Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wishlist | Get Me To VIB Rouge

Sephora Wishlist
Happy Wishlist Wednesday! Don't worry, that's not becoming a thing just yet on this blog - I have a wishlist to share with you all and it just so happens it's Wednesday, haha! If you've ever been to a Sephora you'll know that they have a reward system called 'Beauty Insider' where for every $1 you spend a point is added to your account. 'Beauty Insider' is just one tier of their reward system - the second tier is 'VIB' (Very Important Beauty Insider) and to get into that tier you need to spend have spent at least $350 in a calendar year. I am currently a 'VIB' and get all the wonderful perks that come with that but now Sephora have done it and brought out a third tier called 'VIB Rouge' (how prestige sounding!) To get 'VIB Rouge' status you need to have spent at least $1000 in a calendar year. I saw that and thought, "holy cow, what?!" mostly because I knew I wouldn't be able to ever reach that tier. Turns out, I'm a lot closer than I think. I e-mailed Sephora and they told me I'm only 280 points (well 180 now, you'll see why) away from having 'VIB Rouge' status. I think I squealed, haha! I'll need to spend $280 (now $180) to get the acclaimed status of 'VIB Rouge' which comes with so many benefits your mind will explode (one being free shipping, always and forever, well, until your 'VIB Rouge'-ness expires) and a shiny red points card (which you know is the only reason I want it, haha ;) ) If you want to read more about it you can over here.  

So loooooong story short, this wishlist is a compilation of items that I've been lusting after that are sold at Sephora stores, that would help me get to 'VIB Rouge'! 
  • Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Mascara | It's got a much longer name than that but I figured I'd spare you another essay, haha! I got this mascara as a '100' point perk in my last order from Sehpra. I saw the tiny little brush and just laughed. What was that ittle bitty baby supposed to do to my lashes? A whole lot, it turns out! It's separates and because it's so tiny it can really give you lift from the root of your eyelashes, so mucho volume and your eyes appear bigger! I'm one to always go on and on about drugstore mascaras working better than high end ones but I've fallen for this bad boy, hard. 
  • Lorac Pro Palette | Who wouldn't want this palette? It's a perfect mix of shades to create a whole slew of eye looks, with a nice mix of matte and shimmery finishes. I haven't bought it yet because I've got all of Urban Decay's Naked palette's and can't justify another one, but I'm slowly starting to find reasons to need it, haha!
  • Dior Amber Diamond | THE HOLIEST OF HIGHLIGHTERS THERE IS OR WAS. Actually that's not true, I'm pretty in love with MAC's Soft & Gentle but UGH! The packaging, the shiny 'Dior' label, and just the softness of the finely milled shimmery product, makes it TOP on my "I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want ..." list! 
  • Yves Sait Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine in Fuchsia in Excess | See? It's an essay of a name for a lipstick, haha. Anyway, I've been eyeing this lipstick up and down ever since I saw the ad for them in Sephora. The model on the ad was wearing it and it looked so gorgeous that I instantly thought 'I have to have it!' Some like blush, some like mascaras, but for me lipstick's are my kryptonite. I don't think I'll ever have enough, haha, which is why I went ahead and already bought this yesterday on an impromptu trip to a supper fancy mall in New Jersey! So this baby has gotten me that much closer to VIB Rouge *__*
  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir | See my thoughts on this annoying, son of a sea witch product here. I love this stuff and I hate myself for loving this stuff. I'm working on a small bottle of this but know that when it's finished it'll only makes sense to get the bigger one. DANG THIS STUFF.
  • NARS Sex Appeal | This blush is like a ghost to me. It's a gorgeous soft, pale peach color that really brightens up my face and I always think about it when my eye look is a bit darker or smokey. I actually bought this once and then returned it because my wallet felt too guilty for splurging when I knew I shouldn't have. I still want this, so much. I have absolutely nothing like it in my small stash of blushes and it would be just the perfect addition!
I would totally be honored if any of these products made their way into my collection to help me get into VIB Rouge. I've already gotten the lipstick so I'm that much closer! Also, my mom bought the Marc Jacobs Honey perfume (SO CUUUUTE) so that helped push me to only needing about 180 points. I think if it weren't for my dad buying a perfume/cologne for everyone he knew around the holidays, I def. wouldn't be this close, haha! 
What would you buy to help you get to VIB Rouge?

