Monday, September 30, 2013

Crazy About Lipstick

(image source: weheartit)
'ello, everyone! We're going to kick the week off with a good ol' fashioned tag. I haven't done a blog post tag in a very long while so this should be fun! I was tagged by the ever so sweet Daphne from the blog Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life (does that blog name not make you crave a Reese's cup?!) to do the Crazy About Lipstick tag. This tag couldn't be more appropriate for me because lipstick was the first makeup item I ever bought and it'll probably be the last. Some people go cuckoo for blushes, I go bananas for lipsticks of every shade and color! So here we go:

1. How many lipsticks do you own?
Oh man, do I have to go count?! Okay, one second ... *gulp* 35. That's not counting any of my lipglosses (which I don't have much of) but YIKES. Although, I am a girl who likes my lipstick. Too bad I only have one pair of lips!
2. What was your first lipstick?
My first lipstick was TopShop's Rio Rio. It's a bright tomato-y red which basically shaped my obsession with bright lipsticks. I think my best friend may have even bought it for me when we were out!
3. What is your most worn lipstick?
Hands down, MAC's Venus, which makes sense since it's my MLBB (my-lips-but-better) lipstick. It came out with MAC's Heavenly Creatures collection last year. It's the only one that's being worn down to it's nubbiest. I'd be happy about that because I've never finished a lipstick but UGH, if it runs out I won't be able to buy it again D:
4. What is your favorite brand of lipstick?
MAC. You can turn this post into a drinking game with the amount of times I've said MAC. It's true though. I love the range of colors and finishes they have. I can almost always find a formula and color combo that I love and works well on me. Plus, I'm a collector (re: complete sucker) for their LE lipstick packages.
5. What is your favorite finish?
MAC's (*take a shot*) Lustre finishes. It's not a purposeful favorite- those are just the ones I gravitate towards ALL. THE. TIME. I don't like anything super glossy or super duper matte. So any finish that leaves a small sheen, is somewhat hydrating, and glides on smooth is a finish I'm a fan of!
6. What is the last lip product you bought?
I can't remember if the last lip product I bought was MAC's Creme Cup or Revlon's Juicy Papaya Lip Butter. It was one of those and the fact that I can't remember means it's been a while, which is good news for my wallet, haha!
7. How many lip products (everything) do you currently have in your handbag?
None at the moment. Are you shocked? Haha. I usually put the lipstick I'm wearing that day into my handbag along with a lip balm of some sort, but at the end of the day I always take them out and put them in their respected compartments. I don't like keeping them in my bag for some reason when I don't need them. 
8. What lip product do you use to rock a red lip?
A super-fan-dabby-dosey red lipstick? Also, lip liner. Lip liner is SUCH a necessity for me with a red lip. It makes the lipstick last longer, go on neater, and prevent it from bleeding. Also, a good lip balm before hand so everything can apply smoother.
9. How do you store your lipsticks?
I store them in this. Best possible way to store and organize lipsticks. Each one gets it's own individual compartment and it looks so noice!
10. What lip products are you currently lusting after?
ALL OF THEM? What? Too much? Haha. As I'm typing this I'm completely craving MAC's (*take a shot*) RiRi Woo lipstick. It's a gorgeous red lipstick (love those) AND it's in a super amazing LE packaging. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds to collect it! Aside from that, nothing has completely tickled my fancy. I've been good on my spending ban (sort of ;) ) 

I shall be tagging a few people as well to keep the lipstick craze going 'round and 'round the bloggersphere! If I didn't tag you, please don't let that stop you from going ahead and doing this tag if you wish! Thanks again to Daphne for tagging me!

Marvelle from Blog of Shadows
Coco from The Beauty Milk
Cassie from Thrift Thick

Friday, September 20, 2013

Kida | The Heart of Atlantis

It's Friday once more and I've got another Disney Princess inspired look to share with you all. I am absolutely loooooooving that you guys are loving this series! I'm coming up with ideas and inspiration so quickly that I think I may need an extra set of eyes to test out looks. If you've missed the first two installments of this Disney series where I did Snow White and Rapunzel, you can find them by clicking on the respective princess. Today's princess is Kida from the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire. She's a princess that I think a lot of people forget about until they're reminded of her. She's a gorgeous Atlantian with beautiful sky blue tattoos on her body that I wish were culturally acceptable because I'd be all over that. She's a gorgeous and selfless princess who really just wants to help her people learn and remember their culture and where they came from. A lot of my inspiration for the look came from Kida herself; her clothes, her eyes, her hair, and of course, her brilliant tattoos. I loved this look so much when I put it on that it almost pained me to wash it off! Here's what I used:

On the eyes:
  • NARS Smudgeproof Base Primer
  • MAC Fascinating Eye Khol
  • MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow
  • MAC Aquadisiac Eyeshadow
  • Sephora Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner in 01 Noir
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Khol in Nude
  • YSL Babydoll Mascara
  • MAC Eyebrow Crayon in Lingering
On the face
  • NARS Sheer Glow Foundation/Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed
  • Revlon Rose Lip Liner/MAC Pure Zen Lipstick
  • MAC So There Jade Eyeliner (for the blue tattoo design) 
How many of you remember Princess Kida? Don't you wish we could have cool tattoos that glow?!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Soap & Glory | Sugar Crush Body Wash

If you've read my latest spending ban post «here» you'll know that I've been a bit cheeky by going ahead and indulging in my first ever Soap & Glory product. All I have to say for myself is "so this is love?!" It's not as though Soap & Glory has never been sold in the States because you can find it in Sephora's now. What you didn't find was the products with the ever so talked about Sugar Crush scent. For some reason, we didn't have any of those products in the States and you couldn't even buy it off their site, so when I saw this in the mall one day I swear to you, I BOOKED IT to the stand to have a whiff. It's absolutely delightful and nothing like what I imagined from the various descriptions blogger's have given it. Sure, it says 'sugar' but it's lime-a-palooza. Only, don't think of a completely margarita lime, because although it's got that zest there's that little hint of sweetness that really makes your nostrils dance. 

I chose the body wash over the body scrub and body butter because I've got an abundance of those and was running dangerously low on shower gel. I'm regretting (and also patting myself on the back, because of spending ban reasons) for not getting the other two products in the scent, you'll find out why in a bit. The Sugar Crush body wash is delightful. The consistency isn't a gel or a foam - it's a rather milky liquid. I lather this on my body without a loofa because I feel as though my loofa just eats it up (I don't blame it, I would too if it wouldn't send me to poison control) It lathers surprisingly well on the skin and gets a bit foamy which I love because I'm that girl that doesn't think she's clean until she sees some foamy lather! It smells amazing and feels refreshing. As the body wash gets lathered onto the skin you can feel it really conditioning the skin, although not enough to completely nix a body lotion afterwards. 

I'm completely smitten with this Soap & Glory product/scent. I also need to state that I love the packaging colors and graphics - super eye catching, clean, and girly! Also, HOORAY for a pump! I don't know why, just HOORAY! My only gripe with this product is that the scent doesn't last on the skin after you've patted dry. With a scent this delicious I want it to stay on my skin FOREVER, which is why I regret not getting the other products so I could just layer the scent on and on and on. So aside from that smidgen of an issue, I'd def. recommend you give the Sugar Crush body wash a whiff and a little wash with. There's a reason so many of the UK bloggers have loved it and now I can join them in being completely ga-ga over it! 
What do YOU think of Sugar Crush scent from Soap & Glory? If you've never smelled it, have I tickled your fancy to get a whiff?!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Birchbox | Heritage

Yesterday afternoon the post man delivered quite an exciting package to a very under the weather girl! It was my very first Birchbox in quite a long time! I had subscribed to Birchbox maybe a year ago, and while I wasn't totally disappointed, I wasn't completely blown away to want to spend $10 a month. Recently, however, I've been watching Andrea's unboxing videos of her various Birchbox's and it seems that Birchbox have def. stepped up their game! So after a few of those I was hooked and convinced I wanted to try one out for myself. I signed up and assumed my box would be the October box, but they shipped so fast I made it in time for the September one and here's what I got:

  • Beauty Protector Shampoo/Conditioner | I could smell this stuff before I even opened the box which had me worried that something had spilled, eek! First off, I LOVE that the shampoo/conditioner samples came in decent sized bottle with caps. Not a huge fan of the packets that some companies give out. I'm not too keen on trying out shampoos/conditioners I haven't thoroughly researched because my hair is a bit of a diva but there are no sulfates and it promises to add shine, volume, and detangle. The smell emitting from the bottles is very strong but so nice - sort of like a salon so I'm hoping it means the scent lingers. I'm willing to give these a fair try!
  • Dr. Jart+ Premium BB Cream SPF 45+ | I'm already a fan of Dr. Jart BB Creams, having used the Waterfuse one. I was a bit indifferent to receiving this in my box when I first opened it. I've sort of moved to regular foundations but I will give this a go and see how I like it compared to the Waterfuse one. Who knows? It may just knock my socks off, haha. I will say that I love the SPF it has in it. Not so great for photo sessions but def. great for protecting my already reddening skin, haha!
  • Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips | NIPPLE BALM. I was SO excited to see this in my box, you have no idea. I've heard of this balm before from various bloggers and YouTubers and was always so curious about it! Loving that it came in a decent sized squeezie tube, not totally loving that it wasn't even half full, only because I'm sure I'll be through with my sample by then end of the week. My lips have been severely chapped thanks to not being able to breathe through my nose as well as the colder weather approaching, so seeing this has been a life saver!
  • RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer in Fox Hunt | Yay, for my steadily growing nail collection! I was excited to get a nail polish. I had seen Andrea got one in her Birchbox and I loved the color she had. Fox Hunt is a metallic and vibrant orange which immedietaly made me think of a pumpkin and all the wondrous Halloween nails I can make, haha. I don't know if this was a full size sample of the product, or a smaller size, but it's more than a generous amount of nail polish! I'll be breaking it out for sure for some autumnal NOTDs!
Overall I'm thoroughly impressed with this box compared to the box I got last year. I enjoy the repackaging of samples and the size of the samples. I liked the diversity of samples and that they ranged from haircare to nails to beauty products. I like that Birchbox now has a theme for every month of their boxes. I'll be keeping my subscription for next month as I'm really excited to see what they do for October. Fingers crossed, it's Halloween themed!! You can subscribe to Birchbox at this link over here.  It's $10 monthly for a box, which right now I'm totally happy with paying as long as Birchbox keeps it up!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Best Blogger Feels

Sometimes when I've gone on a blogging break for whatever reason I forget the little things that make me love it so much. Sometimes, when I'm in a really bad blogging funk, it's surprisingly easy to get caught up in thinking about all the negatives of blogging. So I've come up with a little 'pick me up' list to remind of all the little things about being a blogger that really help to lift my spirits. It's a rather short list, but these were the ones I could just come up with on the spot. Feel free to add some of your best blogger 'feels' in the comment :D Hopefully, if you're in a bit of a funk, you'll be able to remember all your best blogger feels instead of the bad ones.

✎ hitting "publish"
✎ getting a comment
✎ sprucing up your layout
✎ getting a flood of views
✎ gaining a new reader
✎ leaving a comment on a great blog post
✎ finding a place with great lighting to photograph
✎ having a spectacular FOTD/OOTD/EOTD
✎ ... that also photographed well
✎ replying back to all the recent comments left on your blog posts
✎ reading through a days worth of blog posts
✎ blogging with a fresh cup of coffee or tea
✎ finding a spectacular new blog to read
✎ participating in the various blogger chats
✎ getting a comment from a reader who always comes back
✎ twitter chats with some of your favorite bloggers

Friday, September 13, 2013

Rapunzel | I See The Light

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm back today with the second installment (sounds rather fancy, but I don't know what else to call it) of my Disney Princess series! Can I just say that I was completely overwhelmed by the response to the Snow White look? I was hoping for a super positive reaction, but honestly wasn't expecting all the lovely comment that I got so, THANK YOU :D If you haven't yet seen that look you can do so by heading over here. Today's chosen Disney Princess is Rapunzel from the ever so lovely movie Tangled. She is my sister's absolute favorite princess and she insisted that I do a look for her right after Snow White. I took inspiration from the touching scene with the lanterns in front of the castle. The night sky being animated as gorgeous as it was to then be illuminated by all the yellow and orange tones of the lanterns was just breathtaking. That scene always gets to me and makes my face contort into that weird expression where my eyes are sad but my mouth and cheeks are just radiating happiness. Here are the products I used:

On the eyes:
  • NARS Smudgeproof Base Primer
  • MAC Fascinating Eye Khol
  • Urban Decay Tainted Eyeshadow
  • INGLOT 407 Pearl Eyeshadow
  • Urban Decay Omen Eyeshadow
  • Urban Decay Vanilla Eyeshadow
  • MAC Amber Lights Eyeshadow
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner in El Dorado
  • Maybelline The Falsies Volum Express Mascara
On the face
  • Urban Decay Naked Foundation/Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
  • Benefit Hervana Boxed Blush
  • MAC Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish
  • Revlon Rose Lip Liner/Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Gloss in Bellini
What are your thoughts on Rapunzel? Raise your hand if the lantern scene made you tear *raises hand*

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What Accent?!

