Wednesday, February 27, 2013

FOTD | La-la-lavender

Happy hump day! We're so close to the weekend I can almost taste it! I have a quick FOTD post to share with you all. I took the theme of lavender/purple and just ran with it. This is actually a look I wore last thursday to class. I rediscovered an Urban Decay eyeshadow that I just lusted after for the longest time, bought it (last year!) and never touched again. It's Urban Decay's Fishnet eyeshadow, a purply-pink duo chrome eyeshadow that's very reminiscent of MAC's Star N' Rockets. I put this all over my lid and then just blended out the edges a bit with a clean fluffy brush, my Sigma E40 Tapered Blending. I was going to add a neutral blending color but thought that would darken the purple a bit. Then I lined my upper and lower lash lines with Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in 0L. It was a late class and I was feeling so lazy so that was as much definition to my eye that I could manage, LOL. I can't quite remember what mascara I used but it was probably the last little bit of my Maybelline The Falsies Volum Express! For the cheeks I popped on some Hervana Blush by Benefit. I know purple isn't a color you think of when you think 'natural makeup' but everything was so soft looking that I didn't want to overpower the rest of my face. Last but not least I grabbed my MAC Pink Popcorn lipstick (it was limited edition, I forget from which collection :/). Pink Popcorn is a pinky lavender color that looks a lot more wearable than it sounds and is AWESOME to wear in the spring (bring on pastel overload ;) )!

What was your FOTD? :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Influenster | Sweetheart Vox Box

Hello everyone! Today I'm writing up quite an exciting post! Yesterday I got a little package in the mail and I was honestly so dumbfounded. I thought it was my Real Techniques brush that I ordered (YES, I KNOW EXCITING STUFF, NO?!) but I remember checking a few minutes earlier and it wasn't do to come until Friday. So I was like "what could this be?" Turns out I was chosen to receive Influenster's Sweetheart Vox Box*! If you don't know what Influenster is you can find out all you need to know by clicking here

I ended up opening this box with my breath held. I was so excited and hoped I got products that I'd a) be interested and b) now what to do with. So here's what I got:
  • Olay Fresh Effects {Va-Va-Vivid!} Powered Contour Cleansing System & Olay Fresh Effects {Shine, Shine Go Away!} Shine Minimizing Cleanser | I was very aprehensive when I saw this in the box. I saw it was skin care and it looked promising but I'm just very uncomfortable deviating from my normal skin routine. Nevertheless, that mini cleansing system was calling to me and I figured, eh, why not give it a shot? The cleansing system is so fun. Is it weird to say that? But it is! It battery powered and vibrates while you work it gently into your skin. The Shine Minimizing Cleanser wasn't bad either but I think it'd be more suited towards oilier skin types. Although it did leave my face touch ably smooth (no really, I couldn't stop touching my cheeks)! It's also supposed to minimize your pores, but I don't know if I'll use it enough to notice those effects! I may give my sister the cleanser and keep the little do-dad and see how it fairs with my own cleanser!
  • Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response | I LOL'd (seriously laughed out loud) when I saw this in the box! I was at the gym yesterday morning and was saying how I should get a mini deodorant to toss in my gym bag. Lo and behold, here it is! Secret is the brand I always use and it's been the best I've tried. The thing that intrigued me the most was the Stress Response aspect of it. It says that it was "uniquely formulated to protect you from all three causes of sweat (heat, movement, and stress) but especially stress sweat" This might be TMI but I sweat, a lot. Not like gallons come pouring out but even sitting still in class gets me sweating. I'd be interested to see if it works! Plus, it smells like citrus and peaches, mmmm!
  • Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray | YES! I was thrilled when I saw this in the box! I've been dying to try the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray or any sort of sea salt spray! It's just one of those things that no matter how much it is I am so skeptical of how well it works to pay any price. I've heard of Not Your Mother's brand before so it's good to see a familiar brand. I can't wait to use this! It sort of leaked in the box and leaks whenever I tip it too much to one side, but oh well, I'm not complaining.
  • Skinnygirl Daily On-The-Go Bars | The funny thing about seeing this bar in the box was that I had just gotten home from classes and I was starving! It's an all natural bar that's kosher and high in fiber. It's only 180 calories per bar and is meant to be a healthy indulgence/sweet treat. I was going to save it for breakfast but what the heck ... let me just take a quick bite *munch* Hmmm, (I'm really chewing as I type this, LOL) it tastes ... natural and like it's high in fiber, haha. Yeah, I may have been spoiled by the super sweet yogurt bars but I'm not really liking the taste. Upon first bite it's fine but there's a strange after taste. I think I'll pass on these to be honest!
The two products I was most excited about were the sea salt spray and stress response deodorant! Can't wait to fully test them out and hopefully have found some new favorites!

