Saturday, May 5, 2012

Retail Therapy: Birthday Haul!

So Wednesday, May 2, was my 19th birthday! Although my mom thought it was my 17th considering she got a '1' and '7' candle, hahaha! It seems that every year there's something I become completely enchanted with and I get a lot of it for my birthday! Last year it was LUSH Cosmetics gift cards and products and this year it's beauty items! Which I was so thrilled for! Now I didn't get this all in one day (all in one week, but not in a day!) and some of it I bought for myself as a well deserved present (my birth makes me well deserved, haha!) 
  • Mrs. Bunny Collection Sigma Brushes (from my Sister) - I was SOSOSO excited for these! I have been using a crease brush from Sephora and the Urban Decay Karma brush that came with the Naked Palette for the longest time, and only those two brushes! I love the blue and pink colors of the brush, I think they are so pretty. It's also awesome that they come in their own sort of brush holders! I can't wait to use them more!
  • Ciate Caviar Manicure (from my Aunt) - So I have basically been lusting about this caviar manicure kit since I saw a YouTube guru (FleurdeForce) demo it on her channel! I knew it would be a sort of gimmicky (but awesome) sort of nail thing, but that didn't stop me from wanting it! The only thing though is the price is absolutely outrageous for nail polish, micro beads, and a plastic tray! I'd never buy it myself. When I went out to dinner my aunt (who I never see) handed me a Sephora bag with the kit inside and I freaked! I cannot wait to show you guys a nail of the day with it!!!
  • Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette (from my boyfriend) - Boyfriend. You're doing it right! If I just insert a giant exclamation point would that convey the proper amount of excitement? Probably not. I know he was originally planning to get me the Naked 2 Palette but then this bad boy came back on the Sephora website and I spammed his Facebook with links, hahaha! I've been lusting after this palette for FOREVER. I wasn't too into make-up when I saw gurus reviewing it so it didn't phase me, but now MUST HAVE!
things I bought for myself
  • MakeUpForever Aqua Liner (5) - Blue eyeliner. Jennifer Lawrence wore it in the Hunger Games. Jennifer Lawrence is girl crush. Nuff said.
  • Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow (Fishnet) - I am so glad the the Sephora on 5th Avenue didn't get the new look of the Urban Decay Eyeshadows! Two reasons, one: I LOVE the Deluxe Packaging x a million! two: the deluxe shadows are $18 and have  more product, while the new ones would be the same price and the same color, but less product! It's such a beautiful purple color similar to MAC Stars 'N Rockets but 10x more pigmented.
  • MAC Morange Lipglass - Walked into a MAC store on the day of a collection launch (unintentionally) and happened to be in the flagship store that had EVERY COUNTRY'S FASHION SET. *dead I've always wanted Morange Lipstick but didn't think I'd have the cajones to wear it out but when I put the lipglass on I could not look away. It made my eyes pop and it was out there without being out there.
  • OCC Makeup Lip Tar (Queen) - Gah! This color. No words for it. I've always wanted an OCC liptar (many, at that!) but when I went to IMATS I was so tired that I didn't have the strength to wait in the mob. Then I saw OCC retweeted someone saying they "popped into an OCC store" and I was like THEY HAVE STORES?! Thank you Google for helping feed my addiction and cleaning my wallet ;)

Have you deduced anything from this list yet? Not yet? Well I'll help you out... I'm not buying any make-up for a LOOONG time. But don't fret! I've got so many reviews to write up that time will fly, make up will get used and I'll be able to buy once more! I'm very thankful for everything I've been given and everything I was able to buy. Hopefully this fortune will follow me into my 19th year!

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