Monday, July 29, 2013

5 Minute Makeup Challenge | Best In Beauty Competition ROUND 5!!!

Hi everyone! Do you ever have those weekends where it feels like a millennium has gone by and then you finally get home into your own bed and you don't know what to start to catch up on?! Yeah, I've had one of those weekends. I finally got out of my house, met an amazing blogging/YouTube buddy of mine Andrea (FromInsideMyCloset), did some shopping, hung out with my boyfriend, and then finally saw some of my friends from school. We got tea and we got Shake Shack and it was glorious. This little extended (and unexpected) weekend has thrown me off my blogging and YouTube schedule so apologies for that. If you hadn't noticed this disorientation than my apologies for bringing it to your attention, haha! So on Sunday, whilst I was out and about, my 5th video for the Best In Beauty competition went up! I just wanted to take a moment to express how happy and bubbly it makes me feel to have this much support! It's overwhelming, mind-boggling, and makes me smile every time I think about or see someone vote for me. Thank you all so much for taking the time to watch my video each week and then going over to vote. I didn't expect to make it this far but so glad I have! For this week's round we were given the task of doing the ever so fun 5 Minute Makeup Challenge. It's A LOT harder than it looks, people, haha! In this video I attempt to do my current everyday makeup routine and also show you how I would handle 5 minutes to do my makeup in real life! I hope this is a video you guys enjoy because I had a lot of fun putting it together! When you've finished watching please head on over to this link right here --> ( and leave a comment on that video with 'Jessica' or 'TheModMermaid' to vote for me! I'd genuinely appreciate the support to help me make it into the 6th round. There's only 4 of us left so the race is getting tight! As always let me know what you think in the comments below and most of all, enjoy the video!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Disney Collection by Sephora | Ariel Collection ''Part of Your World" Palette

Happy Saturday to everyone! I usually don't post on the weekends but seeing as how I wanted to take a wee day break from a full week o' posting, I decided, what the heck? There's still one more item left to review from the third Disney Collection by Sephora and that is the Part of Your World Palette. This palette is much, much smaller than the Storylook Palette (which I reviewed here) but the same amount of detail was poured into just like with every other piece of this collection. If I'm honesty (AND IT PAINS ME TO SAY) the only reason I picked up this palette was to complete my collection. Sure, I didn't get the polishes or glosses (still debating) but those aren't products I gravitate to like I do with eyeshadows. So yes, I picked it up because of it's gorgeous packaging. When I finally saw the colors inside I had mixed feelings. I loved the look of the colors together ... but when was I gonna wear a green with purple, c'mon?! (AGH, this is killing me, haha) When I finally had it in my hands though all the doubts flew out the window, hopped in a taxi, drove to the airport, and took a plane to Timbuktu. I was completely smitten and the colors in person are beautiful. They're not everyone's cup of tea, but they're beautiful. 

Who's-it is a pearlescent white that's the designated "highlight" color. I usually designate the lightest and shimmery colors as highlight colors, haha. It's the most pigmented of the bunch so I'm thinking it could do well as an inner eyelid shadow or on the whole lid to make your eyes look bright and big. What's-it is an almost 'dirty' matte taupe color, leaning toward gray I want to say. It's hardly visible on the swatch on my arm but holy cannoli is it a wonderful blending color for the next two shades. Dinglehopper (!!!) is a satin green shade and that's as far as my abilities will let me describe it, sorry, haha. It's a really nice green with muted tones that make it so wearable. Snarfblat (These names, I can't!!!) is the most gorgeous purple, leaning a bit towards indigo shade I've ever seen. Probably because it's got small flecks of purple glitter that put you in a trance when you look at it in the pan and then swatch it. The last two shades also don't have the greatest opacity but if you layer them over a white base or even a colored one they honestly just come to life. All they need is that base, perhaps some NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils to really get working. They're very easy to work and blend as much and as little as you need them to. No worries if you've applied a bit too much!