Have you received a Sweetheart Vox Box? What product in this box would you love to try?

Monday, February 25, 2013

TAG | Confessions of a Blogger

Happy Monday! Actually right now it's Sunday night and I'm watching the Oscars. I love Seth Macfarlane and this is probably my favorite awards show! Can I just mention how cute Daniel Radcliffe looked dancing WITH Joseph Gordon-Levitt, mmm, mmm! Also, hopefully by the time this post goes live I'll be keeping a promise to myself and at the gym! Anywho, a week ago I was tagged by the lovely Erica from Abundance of Erica to do the Confessions of a Blogger tag! So here you have it! Thanks again for tagging me Erica! :)

When did you start your blog?
I started this blog in April of 2012. The 19th to be exact and precise!

Have you had any past online presence before (Other blog, YouTube)?
I had a tumblr, if that counts? I used to actually have a tumblr blog dedicated to all things LUSH. It was quite good, I posted reviews and pictures but some one just kept reporting me and Tumblr took it down. It made me sad): I tried restarting it but then it got deleted again.

Why did you start a blog?
I really got into make up late 2011/early 2012 which meant I was also getting into beauty videos. I loved watching these videos and I really wanted to make my own. My friend Julia and I were going to make a joint beauty channel on YouTube but she was afraid she wouldn't have time to commit to it. I still wanted to do it but jumping into YouTube scared me so I thought a blog would be better instead. I had all this make up that was being unplayed with so I thought a blog would help force me to be creative, allow me to learn from other blogs, and share the things I love and things I've learned! I used to actually be called 'Faux Guru' but a few weeks in I didn't really like it and it wasn't me at all so I changed it to The Mod Mermaid! :)

When did you become serious about starting a blog?
I've always been serious about blogging. It was always fun for me to take pictures, decorate my blog, and write up my thoughts. I've always tried to post often and high quality posts that you guys would find interesting! Sometimes I hit a road block and that doesn't happen, but this happens to even the best bloggers!

What was your first post?
LOL, oh my it was a very serious introduction to this blog. So unlike me. This blog originally started on Tumblr so I was fitting into "that" crowd, haha. I'll link it here so you guys can go have a chuckle -> here. It was an introduction and essentially a big disclaimer stating that I am no expert, nor was I claiming to be one!

What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?
I think my biggest challenge with blogging is finding the time to post and coming up with posts that you guys will want to read! I also struggle with personal posts. I want to include some now and then but never know what to write about, haha!

Where do you see your blog in one year?
I (hopefully) will still be blogging! The one thing I don't want to see is this blog abandoned.

What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?
The comments! I love when my readers comment on my blog posts because it means someone took the time to read your post, then they took extra time to let you know what they thought; it's very encouraging! Also, I can't deny that every new reader that takes the time to join this little undersea family (haha, WOT?!) is rewarding beyond belief!

