Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Le Petite LUSH Haul

Do you know what happens when you try to pay off credit card bills? You can't spend any of your money on things you don't super need. In my case, any sort of beauty product wether it was a make up product, hair care product, or even a skincare product. Do you know what happens when you're cut off from being able to purchase these things and not by choice? You start to realize what beauty products you need to spend money on and what you can live without. Skincare products was one of those things I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT. Although, I did put up a fair fight and try my hardest. I succumbed to digging through my stash of samples and finding anything that said "moisturizer" regardless of skin type which sent my skin into hell. Notice the lack of make up/face posts? Enough was enough and I couldn't keep treating my skin like this, especially since my skin is parched and dry as the sahara. So off to LUSH I went during a very long break between classes. I hadn't been there in a while and I've forgotten all about it's magical powers of not letting customers leave with just one thing. 

First item on my list, was of course a moisturizer. A moisturizer that wasn't just a random sample, but one that was tailored for dry and sensitive skin. Hallo, Celestial. It was a toss up between this one and Skin Drink, which are both great for dry skin but as Celestial was suited more for sensitive skin and calming redness (and smelled not so rancid), that is the one I went with. I've just applied it to myself and I can feel happiness, pure happiness, radiating from my skin. My face also smells like a milkshake and I totally dig it. Now of course, if you've ever been to LUSH you know their latest limited edition collection always stares you in the face when you come in and I COULD NOT RESIST the cute little Bunny bubble bar and it's small shiny blue eyes staring up at me practically SCREAMING "PLEASE TAKE ME HOME" He's adorable and smells like candy floss, incredibleness. I've hidden him within the depths of my minuscule collection of bubble bars in hopes that I forget he's there. I think if I ever use him, I'll be forever sad and feel like I'm taking a bath in the bubble blood of that bunny, haha- super morbid, I know. Lastly, you always have that one item you don't even know why you needed it but you got it anyway- a small chunk of the delicious smelling Honey, I Washed the Kids soap. Every time I smell this it takes me back to the first time I ever used a LUSH soap because this was it. It's the only one that moisturizes my skin and keeps it smelling yummy for hours. I absolutely used to love it so I'm excited to rekindle that love affair, haha. 

All in all, it was a great trip. I used to take so many trips there that it started to get annoying and I would forget what I loved about all these gorgeous and organic products. It also didn't help that I used to work there and it was just LUSH 24/7. I prefer being a customer so much more and for once, my wallet doesn't feel the least bit guilt. Look at me turning into a shopper with better will power!
Have you picked up anything from LUSH recently?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Julie G Nails

My nails have never looked worse for wear, which you wouldn't think since out of the once a week posts I've been doing lately, they've all been related to nail polish. Guess I'm trying to hide the hideousness of it all with some bright and shnazzy colors that are sure to distract. I'm surprised I haven't talked about the Julie G line of nail polishes from Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. I got them almost a year ago at IMATS at 3 for $10 (tell me you could have resisted!) and they are such wonderful polishes! The line doesn't have a huge array of polishes but the ones that are included sure are fun and unique.

You can probably already guess that Mermaid's Tale is my favorite of the three I have here. It's a stunning and deep blue based polish, mixed in with various blue and green shimmers and holographic goodness. I seriously do not know the technical terms for the amazingness happening inside that bottle, but just now it's magical. I wore it for maybe 3 months straight after I bought it, haha. The next shade is Oh Em Gee, which is a color as obnoxious as it's name. I've got a little small spot for neons so when I saw this I was all over it. The formula on this one is a bit thinner and def. needs a shiny top coat to keep it from looking like a dull neon and it makes the streakiness a bit less apparent, but overall it's a great color, especially for the summer! Super distracting to the eyes if you talk with your hands, though, haha! The last shade I got was Cupcakes & Castles and the polish is as cute as it's name. The names are very spot on with their shades, which I love- adds a nice little quirk! Cupcakes & Castles is a semi-sheer baby pink polish with the tiniest of white and pink shimmers. It's very pretty on the nails and I can see it being great for work or if you're just sick of the more "out there" colors and need something softer. I have to admit though that sometimes I like this color better in the bottle than actually on my nails.

The formula on these polishes is super nice especially when you consider how budget-friendly they are. Aside from IMATS, I've only ever seen them at Rite Aid for about $3.99 a piece- super affordable. You won't be settling for quality. They last as long as your average polish would and it's def. worth a look to see if you can find a shade that you like. Highly, highly, recommend Mermaid's Tale- a unique polish that you're sure to love and not yet have in your collection. Being a mermaid, I'm a bit biased to this shade, but what can you do? ;D I look forward to seeing this brand at IMATS, and if I see some more shades that catch my eye, I may just go rogue from my wishlist!