As for the packaging, you all know I'm just in love. The picture on the front shows a silhouette (love all these silhouettes) of  Ariel sitting on a rock looking out at the sky with the moon illuminating her while she probably day dreams. The are is just gorgeous and I can't say it enough. There's little silver seashells framing the whole scene. This palette is in a cream colored plastic casing and opens up like quads tend to do. Inside you find the four shades nicely placed inside surrounded by gold.  It also comes with a space to hold the two brush-tip/sponge-tip duo brushes. I wouldn't throw these out guys, the brushes are great and the sponge tips really help you pack on the color! I don't find it's bulky, it's actually quite compact and I can see myself bringing this on some travels. There's also a mirror inside this palette which is really lovely to have. Inscribed on the mirror is 'dreams are realities in waiting'. Ugh, I'm THIS close to getting that quote tattoed on my forehead. All of these quotes seriously just hit home for me in ways that even I can't imagine. It pulls at my wittle heart strings every time. 

I'm completely love this eyeshadow palette and the colors are more wearable than you think. They do need a tiny bit of help in the form of a colored base but other than they're really great. If you've been itching to get your hands on something from this collection I would recommend getting this. It's the only palette left as the Storylook palette has been long sold out. You shan't be settling for a less than amazing palette and you'll have your piece of the sea :) You can get the palette on and in stores in the first week of August for $30! I'll be doing an eye look on this on my youtube channel fairly soon so stay tuned for that!

Here are the three other pieces I've reviewed from this collection if you haven't seen them yet!
What do you all think?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Disney Collection by Sephora | Ariel Collection 'Set the Mood' Compact Mirror

Do you ever anticipate something so much that it just seems like it'll never come to fruition? You anticipate it so much that time seems to go slower and slower and the day or event you've been anticipating doesn't seem real? Well, that's how I felt about this Ariel Set The Mood compact mirror that was released in the Disney Collection by Sephora. The compact mirrors have been the pic de resistance to every single one of the Disney Collection selling out in just hours. Unfortunately, the same rang true for the Ariel collection and it sold out in about an hour and half. I was (somehow) lucky enough to be awake at a normal hour and catch the release. I snagged myself four *blushes* Haha, I don't know why I needed so many but maybe I'll give them to some friends and family. This compact is absolutely gorgeous and was completely worth waiting for. The detail in the cover is outmatched. Seriously, if you can find anything prettier let me know. The compact depicts the scene of 'Kiss the Girl' in The Little Mermaid when Ariel and Eric are boating on the lake. It shows them in silhouette and around them are the little fish swimming (and in the movie singing) around them. It's very sturdy and has a bit of heft to it which to some would seem troublesome to carry around, but for $20 I'm glad because it feels like it won't just snap. There's a quote inscribed on one of the mirrors that says "you've got to be you" A lot of people seem to have a problem with this quote and it's relation to the movie but it's ... just ... I love it. There's no way to fault the execution of this compact in every detail. I have no words for this compact - really, I don't, the pictures honestly say it all. I'm so happy with it and can't wait to whip it out instead of my phone to touch up my makeup. Every mermaid should have this to complete their collections :)
What do you all think? Were you lucky enough to catch it?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wishlist | A Day In NYC

