Saturday, July 26, 2014

#ShareBeauty | "Beauty Grew All Around"

Thank you Regency Beauty for sponsoring today's discussion and helping me #ShareBeauty •

It's no secret that at one point or another every girl picks up a make up brush at some point in her life. Whether she picks it up and holds onto it or puts it back down is another story. I was one of the few that embraced the brush and turned it into my own form of artistic expression. I use all the gorgeous cosmetic innovations at my disposable to create a make up look- a work of art in its own right- and to share beauty, I post it right here on this blog!

Let's back up a few years so I can properly explain how I discovered that I had a knack with a make up brush (if I do say so myself, haha). For the longest time pens, pencils, and paint brushes were my artistic weapons of choice. Paper was the canvas that I threw all the wacky imaginations in my head to make them come alive. I went to a specialized art high school where I learned everything from lines, lighting, shading, all the colors of the rainbow, and then some. What techniques made forms come forward and what made forms sink to the background. What colors complimented each other, what colors did not, and what colors you could blend to create any color under the sun! You'd be surprised to know that the only piece of make up I wore for a majority of high school was eyeliner and some mascara. Not because I think my skills now are super-cali-fragi-awesome, but you'd think as a beauty blogger, beauty would have been a huge part of my life for quite some time. 

Out of my 21 years of life, beauty has only been a part of my life for almost only 4 of those. Late one night, after a horribly boring weekend, I discovered the beauty section of YouTube (as you do) and the rest was history. Almost a week later I had my first delivery of cosmetics at my door and my canvas quickly switched from paper to the face. I picked up techniques and color/texture combinations quite easily and I think a majority of that is thanks to my experience in art and sheer passion for it. 

My first passion for art had spurred a second deeper passion and appreciation for make up and the beauty that comes with it. That's what made me so excited to have the opportunity to join the Regency Beauty Institute and Refinery29 to share this #ShareBeauty campaign. Specifically so the video they created to help them spread awareness. It's a short and super cute video, titled "Beauty Grew All Around" that while you watch you can't help but well up with pride if you're a beauty enthusiast with experience or even just beginning. The music in the video kind of has a way of getting you to cheese real big, haha! I may not be a professional make up artist or working in the make up profession, but it's a big part of my life now and has inspired me to create an outlet (this lovely blog) to share that passion and meet others who share that same love of it (you lovely folks!)

Lovely, isn't it? The animation alone makes me want to smile. It's the perfect representation of untapped talent and how art can be used to convey the sweet message of beauty. Be sure to share it if you enjoyed it!

The fun doesn't end with that lovely video. Regency Beauty Institute and Refinery 29 have teamed up to give you beautiful people a chance to win a customized VIP beauty treatment that is, get this, worth $2,000! Crazy, right? It's also super simple to enter and you have until the 13th of August to do so. There'll be a different trend posted on the regency landing page each week and all you'll have to do is try out the trend (or heck, try them all) and then be sure to take a photo of it (but first, I'll let you take a selfie *fist bumps* ) After that, it's as simple as uploading the photo to Instagram and using the hashtag #ShareBeautyContest (make sure your account is public though so they can see them!) It's as easy as that; one photo is one entry and there's no limit! Be sure to click through the #sharebeauty and #sharebeautycontest hashtag for some instant inspiration!

Let's keep the conversation going! 
I truly #sharebeauty with you guys every day on my blog and having now shared my beauty story, inspired by the Beauty Grew All Around video, I'd love to hear yours!
Also, don't forget to enter the Regency Beauty Institute contest! I'd love it if one of my readers won!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fashion Friday: Rock & Flow

denim vest: topshop | crop top: forever21 | skirt: american eagle | sunglasses: raybans

Today, I decided to play fashion blogger. I've been trying to get some fashion posts up on this blog for a while but could not figure out how to take the photographs on my own. It's not terribly hard, but def. a bit tricky. Lighting is the most important and let's be real, the lighting inside my house and room, stinks! Either way, most fashion bloggers will tell you that your best bet is to take the photos outside for natural lighting galore. What they don't tell you is that with nature comes a swarm of the itty bitty wildlife with wings that makes you want to shriek and run away. Besides that, I actually had a lot of fun taking the  photos and don't think they came out too bad. Sorry for the not so appealing side of my house as background. I wanted to take them on the side with my fence and trees, but let's be real, too much wildlife for my liking on that side, haha! 

I genuinely put this on with the intention of going no where. I did wear this on my sister's birthday last month when we ventured to the city and fell in love with the cute but edgy feel of this outfit. The material of the skirt is so comfy and soft that it made for a great blanket for my nap on the ferry home!

