Sunday, May 27, 2012

Review: LUSH Cosmetics Dirty Springwash Shower Gel

It's late at night (3:19 am to be exact) which is when I type up most of my reviews. But this one just seems so appropriate for the moment. So I live in New York and summer if quickly and swiftly (I say it like that because where is the gosh darn transition?!) approaching. If you live in New York then you probably know that summer time here is like hell. 80 degrees can easily feel like 100 degrees here cause of all the humidity. It's not even a rare chance that it's humid, it's just ALWAYS humid and hot. Which explains why I cannot sleep. And why I bring you this review... 

Dirty Shower Gel is the perfect shower gel to use in these upcoming hot months. It has spearmint in which gives it it's minty and refreshing smell and the tingly, cooling sensation when you scrub it onto your skin.

The description on the bottle says loads more than I could ever say. I just showered with this twice in one night and each time I come out my skin feels refreshed, I feel refreshed and the sticky, gross feeling on my skin is completely gone. I'm just a big fan of minty scents to freshen up with in the summertime. I do enjoy cinnamon scents a lot, as well, but it just makes me feel even more warm and candy scents don't make the sticky skin feeling go away.

You can get this shower gel at LUSH shops or order them at! If you're unfamiliar with LUSH shower gels they come in 3 sizes: 100 mL, 250 mL, and 500mL, which range in price. As a former LUSH employee I can tell you that if you really like a scent of any shower gel, go for the 250 mL or the 500 mL cause you're getting way more bang for your buck! I can't wait to finish this little guy and by myself a much needed 500 mL Dirty Shower Gel. I feel like I'm gonna need a lot of it this summer!


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