Day In NYC Wishlist
Can you believe how long it's been since my last wishlist post? These used to be my thing. I was supposed to have a video up today but I sort of didn't feel like editing it/didn't know if I wanted to publish it at all. Instead I thought I'd give my blog an extra day of love this week and post a wishlist. This weekend is an exciting one because Andrea, the lovely blogger and YouTuber over at From Inside My Closet, is coming to NYC for a day of shopping, beauty talk, and just good ol' fashioned hanging out! It's going to be real fun finally 'meeting' her in 'real' life! There are loads of stores we want to hit up such as INGLOT, ELF, and LUSH, and I've managed to create a 'small' list ;)
  • INGLOT | Our first stop is going to be INGLOT and I absolutely love, love, love their Freedom System. I've always wanted to get myself a 5 pan palette because I love how long and sleek it looks. That's not a very good reason for wanting something is it? Haha. I don't know if I'll fill it right then and there but there are two types of colors I've been dying to get my hands on: a matte bright blue and matte bright yellow. I've always wanted to try Sugarpill makeup but haven't been wanting to buy it online so I'll be looking for colors similar to Mochi and Buttercupcake. I'd really love to fill this palette with 5 matte-bright colors but so far those are the only two colors I'm sure of!
  • E.L.F. | Oh, dear E.L.F. cosmetics. The brand of cheap cosmetics that are worth more than they are being sold for, apparently. I say apparently because I've never actually owned an ELF product but I've heard rave reviews for their blushes and products in general so when I found out that they opened a shop right next to St. Marks I was all over it! The fact that I managed to narrow down my list to only two blushes and bronzers is an amazing feat. There is so much to see and I'm afraid I may come out with more than just what I've put on this list. Peachy Keen and Mellow Mauve are on my list because these are two shades I don't have in my collection and at $3 a pop why not splurge and treat myself to two new blushes ;) Also, their Golden Bronzer has been on my list ever since I found out it was a dupe for Dior's Amber Diamond. I'll forever want Amber Diamond in it's amazing packaging but hey, what's $40 compared to $3?! Ugh, I don't know how I'll control myself!
  • Pink Lemonade Flower Crown | That's what I've chosen to name this style of headband with the pink, yellow, and white colored flowers. Doesn't it remind you of pink lemonade? Haha! I have been on a floral headband kick for about two weeks now and finally got my hands on some at Forever21 which you can see in this haul right here. So the floral headband to the left is from Urban Outfitter's and costs $20 and the one to the left is from Forever21 costs $4.80. The reason I have both on this list is because if I can't find the pink lemonade headband from Forever21 (it wasn't at the one I went to) I'll most likely get the one from Urban Outfitter's. The Urban Outfitter's one is gorgeous and probably a little sturdier so I won't mind paying the price for such a nice headband. Call me crazy, I won't mind :)
Hopefully I'm a good little beauty blogger and stick to this list of lovely things, but knowing me, the beauty blogger who failed her spending ban, I might make a few cheeky purchases along the road (; 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Disney Collection by Sephora | Ariel Collection 'Kiss The Girl' Rollerball

This week you are going to pelted with mermaid-related posts, specifically Ariel Collection posts! The entire collection was released last week and I snatched up everything I wanted so fast, it was insane! Some part of me thought that if I didn't get the things I wanted within a matter of seconds that it'd all sell out. Originally I wasn't planning on buying the rollerball perfume, just because I didn't know what it would smell like, but the packaging was too gorgeous to pass up! I figured if anything I would return it because Sephora has an amazing return policy. No need for that, as it turns out! When I opened the packaging (which is as intricately detailed as the Storylook Palette packaging, review can be found here) and pulled out the small bottle I was in awe. The rollerball bottle is like any standard rollerball. It's made of glass and made to look frosted with blue. The glass feels rubberized, sort of reminiscent of NARS packaging, and I love that feeling so it was quickly racking up points! On the bottle, painted in silver, is a delicate filigree sort of design. I'm not exactly sure if it's meant to look like seaweed or not, but that's what I'm going to pretend it is, haha. On one side (do cylindrical bottles have sides?!) it says 'true love is beyond words' which, this is going to sound like cheese on a stick, but makes my heart flutter every time I read it.

So after I stopped oggling the packaging it was time to take a whiff. In those mere seconds of opening the cap and applying it to me wrist I was having an internal debate on wether or not I'd still keep it if I didn't particularly like it. Suffice to say, I love the scent! It's me wrapped up in frosted glass. I feel like you guys will just think I'm going ga-ga over it because it's Ariel and mermaids and yeah, which is okay, but it's seriously such a gorgeous scent. My sister hates it, but I really love it. Sephora's website says that the notes are "Bergamot, Wet Cucumber, Ozonic Accord, Water Notes, Wild Lilac, Starfruit, White Musk, Sandalwood, Ambergris. " It's described as "Alluring. Romantic. Confident". It's a floral scent but not overly floral like you'd imagine when hearing 'floral'. It's quite soft and makes me think of the beach at dusk or dew on grass. How those are remotely related, I don't know, but I'm trying to give you a feel of it since no one has created smell-o-vision just yet! It starts off quite strong on the skin and then fades into a very light and airy scent in about 4 hours. For $19, I'm absolutely in love. If I finish the rollerball and the perfume is still being sold, I might just buy the big bottle! Luckily, the perfumes never sell as quickly as the palette's and compact so it's up on the Sephora's website and should be in stores in the first week of August (or so I was told!) if I've managed to tickle your fancy ;)
What do you guys think? Have you picked up anything from the collection?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Products I Regret Purchasing | Best In Beauty ROUND 4

