Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shopping Withdrawals Pt. 2 || Topshop Wishlist


Holy long picture. Sorry for all the extra scrolling, haha. Last week I explained to you guys that I'm going through some serious shopping withdrawals and shared my crazy beauty wish list. Well, my want for all the things just grows and grows and it's spilled over to wanting so many fashion pieces, specifically from Topshop. Topshop is a store I do not window, online, or real life shop at (well, once or twice I did) It is a dangerous store for me and I don't trust myself in its presence (#overdramatic) So dangerous that I can't even walk in because I know, oh boy do I know, that I'll fall in love with some beautiful piece of clothing that I shan't be able to afford. Once I almost convinced myself that I could absolutely rock a bowler hat that would cost me $50, yeah, wow, so me! *facepalm* So last night, I did something bad. I opened my browser, typed in "" and sent myself down a deep whole of online window ogling. When I finally pulled myself away I came out with these gorgeous articles of clothing that, right now, I feel as though I need to have. Not want, but need. 

Now, I'm nothing close to a fashion blogger or even a fashionista; hence why there is a distinct lacking in #ootd posts (plus, how does one even begin to take those photos?!) But lately, looking through my closet, I've noticed that my style is just way too casual for my liking. Not that all my casual t-shirts and flannels are bad to have, but I noticed that when it was time to dress-up, or just look a little more put together (what I like to call, fancy-casual) I seriously had nothing to wear. So I'm starting to look out for more stand out pieces. Ones that I can dress up and dress down with the proper make up, accessories, and shoes. I chose pieces that were still within my comfort style, but there's a bit more pizazz to each piece.

I've always loved crop tops and instead of the graphic ones I usually sport these all have a little something (like the flower and lace hems, scalloped edges) to make them stand out a little more and give them a less casual appearance. I've also been on the look out (high and low) for some nice high waisted pants, that are actually high-waisted. I tried the ones in the photo and fell in love. They're comfortable and accentuate all the right curves to really flatter my figure. Plus, I think these would look great with any of the tops I have picked out. As for the skort (haven't heard that term since I was 10!), they're really out there with the bright coral color and unusual structure but I'm so drawn to them, especially if I can pair them with the jewel embellished collar top. And okay, maybe I can't totally stray from my comfort casual style of wardrobe, but something about that raglan top was calling to me. Last but not least, the dresses. Looking through my dresses I'm just not happy with what I have. Some are, like I've pointed out, too casual and look like cover ups for the beach and some just look way too young for me to wear anymore. I'm in love with the aztec print on the romper and the little cut outs. It's looks casual and comfortable but put together and fun! Hopefully it'd be something I could pull off. As for the dress, I've discovered I look quite nice in white and I just love the way this dress is made to look like a crop and skirt. I could probably get away with wearing it out just to go to the city or even for a dinner party.

If I had an unlimited bank account I probably would've just placed an order online and had these babies delivered to me right now (can you imagine the happiness of receiving such a huge haul of clothing in the mail?!) It took me all of 30 minutes to discover that I needed these pieces of clothing in my life, which is why Topshop is dangerous. Don't even get me started about walking over to the beauty section, haha. I implode in that area. I've come to terms that what I need is versatility in a piece of clothing that'll have me set for all occasions! I think it's time to clean out my closet and make room for some 20 year old me fashion. I haven't gone clothes shopping in the longest time (except for work uniform related items) so that's why I've had so much to gush about in this wish list. If you made it this far down, you're a peach :)

Is Topshop as dangerous for you as it is for me?
Do you have more guts and actually spend your pretty pennies on pretty clothing's?
Also, what's on your clothing wish list? 
Or better yet, don't tell me because then I'll look it up and probably want it as well.
Okay, tell me! ;D


  1. Oooh I love that coral scallop tee on the top right corner! So pretty. I've never actually shopped at Topshop before! I'd love to go to their store in Manhattan, although that would probably be detrimental to my bank account LOL.

    1. It would be absolutely detrimental, I can tell you that right now. Even the sale section will kill you. Four floors of just gorgeous and unique pieces! Going in is an awesome experience though. You feel like you're backstage of a fashion show at fashion week (the mannequins look that fierce, haha!)


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