What is the most discouraging thing that happens to you?
We tell ourselves this a lot: "don't compare yourself to other blogs" but I am so guilty of doing this. I find myself, just subconsciously, comparing my blog to other blogs and then I get in this mood of "why bother with my blog when their's is so much better?" It's awful but I just slap myself some sense and remind myself that my blog is loved too :)

What's your lasting inspiration or motivation?
All the blogs I love to read inspire me. It's so cliche and over said but it's true. I get fresh ideas from reading everyone's blogs!

Here's who I tag Andrea, Melissa, Cassie, and Aly. I also tag any of you reading this post to go ahead and do it! :D

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tutorial | Bright Pink Barbie

Yayus, it's FRIDAY! *dances to Rebecca Black's Friday* Is that already out dated? Sheesh, we move on to the next thing fast

Today I have a most exciting tutorial to share with you all! I've been planning it for quite some time and had to do an embarrassing amount of research (helloooo, Pintrest!). Ever since I got MAC's Candy Yum Yum lipstick (reviewed here) all I could think was "Barbie lipstick". It is the epitome of everything I thought of when I thought of Barbie. Sure, sometimes she had a more subdued pink lip but all I remember is this bright pink. That's where the research came in. I had to look up pictures of Barbie and study the different eye make up she wore and holy guacamole this doll had a LOT of eye looks. Not one was the same, but I found a common theme through some of the more girly Barbie dolls. I took bits from all the pictures I saw and came up with this masterpiece (or so I'd like to think, haha)!

It's very fun. It's colorful. It's pink. It's Barbie. But most importantly, it's totally wearable! 
If you guys are interested in how I got this look then head on over to the video below! And as always let me know what you think! Does it look like something Barbie would have been sporting? Like the video and subscribe if you want me to do more tutorials! :)

Thanks for reading/watching & I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cover Girl | Lip Perfection Lipsticks

I'm going to start today off quite negatively and say that this week SUCKS. My college completely screwed up my weekly routine with their "special classes" schedule to make up for days we had off. Basically it meant that days I actually had off from school (re: blogging/vlogging days) were now days I had to wake up and go to school (I know, I know #firstworldproblems!) It's just unnecessary and I'm not even sure what day it is anymore because yesterday was a Wednesday but I had Monday classes. AGH, just try to imagine how confused I am with all of this! Now that my little rant is over...

Today I will be reviewing my itty bitty collection of Cover Girl Lip Perfection lipsticks. These were one of the first lipsticks that I had ever bought (after my Top Shop Rio Rio lipstick) and I'm 99.9% sure it is what started my love affair with lipsticks. So almost a year and a half ago I was watching one of Rachel Whitehurst's (she used to be icallitambrosia on YouTube but now I think it's just her name) and I can't remember if she was talking about this lipstick or just wearing but it looked amazing on her! It was bright and fun and at the time she said she was loving it! That's how I found out about this whole range of lipsticks.

The packaging on these lipsticks is sleek and doesn't over do it. The top cap is a sort of purple-y/gray chrome that looks really cool, but it's prone to some fingerprints. Then the bottom has the color name on it and the best part is that the color of the lipstick matches the bottom bit! I don't store these upside down, but not having to pop open the cap saves so much time! The lipstick themselves are super pigmented. I would have never guessed that drugstore lipsticks could be so ... awesome?! All of these are also quite moisturizing. When I wear them I never feel my lips getting all dry and crinkly. They stay put for hours, too. I've never scientifically tested this, haha. But I'm someone who is always paranoid of having lipstick on and checking to see if it's smeared off and these lipstick absolutely don't! Even when you're drinking! A little might transfer to the cup but it's still there bright as day! 

The colors I own are Spellbound (this is the one Rachel had!), Tempt, and Hot Passion.  Spellbound is bright fuchsia. In the tube it leans more purple but swatched and on the lips it grabs more pink. Tempt is also a bright fuchsia but this one leans more more pinky-red. Last is Hot, which is a bright red color with the tiniest tinge of pink in it. The swatches below speak better about the color than I can describe! There's a huge array of colors and tones to choose from so if you're not into the brights like I am, you'll surely find a color that suits you!

