Friday, February 22, 2013

Tutorial | Bright Pink Barbie

Yayus, it's FRIDAY! *dances to Rebecca Black's Friday* Is that already out dated? Sheesh, we move on to the next thing fast

Today I have a most exciting tutorial to share with you all! I've been planning it for quite some time and had to do an embarrassing amount of research (helloooo, Pintrest!). Ever since I got MAC's Candy Yum Yum lipstick (reviewed here) all I could think was "Barbie lipstick". It is the epitome of everything I thought of when I thought of Barbie. Sure, sometimes she had a more subdued pink lip but all I remember is this bright pink. That's where the research came in. I had to look up pictures of Barbie and study the different eye make up she wore and holy guacamole this doll had a LOT of eye looks. Not one was the same, but I found a common theme through some of the more girly Barbie dolls. I took bits from all the pictures I saw and came up with this masterpiece (or so I'd like to think, haha)!

It's very fun. It's colorful. It's pink. It's Barbie. But most importantly, it's totally wearable! 
If you guys are interested in how I got this look then head on over to the video below! And as always let me know what you think! Does it look like something Barbie would have been sporting? Like the video and subscribe if you want me to do more tutorials! :)

Thanks for reading/watching & I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Whooooo I can't wait to watch this!! The lipstick really does scream Barbie to me. I always remember her with bright baby blue eyeshadow though, like you said, she had so many eye looks and the one you chose is much more wearable than the blue haha :)


  2. Such a pretty look! Your eyes look stunning :) xx

  3. Soo pretty!!

  4. Lovely look! The lip colour is amazing!
    Hareem x

  5. This is so cute Jessica! I love the way Candy Yum Yum looks on you, and as always the video is awesome!

    xo aly

  6. It looks so lovely!! I love the lip colour, definitely a Barbie colour <3 xo

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  7. love love love this lip on you!! you look gorgeous! :D

  8. That lipstick is incredible but sooo intimidating! I'm not sure I could pull it off like you did :) And how great is the They're Real mascara?! I have a sample too but I need a full-size asap! Great tutorial!

    Abundance of Erica

  9. Oh my God that makeup is AMAZING!! You looks fantastic!!

    Followed and subbed to your YouTube channel, yay! :D

  10. The lipstick looks nice on you!

  11. That was a fantastic tutorial, I love your videos!

    I really feel the need to buy the MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick now :D hmmm...

    Thanks for sharing, You look super pretty too :)

    Laura xx

  12. Need this lipstick in my life!
    Already told you, but I love this tutorial!

    - Andrea Marie xx

  13. Ohh this is lovely! I really want this lipstick now! :) x Laura


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