Let me know what you think!
Shall we make 'Fashion Friday' a thing?
I can totally try and make it a thing, haha!

Blogmopolitan Quiz

Most ladies read Cosmopolotan magazine, don't they? I don't subscribe but when I'm going on a quite long trip I always remind myself to grab one because it's the only one I can read from front to back. So if this doesn't look like the most fun to participate in then I suggest you get your fun bone checked out (It's different from your funny bone, I checked the anatomy book ;) keedding) I saw this a day ago over on Becky's blog. She likened it to a mini interview that you'd find in Cosmo and then it made me want to pretend I was a mini celebrity and the "Blogmopolitan" wanted to ask me some questions. Haha, a girl can dream can't she? I loved reading Becky's answer's and had fun putting this together. You can join in on the fun by downloading the blank template over at Two Thirds Hazel run by Erin who originated the quiz. I'd love to see what you guys answer! Okay, away we go!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sugarpill Elektrocute Pigment | Supercharged

 It's neon and glitter. The review stops here. *drops mic* 

I kid, I kid. Prepare yourselves. This is one of those products I need to go point by point on otherwise I may miss some important information. What we have here is the perfect hybrid of neon colored pigment and sparkling shimmers. It's something the beauty obsessed were constantly dreaming of until Sugarpill finally came out with their Elektrocute Pigments. When they first came out all I could do was drool at my computer screen as beauty blogger after beauty blogger reviewed these beauts. The Elektrocute pigments are bright and sparkly which appealed to me on so many levels. I only admired from afar because I had no idea what I'd do with these pigments once receiving them, so I put off purchasing them, that is until I got to IMATS. Once I hit the Sugarpill booth and saw them in person, I just had to have one!

The Elektrocute collection was released with five shades; a shocking blue, vibrant yellow, hot pink, electric green, and a dazzling orange. I ended up getting the pigment named Supercharged, which was the bright orange with yellowish-golden shimmers. It was the one I thought I'd get most wear out of (although now that I think about it, I probably should have gotten the hot pink shade) It's a gorgeous shade to swatch over and over again. The finish of the pigment is matte and even with the shimmers it's easy to see that. The shimmers are quite fine and when applied to the eyes you can't even feel them like you would if you had used a coarser glitter.

Let's just get it out of the way now, this is quite a fussy shadow. It's like a high maintenance girlfriend that you need to wine and dine before she maybe decides to be nice to you. Don't get me wrong, the pigment applies smoothly, maybe some patches here or there, nothing too difficult to fix, but the shimmer ... Without a primer and with a standard primer (such as Urban Decay Primer Potion or NARS Smudgeproof Base Primer, etc.) the color stays but the shimmer is gonzo in about 20 minutes! Your only hope of having the shimmer stay on along with the color is to do 2 things. The first, find a super sticky white base, such as the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. It keeps the color vibrant and the shimmer likes to adhere to it. Second, you need a flat/dense brush and need to pat and pack the color onto the lid. If you use a sweeping motion you're just going to sweep away all the glitter off your eye and onto your eyelashes and cheeks. No bueno, unless that's the look you're going for, haha! I've included swatches without primer, with Urban Decay Primer Potion, and then the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in two different lightings so you can get a real sense of how it's likely to come out. 

With all that said, Supercharged is not a terrible pigment. I wouldn't even classify it bad, I'm just not the most experienced with this sort of texture of shadow. It's gorgeous and the idea of blending glitter and neon colors together was genius. Just know that you're going to have to work with the shadow to get it looking how you want. I used it for my sister's prom make up and it came out stunning (although there was severely less glitter on her by the time she got to the party bus) I don't see myself getting a lot of use out of this if I'm honest. I don't wear orange a lot, either, and if anything pink would have been a better option for me. It's $16.00 for .19 oz. which I don't think is too terrible since pigments tend to last a very long time even with daily use. If it's something you're willing to experiment with then I'd highly recommend you get a shade or two! It's a unique piece of make up to have in your arsenal! 
What are your thoughts on this shimmering neon hybrid?
Something you'd be willing to work with?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shopping Withdrawals Pt. 2 || Topshop Wishlist


Holy long picture. Sorry for all the extra scrolling, haha. Last week I explained to you guys that I'm going through some serious shopping withdrawals and shared my crazy beauty wish list. Well, my want for all the things just grows and grows and it's spilled over to wanting so many fashion pieces, specifically from Topshop. Topshop is a store I do not window, online, or real life shop at (well, once or twice I did) It is a dangerous store for me and I don't trust myself in its presence (#overdramatic) So dangerous that I can't even walk in because I know, oh boy do I know, that I'll fall in love with some beautiful piece of clothing that I shan't be able to afford. Once I almost convinced myself that I could absolutely rock a bowler hat that would cost me $50, yeah, wow, so me! *facepalm* So last night, I did something bad. I opened my browser, typed in "" and sent myself down a deep whole of online window ogling. When I finally pulled myself away I came out with these gorgeous articles of clothing that, right now, I feel as though I need to have. Not want, but need. 