At $6.99 per lipstick these Cover Girl Lip Perfections are a steal! They're highly pigmented, moisturizing, long lasting, and come in colors that everyone can enjoy. If put to a blind test I'm sure I would have thought these were a high end brand, they're that good!

What do you think? Which do you like the best? Have you tried these lipsticks before?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Current Craves | Waiting for a sale ...

Waiting for a Sale ...
Morning all! How were all your weekends? Yes, it's Tuesday, but I took my three day weekend seriously and just chilled. On Sunday I actually went snow tubing with my family and an "extended" family of mine. It was the most fun I've had in a while just sliding down these big hills and dancing with the attendants who worked at the top so none of us froze! Yesterday I had no school thanks to President's Day but was forced awake early to help Mihai with his film (No one ever say I'm a bad girlfriend!) 

ANYWHO-sville, I'm not really feeling writing a review today. I think I've written so many lately that I just want a change and something rambly, so how about a wish list? I love going on Polyvore, picking a theme, and just going wild with the product pictures! Today's theme will be "Things-I-Will-Get-But-Can't-Until-Sephora-Has-A-Sale". Hopefully you all got that, haha! In simple terms, it's a wish list of things I need and know I will get it, but I'm just waiting on a 20% coupon to magically arrive in my mail before I can go cuckoo bananas! So what exactly will I be getting? Let's see ...
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Flush | On Valentie's Day my blogger friend Andrea from From Inside My Closet tweeted that Tarte was having a 50% off flash sale on their blushes. I was in school but grabbed my phone and instantly started trying to see if I could get my hands on some. Sadly, it didn't work and I missed out on the sale, but not before spotting this beauty and instantly thinking, I NEED THAT. I don't have anything, at all, like it in my small collection of blushes and when I saw Andrea's swatches, I knew I'd have to have it!
  • Urban Decay NAKED Beauty Balm | I've finally exhausted my baby sample of this amazing stuff. I'm going to review this soon so I won't go into to much as to why I love it, but I need it! I'll live without it for a few more months, but when that lovely coupon comes in, don't hold me back! 
  • Benefit's Boxed Blush Powder in Dandelion | How many times has this been on my wish list on this blog? You'd think by now I would have gotten it if I'm still lusting after it! It's a really sweet, pale pink blush that I think would look nice on my pale complexion. I'm also very determined to collect every boxed powder Benefit has because they are amazing!
  • NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder | I. cannot. begin. to. calmly. explain. why. I. want. this. BUT AGH, this silky dream of a powder feels fantastic all over and it's NARS. I love me some NARS. I'm thinking that in two months time my MAC MSF will finally be out and I can completely justify this!
  • NARS Single Eyeshadow in Mekong | I talk a lot about why I want this eye shadow in another wishlist post which you can check out here. It's a very gorgeous brown that'll be awesome and easy to use to create a simple smokey eye!
  • Beauty Blender | I've always sort of see-sawed back and forth with the thought of getting the Beauty Blender but didn't actually sit down and think "Wow, I'd really love to actually have this" until pretty recently. My foundation has been looking pretty flaky and cakey lately and this is the only thing I've seen and heard of to make that non-existent! At $19 it seems a bit ... expensive, for a sponge, but I've heard it last a good while and actually works, which makes it all the more worth it!
I can't wait until this wish list post transforms into a haul post! I'm thinking this coupon is coming around April (around IMATS, oh boy!) so I'll just have to be patient for a little while longer to get these goodies!

What have you been lusting over lately? No wait, don't tell me ... I'll want it, too! LOL, okay, okay tell me! :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me

I'm doing it guys, jumping on the bandwagon! This tag has been going around the blogosphere and on YouTube and it's been my absolute favorite to read. Everyone's answers and 50 "facts" are completely different so it makes reading it each time something new and I've really enjoyed it. It's a lot harder than it looks coming up with 50 facts (random or not!). It's taken me two weeks and around two drafts (yes, I had drafts, haha) So here they are and I hope you guys enjoy!

