Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sigma | Mrs. Bunny Essential Brush Kit

Behind every lover and dabbler of make up is her trusty set of make up brushes. I envy all of you with Real Techniques and MAC brushes because they sound freakin' amazing, but I'm here to talk about my trusty set of Sigma brushes. They are the Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit. I was lucky enough to be gifted this by my sister almost a year ago. Before I had these brushes I used a total of three brushes from Sephora. While I know you don't need to have a whole assortment of brushes to achieve nice looks, it always nice to have. 

Any of the travel kits from Sigma would be perfect starter sets. I chose the Mrs. Bunny collection because I love the pink ferrels and blue handles. They just screamed 'Jessica!'. This set came with five face brushes and seven eye brushes, so Sigma has you covered with all the basics you'll need for any look. The face brushes include a; foundation brush, concealer brush, large powder brush, angled contour brush, and a duo fibre brush. The eye brushes include; eyeliner, pencil, tapered blending, eye shader, long eye shader, angled, and angled shading.

All of the brushes (face and eye) perform really well and I've managed to find a use for every single brush. Some even start to have multiple purposes as you get more "brush savvy", I guess you could say. I've had these for almost a year now and the ferrels haven't become loose or fallen off like some were saying so I was very happy with that! The bristles are synthetic (I'm not really sure of the difference between synthetic and natural, someone educate me!) and I'm not exactly sure how much of a role that plays, but the brushes pick up product (powder and cream!) spectacularly and then it applies like a dream, by that I mean evenly! No splotchy parts in between! Each brush does what it's "told" so to speak. Does that make sense? The blending brush really blends, the shader brush shades well, etc...

This set also comes with a travel case that holds the brushes comfortably and would be perfect for travel. Even better, you can use it as two brush holders!

I've heard Sigma brushes being compared to MAC brushes; like their cheaper cousin. I've never owned a MAC brush but these certainly keep me happy! If anything I only want MAC brushes for the name brand (I know, I know I'm a brand snob, you may silently judge!). The quality of these brushes is fantastic and you don't need to feel like you're settling for second best just because MAC may be a little more out of your reach. This whole kit retails for $120 on the SigmaBeauty website which seems like a big chunk of change, but doing the math it comes out to only $10 a brush, plus you get that nifty case. Not bad in my book for some really high quality stuff! 

Overall, I'd recommend these to all you, for sure.  The brushes are soft, the handles are sturdy, which means they'll last you for quite some time. They pick up just the right amount of product and basically do your make up for you. It's the perfect thing to buy or have someone gift to you if you don't have a whole lot of brushes because it really has you covered! The only thing that I would have loved in this kit is a crease brush. Then it would be A++.

What do you all think of the Sigma brushes? I also love their Sigmax brushes, but that's a whole other post ;)


  1. I love my real technique brushes and actually rate them higher than some of the M.A.C brushes I have had! I've heard a lot of good things about sigma too!


    I was debating on ordering the Kabuki 5 pc set, but i've heard such hit and miss reviews with sigma brushes.
    I love mac brushes but the variety just isnt all there. So I think Sigma and Mac might be a better aim for a whole collection!

    Great post! VERY helpful!

    - Andrea Marie xx

  3. I've honestly never owned a brush from Sigma but I always hear about how wonderful this specific kit is!! I'm a sucker for my e.l.f. studio brushes... they're dirt cheap and absolutely fantastic (SUPER soft, sleek looking, never shed, apply makeup easily, etc.) so I'll probably never buy anything but those hahah :D


  4. Ooh these look lovely :) I want some more Sigma brushes so I'll definitely consider these!! Xx.

  5. this set is so so cute! love the pastel pink and blue combo :D

  6. I have the smaller set of these!! I love them!

  7. Lovely brushes! I really want to try them! thankyou for the post, lovely pictures as always too!

  8. I'd love to invest in some of these. Hopefully my best friend from America will visit this year and bring some over for me!

  9. Sigma has such amazing brushes. I love this set!

  10. i reallllly want these brushes aaahhh... your blog is gorgeous eee xx

    Love Em x

  11. I've wanted this set for the longest time! The handles of the brushes and the case are so cute, and they sound like such high quality!

  12. Forget about those MAC brushes! They really are crap compared to Sigma, I switched to Sigma about a year ago and they're way softer and shed way less than MAC, AND a lot cheaper.

    Also, Synthetic fibers means they're cruelty free (which is why this is called the Bunny Collection), natural fibers are usually some kind of animal hair.

  13. This set has been on my beauty wishlist for a while! While it is a significant spend, it does work out to be more reasonable when you factor in how much it is on average per brush. They look great quality and very soft :)

  14. ive lusted after these brushes for so long, and after reading this I want them even more. xx


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