Now, I'm nothing close to a fashion blogger or even a fashionista; hence why there is a distinct lacking in #ootd posts (plus, how does one even begin to take those photos?!) But lately, looking through my closet, I've noticed that my style is just way too casual for my liking. Not that all my casual t-shirts and flannels are bad to have, but I noticed that when it was time to dress-up, or just look a little more put together (what I like to call, fancy-casual) I seriously had nothing to wear. So I'm starting to look out for more stand out pieces. Ones that I can dress up and dress down with the proper make up, accessories, and shoes. I chose pieces that were still within my comfort style, but there's a bit more pizazz to each piece.

I've always loved crop tops and instead of the graphic ones I usually sport these all have a little something (like the flower and lace hems, scalloped edges) to make them stand out a little more and give them a less casual appearance. I've also been on the look out (high and low) for some nice high waisted pants, that are actually high-waisted. I tried the ones in the photo and fell in love. They're comfortable and accentuate all the right curves to really flatter my figure. Plus, I think these would look great with any of the tops I have picked out. As for the skort (haven't heard that term since I was 10!), they're really out there with the bright coral color and unusual structure but I'm so drawn to them, especially if I can pair them with the jewel embellished collar top. And okay, maybe I can't totally stray from my comfort casual style of wardrobe, but something about that raglan top was calling to me. Last but not least, the dresses. Looking through my dresses I'm just not happy with what I have. Some are, like I've pointed out, too casual and look like cover ups for the beach and some just look way too young for me to wear anymore. I'm in love with the aztec print on the romper and the little cut outs. It's looks casual and comfortable but put together and fun! Hopefully it'd be something I could pull off. As for the dress, I've discovered I look quite nice in white and I just love the way this dress is made to look like a crop and skirt. I could probably get away with wearing it out just to go to the city or even for a dinner party.

If I had an unlimited bank account I probably would've just placed an order online and had these babies delivered to me right now (can you imagine the happiness of receiving such a huge haul of clothing in the mail?!) It took me all of 30 minutes to discover that I needed these pieces of clothing in my life, which is why Topshop is dangerous. Don't even get me started about walking over to the beauty section, haha. I implode in that area. I've come to terms that what I need is versatility in a piece of clothing that'll have me set for all occasions! I think it's time to clean out my closet and make room for some 20 year old me fashion. I haven't gone clothes shopping in the longest time (except for work uniform related items) so that's why I've had so much to gush about in this wish list. If you made it this far down, you're a peach :)

Is Topshop as dangerous for you as it is for me?
Do you have more guts and actually spend your pretty pennies on pretty clothing's?
Also, what's on your clothing wish list? 
Or better yet, don't tell me because then I'll look it up and probably want it as well.
Okay, tell me! ;D

Saturday, July 19, 2014

PocketBac's || A Sweet Smelling, Germ Killing Essential

What a random post, haha, but that's what I'm all about lately. If you wanna blog about it, then do (the mod mermaid-isms, coming to a fortune cookie near you) Anyway, whenever you walk into Bath & Body Works there's no way you can resist the little acrylic tubs of goodness that are filled to the brim with these little PocketBac hand sanitizers. There's a huge array of scents that'll make your nose tingle and twitch. My eye always goes to the sparkly and glitter packed sanitizers. Every time I pick a newly glittered scent, I cross my fingers and hope it smells good. Who doesn't love disinfecting while at the same time glitter coating their hands? Plus, they're always running a promotion on them, which is 5 for $5. The ones that don't get infused with glitter have little blue "bursting beads." I'm not exactly sure of their benefit but they're super distracting to squish during long lectures. The scents on all of these are super potent which is fantastic as it not just the alcohol smell. Be warned that if you're in the confines on a NYC subway you will get glared out if it's not a universally delicious smelling smell, but you do you! My favorite scent I ever got of these was a peachy smelling one that was called "I Love Shopping" which was more than fitting for me. The scents are constantly changing with the seasons and whilst I love the fruity and citrusy scents of the summer, I cannot wait for the sweet Christmas cookie smelling ones in the winter!
Do you prefer the bursting beads or glitter?
Which is your favorite scent that you've ever had?
If you're wondering why there are only 4 instead of 5, it's because I was kind and gifted one to the man friend (you're welcome, Anthony!! ;) 