50 Random Facts About Me
1. I really wish I was a mermaid
2. I love the beach and swimming in the ocean, but I skeave the fish!
3. My favorite food is Tex-Mex
4. I put hot sauce on everything
5. I can't seem to function when things are disorganized
6. I've been drinking coffee since I was 6
7. I'll never not want to go to Disney World
8. I'm anemic
9. When I was younger I thought I'd marry Harry Potter
10. My celebrity crushes are Daniel Radcliffe, Jennifer Lawrence, and at the moment Nicholas Hoult
11. I love anything sparkly and glittery
12. I want to live in London for a year
13. Sometimes I think in an English accent
14. I have an addiction to shopping
15. I want to get a kitten
16. When I get nervous, I talk a lot
17. I'm very impressionable
18. New York City is my favorite city in the world
19. I get called "strange" and "weird" a lot
20. I prefer savory foods over sweet foods
21. I have the attention span of a goldfish
22. When I'm by myself I like to pretend I'm in a movie
23. I want to get a tattoo of an anchor on my ankle
24. I can get very nostalgic
25. I wish I was able to sing
26. I laugh to myself a lot
27. I can speak Russian ... more or less
28. When I was in the 2nd grad I fell off a jungle gym and broke my wrist, plus knocked out my two front teeth
29. I procrastinate all the time; even with things I like to do
30. I'm not very good at explaining things
31. I find it weird that you can hear your own thoughts
32. I'm a sucker for limited edition packaging on lipsticks
33. I wish I could have an adventure like in the movies
34. I've always wanted to make my own soap
35. I'm absolutely obsessed with Chipotle
36. I used to straighten my hair everyday from 7th to 12th grade
37. I miss being able to take art classes every day
38. I love candid photos
39. I want to travel all over the world
40. Fun. & The Black Keys are my favorite musical groups
41. I used to dance but stopped because of school
42. The only doughnut I get from Dunkin' Donuts is Bavarian Creme filled
43. I trained myself to write smaller
44. I love to watch people
45. I can't cook
46. I sleep with a sock monkey
47. I have an odd obsession with pretzels and dipping them into ice cream
48. I never thought boys had cooties
49. I think bruises are so cool, probably because I get them a lot. The purpler, the better!
50. My favorite number is 7

Wam, bam, thank you ma'am. 50 certified 'random' facts about me. Hope it didn't put you all to sleep ;) If you have done this tag, please link me below, I'd absolutely love to read them and get to know you guys! And of course I tag anyone who wants to do this tag, to go ahead and do it wether it be in a post, a video, or both!

Have a great weekend guys!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! ❤

:: Nails: OPI Cajun Shrimp & Sephora by OPI Chestnuts About You for le heart :) ::

Just wanted to write up a quick post to wish you all a

 Happy Valentine's Day 

I hope you all have a fantastic day and spend it with some loved ones wether that be a boyfriend/girlfired, friends, or family! 

SO MUCH CHEESE. Haha, but seriously don't mope, there's honestly nothing to mope about! Grab some movies, grab some chocolates (the super market is NOT lacking in that department as of right now) and just chill if you haven't got anything super, overly and gooely romantic planned. Hey, at least you're not spending all day in classes like I am. Anything is better than spending all day learning about Native Americans being charged out of their lands, how a frog evolved into a human (making it up!), and how to write an argumentative essay. Honestly. So cheer up chums and just have a Happy Valentine's Day, regardless of who you're spending it with! And if you've got a lover you're spending the day with, be safe you crazy kids ;)


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sigma | Mrs. Bunny Essential Brush Kit

Behind every lover and dabbler of make up is her trusty set of make up brushes. I envy all of you with Real Techniques and MAC brushes because they sound freakin' amazing, but I'm here to talk about my trusty set of Sigma brushes. They are the Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit. I was lucky enough to be gifted this by my sister almost a year ago. Before I had these brushes I used a total of three brushes from Sephora. While I know you don't need to have a whole assortment of brushes to achieve nice looks, it always nice to have. 

