Saturday, July 26, 2014

#ShareBeauty | "Beauty Grew All Around"

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It's no secret that at one point or another every girl picks up a make up brush at some point in her life. Whether she picks it up and holds onto it or puts it back down is another story. I was one of the few that embraced the brush and turned it into my own form of artistic expression. I use all the gorgeous cosmetic innovations at my disposable to create a make up look- a work of art in its own right- and to share beauty, I post it right here on this blog!

Let's back up a few years so I can properly explain how I discovered that I had a knack with a make up brush (if I do say so myself, haha). For the longest time pens, pencils, and paint brushes were my artistic weapons of choice. Paper was the canvas that I threw all the wacky imaginations in my head to make them come alive. I went to a specialized art high school where I learned everything from lines, lighting, shading, all the colors of the rainbow, and then some. What techniques made forms come forward and what made forms sink to the background. What colors complimented each other, what colors did not, and what colors you could blend to create any color under the sun! You'd be surprised to know that the only piece of make up I wore for a majority of high school was eyeliner and some mascara. Not because I think my skills now are super-cali-fragi-awesome, but you'd think as a beauty blogger, beauty would have been a huge part of my life for quite some time. 

Out of my 21 years of life, beauty has only been a part of my life for almost only 4 of those. Late one night, after a horribly boring weekend, I discovered the beauty section of YouTube (as you do) and the rest was history. Almost a week later I had my first delivery of cosmetics at my door and my canvas quickly switched from paper to the face. I picked up techniques and color/texture combinations quite easily and I think a majority of that is thanks to my experience in art and sheer passion for it. 

My first passion for art had spurred a second deeper passion and appreciation for make up and the beauty that comes with it. That's what made me so excited to have the opportunity to join the Regency Beauty Institute and Refinery29 to share this #ShareBeauty campaign. Specifically so the video they created to help them spread awareness. It's a short and super cute video, titled "Beauty Grew All Around" that while you watch you can't help but well up with pride if you're a beauty enthusiast with experience or even just beginning. The music in the video kind of has a way of getting you to cheese real big, haha! I may not be a professional make up artist or working in the make up profession, but it's a big part of my life now and has inspired me to create an outlet (this lovely blog) to share that passion and meet others who share that same love of it (you lovely folks!)

Lovely, isn't it? The animation alone makes me want to smile. It's the perfect representation of untapped talent and how art can be used to convey the sweet message of beauty. Be sure to share it if you enjoyed it!

The fun doesn't end with that lovely video. Regency Beauty Institute and Refinery 29 have teamed up to give you beautiful people a chance to win a customized VIP beauty treatment that is, get this, worth $2,000! Crazy, right? It's also super simple to enter and you have until the 13th of August to do so. There'll be a different trend posted on the regency landing page each week and all you'll have to do is try out the trend (or heck, try them all) and then be sure to take a photo of it (but first, I'll let you take a selfie *fist bumps* ) After that, it's as simple as uploading the photo to Instagram and using the hashtag #ShareBeautyContest (make sure your account is public though so they can see them!) It's as easy as that; one photo is one entry and there's no limit! Be sure to click through the #sharebeauty and #sharebeautycontest hashtag for some instant inspiration!

Let's keep the conversation going! 
I truly #sharebeauty with you guys every day on my blog and having now shared my beauty story, inspired by the Beauty Grew All Around video, I'd love to hear yours!
Also, don't forget to enter the Regency Beauty Institute contest! I'd love it if one of my readers won!


  1. Your beauty story is very similar to a pro makeup artist that I interviewed for my blog a few months ago. She loved art and pretty much fell in love with how she could create a masterpiece each time she worked on a client. Thanks for sharing your story. Please stop by my blog and check out mine!

    1. It seemed like a natural progression. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Makeup has been with me since I was a little girl since my mum has always used makeup. Not a lot but she has always made sure to wear mascara and a red lip. That was her style and I loved it as a kid and still love it. When I was a teen I always ALWAYS used to wear blue eyeshadow on my lids. I never wore eyeliner on my top lash line, I just lined my water lines. Looking back I have wondered what the heck I was thinking :D
    It is now something I look back on with a tiny bit of horror but also with a lot of joy :)
    Im a new subscriber btw :)

    1. I feel like a lot of girls' 'go to' eyeshadow when they first started out was a blue shadow, haha! I love hearing that :) I used to line just my water lines, too, and my mom always told me it looked awful but I was just like "NO, it's so edgy, MOM" It was the beginnings of a new talent for us I guess. Thanks for sharing your story with me :)


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