Friday, July 18, 2014

I'll Have the "Usual" || #FOTD

• Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner in Black • Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil in Fairytale • Benefit gimmeBrow • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Natural Beauty • MAC Marilyn Monroe Love Goddess Lipstick 

Everyone has their "go to" look. The look they'll always slap on their face because it's the easiest or makes them feel the most beautifullest (not grammatically correct but if you ever hear me talk in real life, this is how I emphasize, haha) For some it's a little shadow all over the lid, mascara, and lip gloss. For others it's full out foundation, liner, brows, you know, the whole shebang. My go to look has always been liquid eye liner, bold lips, and natural looking red cheeks. Ever since high school this has been the look I go to because it makes me feel pretty, put together, and, most importantly, comfortable. It makes me less self conscious about the actual redness in my cheeks and defines my eyes which are my favorite feature. I still don't know why I'm so comfortable and prefer to wear bright reds and pinks and fuchsias, but I do. Maybe because it makes me want to smile more, haha.

The thing with go to looks is that it's all about the comfort. The reason you always manage to go back to it is because it's what makes you feel most you and it's the look you're not checking up on in the mirror every five seconds. So now I want to know ...

What's your go to look?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Midnight Munchies

 Nothing sexier than a guy mashing up guac for you, amiright, ladies? (You can tell me I'm wrong, haha, there's probably loads more things sexier than this ;)  

Did you ever have one of those super long shifts at work that just had you daydreaming about food and the possibilities of what you can eat when it's over? I have those every shift and since the group of people I work with are so eclectic, the list of different foods and places to eat just grows and grows and grows when we talk about how hungry we are! 

If it's a closing shift I will no doubt always be craving Table Side Guacamole from Chilli's. It's only $7 and what you get is this mountain of chips,  a side of salsa that doesn't taste quite right, but yet soooo right all at the same time, and then this mound of guacamole. Okay, so it's not exactly a mound, but I can never finish it, so to me it's a mound of avocado, pico de gallo, cilantro-y, and lime-y goodness. Oh, and jalapeƱos. I get those suckers thrown in every time because I like it nice and spicy! There's just something so wonderful about being able to satisy your midnight munchies. Your taste buds seem to amplify the flavors after like 9PM and it makes it all the more satisfying. 

Haha, oh my, where was I going with this? I think I've just gone and made myself hungry and it's like 6 in the morning. I should note that most of the time when I go on an after-shift-midnight run to get this delicious guac it's right as the restaurant is about to close. I always feel so sorry for my server because they have to make the guac table side, so like they bring all the ingredients out and make it right in front of you. At 10:30PM (or sometimes 11:30PM, haha I'm the worst) if I were my server I'd hate me, haha. I always tell them they can make it in the back but they insist on brining it out so, what are you gonna do? When a girl needs her guac fix, she needs her guac fix! I think I need one right now, haha!

What are your favorite midnight munchies?
Did this post even have a purpose?
Yes. Yes it did.
It made you hungry.
No, this wasn't sponsored.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Shopping Withdrawals Pt. 1 || Beauty Wishlist

Beauty Wants
Guess what I learned this week? Wanting to shop all the time is a sickness. Yeah, I know, right? Who knew?! When you're a shopahloic (such as myself) you discover that no matter how "good" you're being by not buying things, the same way keeping emotions to yourself will only build up the intensity, so does ignoring your shopping urges. One day you're just going to burst in a rage of "I WANT ALL THE THINGS!!" Not just one or a few, ALL. I'm not joking. Think I'm kidding all you want but I actually feel myself going through shopping withdrawals (#firstworldproblems, right? whatever, I am a product of my society) One way of temporarily subsiding those urges, as most bloggers know, is by creating a wish list post. My want and need for all the things is so bad, which is why this is only part one, of a wish list. Somehow I'm transitioning to wanting fashion pieces and random bits on Etsy. DANG YOU, ETSY. But I digress...