Any of the travel kits from Sigma would be perfect starter sets. I chose the Mrs. Bunny collection because I love the pink ferrels and blue handles. They just screamed 'Jessica!'. This set came with five face brushes and seven eye brushes, so Sigma has you covered with all the basics you'll need for any look. The face brushes include a; foundation brush, concealer brush, large powder brush, angled contour brush, and a duo fibre brush. The eye brushes include; eyeliner, pencil, tapered blending, eye shader, long eye shader, angled, and angled shading.

All of the brushes (face and eye) perform really well and I've managed to find a use for every single brush. Some even start to have multiple purposes as you get more "brush savvy", I guess you could say. I've had these for almost a year now and the ferrels haven't become loose or fallen off like some were saying so I was very happy with that! The bristles are synthetic (I'm not really sure of the difference between synthetic and natural, someone educate me!) and I'm not exactly sure how much of a role that plays, but the brushes pick up product (powder and cream!) spectacularly and then it applies like a dream, by that I mean evenly! No splotchy parts in between! Each brush does what it's "told" so to speak. Does that make sense? The blending brush really blends, the shader brush shades well, etc...

This set also comes with a travel case that holds the brushes comfortably and would be perfect for travel. Even better, you can use it as two brush holders!

I've heard Sigma brushes being compared to MAC brushes; like their cheaper cousin. I've never owned a MAC brush but these certainly keep me happy! If anything I only want MAC brushes for the name brand (I know, I know I'm a brand snob, you may silently judge!). The quality of these brushes is fantastic and you don't need to feel like you're settling for second best just because MAC may be a little more out of your reach. This whole kit retails for $120 on the SigmaBeauty website which seems like a big chunk of change, but doing the math it comes out to only $10 a brush, plus you get that nifty case. Not bad in my book for some really high quality stuff! 

Overall, I'd recommend these to all you, for sure.  The brushes are soft, the handles are sturdy, which means they'll last you for quite some time. They pick up just the right amount of product and basically do your make up for you. It's the perfect thing to buy or have someone gift to you if you don't have a whole lot of brushes because it really has you covered! The only thing that I would have loved in this kit is a crease brush. Then it would be A++.

What do you all think of the Sigma brushes? I also love their Sigmax brushes, but that's a whole other post ;)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Del Sol | Ruby Slipper Nail Polish

I'm ready for spring and summer! Hurry on up Mother Nature, I'm getting antsy for some sun and fun! Today's post is going to be about a super cool nail polish that I bought on my trip to Alaska in July by Del Sol. They're a company that makes these awesome products that turn colorful or change color in the sun! Don't think pink to light pink, or something silly like that, I mean they full on change color! They have t-shirts with black and white designs that turn into a colorful scenery with sunlight! It's so cool and I only ever heard of them on my trip but they're apparently everywhere! So I was totally excited about the whole concept and even more thrilled when I saw they had color changing nail polish. I got the shade Ruby Slipper which is a clear based polish jam packed with silver glitters that turn a seriously bright ruby red. Above you'll see the swatches I took inside my room by the window and then outstide on my balcony. It was really cold the day I took these pictures so I didn't stay out long enough for it to change to it's full on ruby color on my nails, but you can see it in the bottle, just how red it gets!

It's a really fun polish to have in your collection and I can't wait to break it out again in the summer time. It'll be fun to go to the beach with silver tootsies and watch as they turn bright and red! It was $8.99 at the store, I believe, which doesn't seem too ridiculous to me cause c'mon, it changes colors!!! 

What do you guys think?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Batiste | Dry Shampoo

I bought this, took its picture, uploaded it to a post, saved it to a draft, and waited for the day I knew I would right only a lackluster review on this product. I've never been one to jump on the dry shampoo wagon because, let's be honest here, I didn't really think some magical powder would suddenly soak up all the oily bits in my hair and BABAM, fresh and cleaned. Loads and loads of bloggers hoot and holler and rave about the Batiste dry shampoo so of course I got super curious, but still, didn't think it would be magical.

