Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review: M.A.C. Lady Bug Lipstick & M.A.C. Redd Lipliner

Most people start off with a pinky, nude, or beige lipstick when they got into makeup. I plunged head first and started with a fuchsia one and worked my way to reds. I love, read it LOVE red lipsticks. I love them on myself and I adore them on others. Anyone who wears red lipsticks knows how you can have 50 different shades but it is the most difficult thing in the world to find your red, the perfect red that will suit you beautifully and make you feel like a millions bucks. M.A.C.'s Lady Bug lipstick was that for me.

Sorry about the wanky way I applied the lipstick,
but you see how the color appears quite nicely! 

Most people don't go bonkers over M.A.C.'s lustre finishes, but I love them! They're not to opaque and have a wonderful shine. I think that's why I am so in love with Lady Bug. It's a lustre finish. It's not your classic red color and has more of a yellow base to it which my skin color seems to love. It makes my eyes light up, my lips look absolutely kissable (if I do say so myself ;) ), and it's just my perfect red. I am not good at recommending lip shaes. I feel this would suit a lot of fair skin tones, but then again who am I to judge that a darker skin tone can't pull it off?

M.A.C. Lady Bug / M.A.C. Redd  

The only downfall of Lady Bug is that it is a bleeder! Ironic, considering it's a red, huh? So if you pick this one up I highly (not even highly, I'm TELLING you) to get/use a lip liner. The day after I bought Lady Bug I went back to M.A.C. and got myself a nice all around red lip liner called, har har, Redd. It's a classic red but blends nicely into the lipstick and most importantly keeps the color in!

Lady Bug is a stunning color and one I recommend you check out! Just don't forget liner, liner, liner!



  1. Love the red colour!!!! :)
    Miss K

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  2. I think this colour is perfect for summer !

    1. I never thought of it for summer, but now that you mention it, it's no so bad for summer! :D


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