Sephora has always been a dangerous place for me. I can go in with no intention of buying anything but can trust that I'll find something that I want. I've been good in the past few months which is evident by my lack of hauls and reviews on new beauty items. I'm cracking though and here are some of the beauty items that I've just been lusting after. 
  • Benefit's They're Real Push-Up Liner || This has been raved and ranted about all over the inter webs lately. I've been good at pushing away hyped up products from my mind thus far but this one is just calling to me! I have a slight feeling that I may be a bit more clumsy about using it, especially since I now know it's a gel formula instead of liquid, but I'm dying to try it out! Everyone's cat eye's and flicks look so gosh darn amazing with this liner! *falls to the hype*
  • Lime Crime Wicked Velvetine || I've never been a fan of Lime Crime. Shoot me, but all that drama surrounding it made me uneasy. The brand seems to have redeemed itself though and now I just want all the holographic unicorn packaged things! What I really want is their newly released Velvetines, which is like a matte liquid lipstick. The color I really want is this gorgeous oxblood/reddish shade that I honestly think will make me feel like a bad ass if I have the guts to wear it out.
  • Hourglass Luminous Flush Ambient Blush || I've always been intrigued by the Ambient blushes ever since they were released. I've played with them in store and could just never drop the $$$ on them. That was until I was in the city with my cousin and we were day drinking (*shock* *horror* *ahh*) I walked into a Sephora, drunk, and decided WHO CARES? I love make up. Make up loves me and so does this blush. I bought it, used it, it was glorious, and returned it the very next day. My bank account gave me a stern talking to. Still, I love this blush and one day I'll own it again!
  • NARS Cassiopeia Dual-Intensifying Eyeshadow || Ugh, ugh, ugh! I have no words. Only caveman like grunting noises. So expensive but UGH just so beautiful and soft. The color is delicate and shifts to a mermaid like purple and it's just ... no words ... 
  • Kat Von D Shade Shifter Eyeshadow || My weakness after glitter and all things shiny, is anything that color shifts. The colors remind me of MAC eyeshadows I've wanted but never got. One of them reminds me of dragon scales with the green-to-red shifts. Also, the price of these shadows and the fact that you don't have to choose just one but you get both (both of them for $15) is stellar and my want for it just increases.
  • Sephora Collection Sailor Kiss Colorful Waterproof 24 HR Wear Eyeliner || I wore blue eyeliner for the 4th of July and got so many compliments that it had me thinking about the whole navy eyeliner trend. This navy is beautiful and the fact that it's a dark enough color to not be so out there makes me think I'd be really comfortable wearing it! AND, Sephora Collection products are so affordable that even if navy lined eyes are just a passing fad, I haven't broken the bank!
So, shopping withdrawals, truth or fiction? 
What's at the top of your beauty lust list?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

All Dressed Up, No Where to Go

• Top // Forever21 • Shorts // Abercrombie & Fitch • 

Do you ever have those days where you have no where to be but you really just don't want to bum it all day? That was my day today. It was made even worse by finding all these gorgeous fashion blogs with beautiful photography. It just made me feel like a potato and I thought "hmm, why not get dressed and get real pretty?" Also, I wanted to look all shnazzy to sit on my butt and watch Brazil and the Netherlands vie for third place in the World Cup! And wahoo, *high five* for mirror picture because fashion blogger I am not! 

UPDATE: I now have somewhere to go and that is work because I am just too gosh darn reliable. BLURGH.

Enjoy the World Cup and if not, just your Saturday, folks!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Collecting || Limited Edition MAC

• MAC Glitter & Ice Holiday 2011 • MAC Wonder Woman Spring 2011 • MAC Marilyn Monroe Holiday 2012 • RiRi Loves MAC Fall 2013 • MAC Alluring Aquatic Summer 2014 •

Some people collect stamps. Some collect coins. Some even collect little bugs. My collection obsession of choice is MAC's limited edition special packaging lipsticks. Yes, specifically, lipsticks. Yes, specifically MAC, and yes, it doesn't matter what color is in the tube (usually) It all started before I was even obsessed with beauty as I am now and was even in the know. In 2011, when I was still in high school, MAC came out with a Wonder Woman collection. I loved me some super heroes and after seeing the packaging I was beyond in awe! Luckily there was a MAC a few blocks from my school so as soon as my friend told me about the collection we raced to get our hands on one. That was it. I became enchanted with the special packaging MAC could create for specific seasons and themes. It's not to say I buy a lipstick from every specially packaged collection- only the ones I truly fall in love with, but even if I'm not totally in love with the color, I'll get my favorite or the most wearable out of the bunch. 