Welp ... I was so totally wrong. Now I'm going to join the herds of bloggers raving about this product! This magical canister of powder is amazeballs to the max! Let me start with the superficial; the packaging on this can? product? is so cute. I love the little flowers and the cute blue font. It appeals to me in so many ways that I actually wouldn't mind having it out as a mini desk decoration (I'm odd, I know). Next, the smell. Oh my guacamole, the scent is delicious and I want it made into a perfume. There are cans? bottle? (what the heck do you call this thing?!) with different scents and even powder colors (for those with darker hair) but I picked up the Floral & Flirty. I was actually looking for the one with the Union Jack but seeing as how I live in America, I can see why they don't stock it, LOL. Anywho, the scent is nice and sometimes I find myself just spraying this in my hair so it has a lovely scent to it. I wish I could describe the scent properly to you all but just ... I can't see anyone disliking it! *knocks on wood* 

The product itself is something to get used to if you, like me, have never used dry shampoo before. You're supposed to pick up your hair and spray at the roots, with the can? bottle? (please someone tell me!) about 5 inches from your hair and spray! At first it looked liked it wasn't doing a darn thing and I put it away thinking "I knew it, nothing special..." It says to massage your hair after spraying, but I found it works WAY better if you just leave it and let it be for a few minutes. When I massaged right after spraying it was like I rubbed all the product out. But it actually works, it really does! How do I know, for sure? On Saturday it had been 3 days since I'd washed my hair (don't judge, let's just pretend I was doing it for the sake of experimentation ;) ) and I had to go to work that day. My hair was looking like an oily mess and I looked at this bottle?! can?! product?! and thought "now is the time to prove yourself" Prove itself it did! My train wreck of a do turned slightly more voluminous and made it look like "2nd day hair" Sure I sprayed a gallons worth but it worked and I looked totally presentable for work! My verdict is that everyone needs at least one dry shampoo in their collection of hair products for emergency uses. It's seriously a life saver and the Batiste one works magnificently! I wash my hair every other day, but when I don't feel up to it, this is so handy to have!

I found this at my local Stop N' Shop for around $9 but I'm pretty sure you can get this at a drugstore or and Ulta, as well! If anything you can always order it off of (they have the one with the Union Jack!)

What do you guys think of the Batiste dry shampoo? Have you tried any others? Let me know!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Look | Archie's Girls Inspired

Happy Friday, guys! Hope all of you on the eastern side of the States are nice and safe at home! Why do we always seem to get such random, out of the blue weather always? It's insane, and I'm not sure for how much longer we can all keep up!

Earlier today I posted a video on a Valentine's Day look I had created based on the Archie Girls! It's actually a collab I did with Andrea from the blog FromInsideMyCloset. I took inspiration from Betty, and she from Veronica. I don't mean to toot both our horns but I think we did a pretty awesome job! Hey Veronica look is something I could have totally pictured Veronica wearing for make up and I like to think I did a pretty good job with Betty! You'll have to let me know! Besides being inspired from the Archie Girl's, I think this is a very wearable and sweet make up look that you could pretty much get away with wearing for whatever it is you're going to do on Valentine's Day! My entire school schedule is messed up because of one day off we have and now I'm spending all day in school. No Valentine plans for me, but studies, studies, and more studies. I do hope you guys check this look out and let me know what you think! I linked Andrea's tutorial in the video description and at the end of the video, but I'll link it here as well so you can go give it some love!