I can't stop laughing at this thumbnail image. I forgot to take one, so I just picked a random shot that my camera took while I was filming, haha. It's 10x better than what I could've taken!

I'm finally getting back into the YouTube grind! I know I uploaded a video a little over a week ago but it had been filmed long before that so it was nice sitting in front of my camera again. I'm back and a bit more spastic than ever, haha. I was sitting in bed two nights ago, wondering what to film and for some reason started thinking in an English accent (as you do) and thought why not film the accent tag?! It's a tag I've wanted to film even before I started my YouTube channel and it's one that I've loved to watch! Personally, I don't think I have an accent. Sometimes my overseas subscribers will tell me they like my accent and I'll just sit there thinking ... "WHAT ACCENT?!" So sit back, relax, and enjoy hearing me speak in my boring non-accent, haha. Oh, and be prepared for my awful British accent interludes!
If you could change your accent, would you?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pandora | Charmed, I'm Sure

Charm bracelets are a piece of jewelry I've been fascinated with ever since I was younger. It's a piece that grows with time, brings about memories, and represents who you are or who you were. The charm bracelets I remember wanting were the ones from Tiffany's with the super dangly charms. I had one, still do, but the weight of the bracelet and the large charms made it hard for me to wear everyday. In comes Pandora, a brand my mom had discovered and fallen in love with. She's very big into charms and keepsakes, so my sister and I got her one for the holidays. The charm of these types of bracelets wore off for me but when my sister got one for her birthday and I watched as they both collected charms, I found myself remembering why I wanted one in the first place. Today, I thought I'd share which different charms I have and what they mean to me. If you'd like to know more about Pandora and their charms you can visit their website here. This post is more personal than it is a review.

left to right
Black Friday 2012 // This was a charm that Pandora released on Black Friday to mark the beginning of the holiday season. My mom had driven me to my first shift at Bath & Body Works, which also happened to be Black Friday. We got there too early and of course she had to see the sales at Pandora. There were none, but they did have this charm that now my mom, sister, and I all have to remember the holidays starting.
Blue Tendril // I have two of these on my bracelet. They're meant to beautify the small twist that keeps the charms in the middle section from moving. I loved the filagree design. It seemed almost magical and mystical, and I love that sort of thing. I thought it would give me some magical powers, haha.
Teal Polka Dots // This is a retired charm but it was one of my first. If you haven't already guessed it, I got this charm because it looked like a bubble with dots of mermaid colors on it. 
London Bus // This charm represents my deep desire to travel to the UK, especially London. I'm intrigued by the accents, the "British" culture, and the general atmosphere that seems so different than where I'm from. I want to visit and experience it all. I know a lot of people say that London is like New York but with English accents, which sometimes seems true, but ... I don't know. I can never accurately describe why I have this deep love and yearning to visit the UK.
Ballet Slippers Dangle // My mom gifted me this charm after my last dance recital a year ago. Dance is something I've loved to do wether it be at home in my cow jammies, in a studio, or on stage at a competition. Every time I look at it I get a bit sad that I don't dance anymore because I don't have the time (being an adult SUCKS)
Babushka // Haha, this is a fun charm. It's meant to represent a Matryoshka (Russian dolls that are stacked inside one another and get smaller and smaller) They called it 'Babushka' which means grandma in Russian and it does kind of look like what I imagine a lot of little old lady's in Russia to look like! This charm represents my Russian heritage and it's just the cutest little thing ever!
Seashell // MERMAIDS. I got this charm for my 20th birthday and it just stands for my absolute obsession with mermaids and the sea. I can't help it - I need therapy, haha!
Green Swirl // That's now what it's actually called but I cannot for the life of me find it on any site. Again, this charm just represents the general theme of my bracelet which is the ocean and mermaids. It also happens to be in a color that I love!
Turtle // I'm sad to say this turtle has no real meaning. My mom went to a jeweler's to buy a different bracelet for my sister; my sister didn't like it and they wouldn't refund so we ended up with store credit and I ended up with this cute little turtle! I guess we can pretend it's a sea turtle and keep running with the whole love of the ocean/mermaids, deal :)
What are your thoughts on charm bracelets?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Even Mermaids Have Shopping Problems Update 02