The way we reflect on make up casings from the 40s, 50s and 60s, I want to be able to do that with these lipsticks. Maybe if MAC is still kicking around when I have a daughter and she's old enough, I can show her the beauty that some of the MAC packaging is. I'm still kicking myself for not getting one from the Archie's Girls collection. I was such a huge fan of those comics and I don't know why I let my wallet talk me out of it, haha! I'm really looking forward to the future collections MAC has in store and rest assured that if MAC can come up with more brilliance, I'll be there to hand off my pretty pennies (which is a lot of pretty pennies at this point, dang inflation of prices!!) Especially is they come back with a Disney collection. I'd be all over that!
Is there anything that you guys collect?
Are you a special packaged MAC collector, as well? 
I feel like I can't be the only one, haha!
What packaging would you like to see MAC come out with?

Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Weekend

Things I learned this 4th of July weekend ...

  • iPhone cameras ain't so bad for capturing moments
  • flannel shirts aren't as warm as I'd like them to be
  • I wouldn't mind being a fresh water mermaid
  • fireworks are so mesmerizingly beautiful 
  • buying fireworks made me feel like a bad ass
  • farmer's markets make me want to eat all the veggies
  • Sweet Leaf Iced Tea needs to run through my veins (seriously, SO DELICIOUS)
  • alcohol is not always your best friend
  • mint chocolate chip ice cream makes my taste buds dance
  • having a panic attack in the middle of nature is a blessing and a curse
  • I should've bought more fireworks

 How was your 4th of July weekend?
Did you see any amazing firework displays?
How many hamburgers and hot dogs did you eat? (two; one) ;)

Friday, July 4, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic | Goddess of the Sea

First off, I'm absolutely, inexcusably so late to be jumping on this bandwagon. It almost seems cruel now that the rush and excitement of this collection has died down to once again bring it up. Especially if you weren't able to get your hands on it and with that I'm sorry. Second off, this post has been brought to you by may super-cali-fragi-awesome boyfriend, Anthony. Without him, this post would literally never be (which is either good or bad, you decide, haha!) Now, we move on. 

MAC. Oh you wondrous and totally frustrating company, you! How can you come out with some shit (sorry, again) packagings for collections (looking at you Maleficent!!) and then come up with this gem? See? It's not so hard to be brilliant! And that's exactly what the Alluring Aquatic collection was, freakin' brilliant. I can imagine beauty fanatics just wanted to get their hands on the packaging alone! I know I did. How could this mermaid not? Originally though, I wasn't going to get anything from this collection. Not because I didn't adore it but because I was trying to be really good with my money. Welp, in comes Superman (my wonderfully lovely boyfriend) who put up with my incessant blabbering about this collection and "how coooool!" it was and "how perfectly mermaid!" the packaging was. I talked about it so much so that he knew exactly when the collection would hit MAC stores and bought me the Goddess of the Sea lipstick the day it came out #bestestboyfriendoftheyearaward For that, I thank him and am eternally grateful because I would not have let myself buy this gorgeous piece of makeup because I am stubborn like that.

Goddess of the Sea is a color you would not expect to come out within a summer collection. Before I had only heard about the collection I was expecting nudes and corals and hot, hot neon colors. Those would have been nice but Alluring Aquatic offered some more subdued colors that, after looking at them once or twice, would be fit for a natural beauty of the sea. It's a Cremesheen finish, which means it's a best friend to those blessed with dry lips. It applies smoothly, evenly, and is opaque in color in one swipe. I'd describe the color as a mid-toned plum. Def. not something I've been pulling out a lot in the summer but a color I can see myself wearing a lot in the fall and winter. Something about it just doesn't go so well with a floral or bright colored top. It's not a hindrance though as it's still a stellar performing lipstick. Wear time is great- it lasts and lasts and then stains just a little, which, again, not such a bad thing. In fact, the stain just makes the natural color of your lip look a little deeper. 

I honestly wish I had just sucked it up and bought a few more pieces from the collection, like the bronzer and maybe a blush because I think the packaging is just so wicked cool. I'm thrilled to have the lipstick though and glad to have a color that I'll no doubt get use of, just not in the current climate, haha! I'm not sure if you can still get yours hands on any of the pieces of this collection but I'd def. take a look around MAC counters in department stores and MAC itself. The lipsticks may have been the quickest to go but don't miss out on having such a truly unique piece of makeup in your collection if you can!
 Did you pick up anything from the Alluring Aquatic Collection?
Also, Happy Independence to all the le Americans! Hope it's filled with fireworks and many a thing red, white, and blue! 'MERICA!