my desktop screen saver and iPhone background. Yeah, I'm that Disney obsessed girlfriend, haha!) 

We made it onto most of the rides and attractions excluding the really long lines for the more small rides (I'm looking at you Peter Pan) My dad kept stopping for a smoke break every five feet and on one break we ended up near the back entrance of Cinderella's castle, which, if you don't know, is where the Bibbidi Bobbity Bootique is. YOU KNOW, I already have plans of taking my future daughter there since I am too old to partake in the princess festivities. BUT, I really want to thank one of the fairy god mothers in training there. My sister and I were standing by the entrance just admiring the costumes and little girl's running around with super sparkly hair when one of them approached us asking if we had any questions. I politely told her "no" and that I was just admiring the "pixie dust" and in 1.5 seconds she was asking me IF I WOULD LIKE SOME PIXIE DUST. 20 seconds later and the fairy god mother in training was waving a wand full of glitter over my head. I proceeded to spend the rest of the day with a crap ton of glitter in my hair, but mostly on my chest. It was absolutely magical, haha!
We caught the end of this show and I couldn't tell if there was sweat rolling down from my forehead into my eyes or if I was crying. All the shows in Magic Kingdom always get to me.
We found Rapunzel's castle (a princess with which my sister is obsessed with) and I found it hilarious that it was the entrance to the bathrooms, haha!
LOVE this ride and the wait was 10 minutes which is a rare feat. My dad hated it, haha, but I feel like you can't go to Magic Kingdom and not get on this ride.
Cheesing next to the newly opened Voyage of the Little Mermaid. It was such an enjoyable ride through the story of The Little Mermaid.
PURE MAGIC. Both these photos. Ugh, the fireworks mesmerize me, without fail every time I go here and I got to watch them with Anthony, which, since I'm a super sap, made me want to cry with pure happiness. I already had him promise me that we'll come back together in at least 5 years.
*sigh* TAKE ME BACK.
Last stop, Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure ...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Florida | Disney's Hollywood Studios

I'm having Disney withdrawals already. Someone, please, TAKE ME BACK. Truth be told I've been having withdrawals since last Thursday. My trip was set for Miami, but knowing I'd be in Florida, I couldn't resist BEGGING my dad to take my sister and I to Disney World for a small chunk of our vacation. He obliged and so from Miami we ventured off to the most magical place on earth! We got a pretty late start when we left on Monday but still managed to get to Hollywood Studios by 12 in the afternoon. I was afraid we'd miss out on some things because we got a "late start" but we managed to go on pretty much every show and ride by 7 PM! I love Hollywood Studios and it's in my top two because Tower of Terror and Rockin' Rollercoaster are some seriously great rides! Also, Star Tours holds a little place in my heart because I ran away from Chewie there when I was in Disney at like 8 years old, haha!
When this was the only Little Mermaid themed attraction in the Disney parks, I was all over it, but the new one over at Magic Kingdom seriously kicked this one in the butt!
I absolutely love this fountain! Every time I go I need another photo of it from every single angle.
PIZZA PLANET. How could you not lunch there? It might not look like much when you see the personal pie but we ate at 3 and I was not hungry for the rest of the day!
I didn't actually get to go on Toy Story Mania because I had a fast pass for Tower of Terror that would have expired by the time we got to the front of the line, but I still loved catching a glimpse of this scrabble board! I left my sister and dad on the line (which they said was so not worth the 80 minute wait time) whilst I went of Tower of Terror alone, making friends with an Asian couple that could not speak a lick of english. They were cute though ;)
Next stop, Magic Kingdom ...