Monday, July 14, 2014

Shopping Withdrawals Pt. 1 || Beauty Wishlist

Beauty Wants
Guess what I learned this week? Wanting to shop all the time is a sickness. Yeah, I know, right? Who knew?! When you're a shopahloic (such as myself) you discover that no matter how "good" you're being by not buying things, the same way keeping emotions to yourself will only build up the intensity, so does ignoring your shopping urges. One day you're just going to burst in a rage of "I WANT ALL THE THINGS!!" Not just one or a few, ALL. I'm not joking. Think I'm kidding all you want but I actually feel myself going through shopping withdrawals (#firstworldproblems, right? whatever, I am a product of my society) One way of temporarily subsiding those urges, as most bloggers know, is by creating a wish list post. My want and need for all the things is so bad, which is why this is only part one, of a wish list. Somehow I'm transitioning to wanting fashion pieces and random bits on Etsy. DANG YOU, ETSY. But I digress...

Sephora has always been a dangerous place for me. I can go in with no intention of buying anything but can trust that I'll find something that I want. I've been good in the past few months which is evident by my lack of hauls and reviews on new beauty items. I'm cracking though and here are some of the beauty items that I've just been lusting after. 
  • Benefit's They're Real Push-Up Liner || This has been raved and ranted about all over the inter webs lately. I've been good at pushing away hyped up products from my mind thus far but this one is just calling to me! I have a slight feeling that I may be a bit more clumsy about using it, especially since I now know it's a gel formula instead of liquid, but I'm dying to try it out! Everyone's cat eye's and flicks look so gosh darn amazing with this liner! *falls to the hype*
  • Lime Crime Wicked Velvetine || I've never been a fan of Lime Crime. Shoot me, but all that drama surrounding it made me uneasy. The brand seems to have redeemed itself though and now I just want all the holographic unicorn packaged things! What I really want is their newly released Velvetines, which is like a matte liquid lipstick. The color I really want is this gorgeous oxblood/reddish shade that I honestly think will make me feel like a bad ass if I have the guts to wear it out.
  • Hourglass Luminous Flush Ambient Blush || I've always been intrigued by the Ambient blushes ever since they were released. I've played with them in store and could just never drop the $$$ on them. That was until I was in the city with my cousin and we were day drinking (*shock* *horror* *ahh*) I walked into a Sephora, drunk, and decided WHO CARES? I love make up. Make up loves me and so does this blush. I bought it, used it, it was glorious, and returned it the very next day. My bank account gave me a stern talking to. Still, I love this blush and one day I'll own it again!
  • NARS Cassiopeia Dual-Intensifying Eyeshadow || Ugh, ugh, ugh! I have no words. Only caveman like grunting noises. So expensive but UGH just so beautiful and soft. The color is delicate and shifts to a mermaid like purple and it's just ... no words ... 
  • Kat Von D Shade Shifter Eyeshadow || My weakness after glitter and all things shiny, is anything that color shifts. The colors remind me of MAC eyeshadows I've wanted but never got. One of them reminds me of dragon scales with the green-to-red shifts. Also, the price of these shadows and the fact that you don't have to choose just one but you get both (both of them for $15) is stellar and my want for it just increases.
  • Sephora Collection Sailor Kiss Colorful Waterproof 24 HR Wear Eyeliner || I wore blue eyeliner for the 4th of July and got so many compliments that it had me thinking about the whole navy eyeliner trend. This navy is beautiful and the fact that it's a dark enough color to not be so out there makes me think I'd be really comfortable wearing it! AND, Sephora Collection products are so affordable that even if navy lined eyes are just a passing fad, I haven't broken the bank!
So, shopping withdrawals, truth or fiction? 
What's at the top of your beauty lust list?


  1. I know what you mean - 8 times out of 10 if I go into Sephora I'll come out with something, whether I planned it or not. I think as bloggers it's easy to say that "it's for the blog", which makes it even harder to abstain from shopping!
    I'm coveting the new Clinique Chubby Stick Moistrizing Cheek Color Balms!


    1. Haha, it has to either be all the things or nothing at all. If I pick up even one thing then I've opened up my wallet for it all! Oh yeah, "I can review it, it's for the blog" is that little devil sitting on your shoulder when you're trying to be good, haha!! Ooooh my, I've never heard of the cheek color balms. Will have to take a look!

  2. i just bought the shapeshifter ones... it was my first sephora order this year but i couldn't resist!

  3. Oooh those Kat Von D Shade Shifters are so pretty and so different. I'll have to check them out next time I'm at Sephora.
    Great post!
    Today's Beauty Obsession

    1. So different and different in the fact that you get two of them! I tried looking for them in my Sephora but I haven't seen them!

  4. I didn't want that Lime Crime lipstick, now I feel like my life won't be complete unless I have it -_-

    Cat Lilac Ghosts

    1. LOL, that's how it works. I didn't need it when it came now ALL OF THE SUDDEN *boom* I need it!

  5. those products looks so lush , u r so lucky to have sephora ! i think my closest one is like in diffrent country haha

    1. Haha "oh honey, I'm just going to pop on over to *insert other country* for just a moment for some lipstick"


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