Friday, January 10, 2014

Stila | Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Excuse the holly jolly wrapping paper background! This was meant to go up as a Blogmas post but we all know that failed rather quickly. I still really wanted to share this awesome product with you guys as it's quite quickly become a favorite and go-to of mine. It's the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Intense Black. When my last liquid eye liner hit the hay and I realized it wasn't actually the greatest I began my hunt for the most perfect liquid eye liner. 

Liquid eye liner has always been my go to even before I got really into make up. I love the crisp and clean liner you can achieve with liquid ones, and although you can achieve that with gel, liquid always comes out a bit more vibrant. So on my list for the perfect liquid liner was rich black color, matte finish, long lasting, and above all us, waterproof. That's exactly what I get with this gem from Stila. The color it delivers is opaque and black, not slightly black like you can see with some liquid liners. The finish is semi-matte but the slight shine when first applying fades in about 30 minutes. It's completely waterproof and stays as vibrant as it did when first applied, which is just a big plus in my book! Even though it's waterproof it's still super easy to take off when the day is done. Another thing I love about the Stay All Day liner is the packaging and applicator. The packaging is slim and easy to hold in your hand, exactly like holding a pen which makes application as easy as drawing a line on a piece of paper. The applicator is a tapered felt tip so with the right amount of pressure you can achieve a super thin line or build it up a bit thicker in a swipe. The shape of the applicator also makes it super easy to create wings, even for those who find it a bit challenging (a.k.a. me, haha)

All in all, I would totally recommend this eye liner to anyone looking into a new liquid eye liner or just starting out with using it. The packaging and applicator make it a super simple task and the color/longevity is unbeatable (except for maybe by a Make Up For Ever eye liner, haha) It's $20 which I find is very reasonable. I've had mine for over a month now and it's still showing no signs of drying out. Def. a favorite of mine that I know I'll plan to repurchase when the time comes!
What's your go-to liquid eye liner?


  1. Sounds lovely an now I have to try this eyeliner. I also want to try more Stilla makeup.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

    1. You should give it a go! It's become SUCH a staple in my collection! I'd also really like to try more Stila make up. Never really give that brand a second glance, until now :)

  2. I want to try this so badly, I just can't find good liquid eyeliner! Still on the search. And the Waterproof ALL DAY aspect may have sold me on it! Wendy xx
    Scottish Wendy | Wendy's World

  3. This eyeliner sounds like something I'd love. Not tried many Stila products before.
    Love the intensity of it!
    Hareem x

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