Andrea's Veronica Tutorial ::

What have you all got planned for Valentine's Day? :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

MAC | Let's Skate Paint Pot

Left: Natural Lighting, shows the pale pink
Right: Artificial Lighting, shows the pearlescent gold shimmer
Drumroll please for the only MAC Paint Pot I own and can now freely review and talk about! Why? Because MAC has come out with a collection of Pro Longwear Paint Pots that includes this gorgeous shade I'm going to talk about, that once was limited edition! That shade is Let's Skate. I originally bought this with MAC's Glitter and Ice collection! That's why the lid of mine is white. Let's Skate is a a super pale color, pearly pink base color. I was instantly attracted to it because of the color, it was unique and nothing like I had in my collection. In the pot it doesn't look like it'd be very shimmery but holy cow when swatched it's jam packed with mini gold shimmers. Maybe not jam packed, but a considerable amount. Personally I think the shimmers enhance the color and makes it so that you can actually wear this paint pot as an all over shadow and get away with it. It's pretty opaque when you pat it on the lid. I wouldn't recommend using a brush for application because it can pack the glitter all in one place and make it look chunky. The consistency is creamy and easily blend able (it does dry down quickly though, so if you're gonna blend, blend quick!)  My only recommendation would be to store these upside down because it really makes a difference and keeps it from drying out!When it's not dry I've been loving using this as a primer! I also love taking some on my pinky and placing this as a gorgeous inner highlight. It brightens the eyes and just leave a that gold shimmer that I'm a huge fan of! 

Let's Skate retails for $18.50 at MAC stores, counters, and online. It may seem steep but this (and any of the paint pots) will seriously last you SUCH a long time! I was worried I'd need a back up of this when I bought it but as you can see I've been using it a lot, and not even a dent!

Do you own any MAC Paint Pots? Which are your favorite?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Haul | Bath & Body Works and LUSH

Happy Monday! I have an itty bitty collective haul to share with you all that consists of super colorful and super spring smelling products! Bath & Body Works was having their 2 for $22 (I miss the $20, seemed like a better deal) and after having to stand in front of the candles for 5 straight hours and shoving them in people's noses, I fell in love with some of the scents. So one day my dad took my sister and I to the mall and I begged and pleaded to let me just get two candles! Here's what I got:
  • Palm Beach Cooler | I love when Bath & Body Works puts out cocktail scented candles. I personally think they are the best. I liked Pink Sangria and Island Margarita, but my sister and I wanted to get a scent we both liked and that was Palm Beach Cooler. It's has notes of berries and grapefruit, but ultimately smells like a watermelon lollipop!
  • Oceanside | I love the beach. I love the ocean. So I love everything about this candle. It smells like the ocean air. I don't know how else to describe it, really. Just picture your perfect beach day with the sun shining, a tiny breeze, and THAT'S how the air smells (not helpful, I know!) 
Even though I got a ton of LUSH over the holidays I couldn't resist popping over for the Valentine's Day products because they are consistently my favorite! I look forward to them every year and if they ever discontinue these two I will have to threaten them to bring it back write a strongly worded letter! So here's what I got:

  • The Ex-Factor | The concept of this little guy is brilliant beyond comprehension. They created this blue gingerbread looking man with a teeny pink heart and made him a fizzy so that you could slowly and surely use him as voodoo ritual. Limb by limb, sink this guy into the bath and watch as they dissolve into nothingness. It's really funny and kind of sad cause of that cute wittle smile! I feel sort of bad when I dissolve him ): I usually get two of these but decided to be good!
  • Magic Mushroom | I'm never good with these guys. I always buy at least two and I call that being responsible. This is my favorite bubble bar from LUSH! It smells of strawberries and cream and just creates the biggest bubbles with loveliest pinky/red bath water. I always seem to sit in the bath a tad bit longer when using this guy! 
That's the end of my haul. I'd love to know if you guys snagged any of the new tropical Bath & Body Works scents or at least had a chance to sniff them out! Also, if you got anything from the LUSH Valentine's Day products. They had a really lovely smelling massage bar that I passed up on but I can't stop thinking about it, haha! And I may need more Magic Mushrooms! Ahhh, the curse and pull of LUSH and shopping!