Hey there, hi there, ho ho ho there! I'm just going to jump straight into it by saying THANK YOU to any of you lovely readers who have gone over and supported me in the Best In Beauty competition! I've managed to somehow make into the 4th round of the competition and I so appreciate the support and kind words in your comments. By getting me into the 4th round you've extended my battle (WAR, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Good god, y'all!) which means I'm calling for your help and support once again. This round's video was to review a product or products we just plain didn't like so I thought I'd make a "Products I Regret Purchasing" video. This was a really fun video to film for some reason. It could be because of the purple makeup or the floral crown but it was most likely because I had some pent up resentment for some of these products for sounding so wonderful and just making my wallet radiate guilt. After you've watched this video I'd seriously appreciate you guys taking the time to go and vote. To vote all you have to do is head on over to this link over here --> ( and leave a comment on it with "The Mod Mermaid". Two lovely ladies are being eliminated this week and there are only 6 of us left so I could use your support now more than ever! I'm not even letting myself watch the votes come in on the video because last week it sent me into a tizzy of anxiety, haha! This is probably one of my videos that I feel most confident in publishing! So as always, I'd love to know what you thought!

What are some products you regret purchasing?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Disney Collection by Sephora | Ariel Storylook Palette (Review, Swatches + Pictures!)

WARNING: This will be a long post containing an excessive amount of exclamation points and pictures.
This has been a long anticipated review if not for you all but for me! I've been excited about this product, heck collection, ever since I heard the rumors that Ariel may be the next princess in the crazy coveted Disney Collection by Sephora. My excitement grew even more when I saw the promo that Sephora released for it. In all honesty I just lost it. I was excited, and completely jealous that I wasn't asked to be the mermaid. This is an entire collection dedicated to probably the world's favorite and most famous mermaid, Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I, being a mermaid ;), couldn't wait to see the blues and greens used in the packaging and in the shadow colors! The last two collections (Cinderella and Jasmine) have been absolute hits (the Storylook palette's and compact mirrors, especially!) I was lucky enough to snag this palette when it was "accidentally" released back in the begining of June. The whole collection is now up on the website but I'm afraid the Storylook Palette, along with the compact mirror are now sold out ): But keep your eyes peeled in stores!!

This palette is the third volume of the Storylook Palette's in the Disney Collection by Sephora. In this big palette you get 20 wonderful shades of shadows (for $55) in various finishes that reflect the colors, things, and places of the movies. It's been a super big deal that there wasn't any inclusion of a red eyeshadow to represent Ariel's fiery locks and Sebastian's shell. I'm not to floored by it as I understand it's not the most practical of colors. It would have been cool to see but I honestly wouldn't know what to do with it. It would, however, have been awesome for them to include a bright yellow shade for Flounder. Marvelle, from Blog of Shadows, mentioned it in her review and I thought that that would have made a great addition! To make sure I properly review this for you all I've separated the review into sections. Nothing too crazy, just packaging and each row of colors! Not all the colors are spectacular, I will admit (even though it PAINS me to) and some are really fantastic so I'll go row by row and you can jump to the row that maybe has a color you're interested in! I won't be describing the color, as I'm rubbish at it, and I'll have swatches below of every color! I kept them very true to swatch :)

Packaging The packaging of this palette is bar-none (is that how you say it?) It's the most detail orientated package I've ever come across from the palette to the actual box it comes in! The outer packaging is so ornately decorated with the massive shell at the top, the seahorses to the sides and even the border around it all is decorated with seashells. The blue gradient in the background is just absolutely breathtaking, YES, breathtaking. Just look at the (massive amounts of) pictures below of the packaging. The back packaging has little Ariel's that depict the 20 shadows inside. Even the bar code is designed with a seashell and flanked by two mermaids! It's amazing! My favorite part is at the top flap that says 'dare to dream'. It resonates with me in so many ways!

The palette itself is crazy amazing to look at. It's got the tiniest of holo shifts when tilted up and down in some sunlight. It's completely flat but it does give off the impression of a glimmering ocean or the rippling water. That could just be down to the fantastic artwork! The front of the palette depicts the scene in The Little Mermaid when Ariel is wanting to be "part of their world" Girl, I want to be a part of your world. Anyways, haha, the surrounding detail is done in a silver-ish paint that depicts all her "gadgets and gizmos a'plenty" including her dinglehopper! It's so stunning and you can see the time and effort that went into creating it.

On the side there's a small, silvery tab that you can pull to reveal the palette's wonderful eyeshadows. You can remove the palette from the velvety box and use it as a keepsake if you'd like. I'll probably end up doing that when I've finished a good portion of the shadows! I like having the option of removing the shadows because it makes it much easier to hold!

Row 1 Shadows (Blue Lagoon, Scuttle, Flounder, Sebastian, Flotsam) I had no trouble with Blue Lagoon, Scuttle, and Flotsam. These three colors were very buttery to the touch and super pigmented. They lost some of their pigmentation while transferring to eye, but still looked nice. I wanted to really love Flounder and Sebastian. Both are matte colors and I find they're best at diffusing the brightness or darkness of some of the other colors. They're very light and definitely need to be built up. These two are also a bit more powdery which makes them hard to use besides as a blending color. 

Row 2 Shadows (Seashells, Les Poissons, Caspian Sea, Your Voice, Unfortunate Souls) Seashells is a lovely shadow that's not too buttery and not too powdery. It makes for a gorgeous inner highlight. Les Poissons is so buttery my brush sometimes creates a bit of a dip if I dab to hard, but other than that it's nicely pigmented. Caspian Sea and Your Voice have somehow secured themselves as my favorites of the bunch. Caspian Sea is smooth and pigmented and so beautifully shimmery. Your Voice is pigmented but contains large sized glitters that would look beautiful if they bothered to transfer to the eye!! This one shadow is absolute fall out city so make sure to give this a good tapping before applying to your eyelid. Unfortunate Souls seems to be getting a lot of flack for being a "blah" color, but I love it! It's matte, albeit a bit powdery, but it's such a nice shade to use in the crease and decently pigmented!

Row 3 Shadows (Atlantica, Fins, Sick of Swimmin', Ursula, Shalala) I have no complaints for this row of shadows. Some do lean towards the powdery side but nothing a good primer can't fix. Sick of Swimmin' is my favorite of this bunch for the simple fact that it's got a gorgeous blue/green shimmer shift in it. Makes for such a unique and "mermaid-y" highlight. I've yet to use this all over the lid but I just might real soon! I also wanted to give an honorable mention to Shalala because that was a brilliant name for a shadow!

Row 4 Shadows (Triton, Wanderin' Free, Jetsam, Sea Witch, Treasures Untold) Okay, last row! I've got a bone to pick with Triton and Wanderin' Free. They are such wonderful shades that are pigmented and smooth but oh my lanta, why so much fall out? The colors are so lovely that I'm willing to work that extra minute with them but ugh, so much excess with just one tap of the brush! Jetsam, along with Flotsam are so cool because at first glance they look like similar shades but when swatched there are different colors pulled from each. One of them has a midnight blue and the other a teal and they're so fun to use with a smokier look! Sea Witch is a glorious purple that is pigmented and smooth, an overall great shadow. Treasures Untold is also a nice shade but I felt it was waaaaay too similar to Seashells :/

Is it worth it if you're a fan of The Little Mermaids/Ariel/Mermaids? Absolutely, without a doubt 100%, yes. There are so many fun colors to play with and the packaging alone will be worth it. It's a great collectible for anyone who is a makeup junkie and a fan of the films or mermaids. It does state 'Ariel' on the box, as it is her collection, but any mermaid fanatic will enjoy the silhouettes and all the oceanic detail. 

Is it worth it if you're not a crazed fanatic? If you're not a crazed fanatic, but just a fan or someone looking to get a new palette I would say it was worth it if you're look to try some fun colors as well as neutrals. It's an overall nice palette, you can't knock the packaging! Some of the shadows are not up to par but some are above and beyond, so it's a real toss up. If the shades tickle your fancy then by all means, yet it's worth it! The shadows can get a bit powdery but nothing you can't work through. Just do you eyes first and then apply your foundation! Problem solved :) Now if you can't nab it, do I think it's worth buying off of eBay for crazy prices? Definitely not, unless, like I said above, you're collecting it, but even still - it's gorgeous, but let's not go into bankruptcy!

 PHEW! That was a lot to take in, wasn't it? So ... what do you all think? :)