But, wait, Jess ... you said you would update us bi-weekly on your spending ban - what gives? AGH, is what gives. It's been 21 days and although I've been as good as I've ever been I've been a bit of a cheeky bee. NOW HOLD ON, DON'T SCROLL DOWN TO THE COMMENTS TO YELL AT ME JUST YET. I have the floor and I'd like to explain myself, if I may? Yes? Okay. *straightens tie* Bath & Body Works was finally having their 2 for $22 sale and I took this time to take advantage of the rule that allowed me this! I knew I wouldn't be able to resist because I was dying for the Cider Donut candle, which has replaced my beloved Cinnamon Sugared Donut candle. So that rule is now null and void and I can't buy anymore candles. I also had a coupon for a free item under $14 and decided to get another candle in my (now, new) favorite scent, Marshmallow Fireside, in the absolutely amazing mason jars. Right, good, that was me following the rules. Now ... to the oh so cheeky, and totally unjustifiable, yet SORT OF, KIND OF justifiable purchases - not really. I went to Sephora. I am down to the nub of my most used and most loved eyeliner from Make Up For Ever. Of course, as soon as I put myself on a spending ban I run out. I thought I could live without it, but I cannot. Sure I can use brown eyeshadow but it's not the same I tell yah! Then we have the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush shower gel, foamy bath, ridiculousness. I am a lady blogger from the US. In the US we've NEVER had the Sugar Crush scent. Sure we had Soap & Glory products, but NEVER the famed and un-smellable-through-the-computer-screen, Sugar Crush scent. I CAVED DANG IT. IT SMELLS TOO STINKING GOOD. EVEN MY MOM AGREED. WE LOVE IT OKAY. FORGIVE ME. *composes self once again* Now onto the last thing that I got at Saks which I half blame the colder months approaching and also, Coco from The Beauty Milk. Sorry Coco, totally throwing you under the bus here, haha! In the beginning of the year I was on the hunt for a foundation that could make my skin look nice and dewey, cover my red cheeks, and not exaggerate the dry areas of my skin. When I finally found it, the weather started getting warmer and my skin wasn't as dry so I forgot all about it. So whilst I was out with my mom and sister yesterday the lovely Coco put up a RAVE review of the NARS Sheer Glow foundation which made me remember why I wanted it and then reminded me that the colder months are approaching. My skin is getting noticeably drier as the weather starts to cool so I figured it'd be better to be prepared instead of waiting through most of Fall with my parched skin. You call BS, I call smart thinking ... Okay, I call BS, too. I also had to buy the pump for it because, well ... you know I had to!

There you have it. I broke a sacred rule and the whole point of this spending ban. I'm not giving up though. I stand by my purchases - a bit ashamed, yet ready to take on the next 79 days without buying any makeup products. There's honestly nothing that I need now that my favorite eyeliner is restocked and I've got a foundation to keep me through the colder months. *hangs head in shame* I must not let myself slip like this again!

Even Mermaids Have Shopping Problems: Rules Update 01

Friday, September 6, 2013

Snow White | Just One Bite

Hello, hello everyone! Today is the beginning of an exciting new series that I've got cooking! Recently, I've been thinking of a fun series I could do on this blog weekly or bi-weekly that would force me to get creative with my makeup. I've come up with an EOTD (eye of the day) in the style of Disney Princesses. I had to make it around Disney Princesses because some of them are such bad-asses and they all have bright and interesting colors in their 'palette's', so to speak, that would really help me think outside the box. Also, I've been getting myself really excited to go to Disney World soon (next year, but still, EEEEEK!) I'll be wanting to go to Disney World 'till I'm old and grey! Anyway, this series will involve an eye look inspired by a different Disney Princess each week (or every other week if I'm a bit stumped) and today's princess is Snow White! Now I'll be honest here and say Snow White is probably my least favorite Disney Princess. I'm not sure why, exactly, but perhaps it was her high pitched and sickenigly sweet sounding voice *shudders* Either that or the other Disney Princesses just seem a lot cooler! Regardless, I'm in LOVE with this look. I was inspired by the sinister and dark motif's of Snow White and especially the poisonous apple. Here are the products I used:

On the eyes:
  • NARS Smudgeproof Base Primer
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean
  • MAC Fascinating Eye Khol
  • Urban Decay Blackout Eyeshadow
  • MAC Cranberry Eyeshadow
  • MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow
  • MAC Shroom Eyeshadow
  • MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
  • Make Up Forever Smokey Extravagant Mascara
On the face
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation/Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Natural Beauty
  • MAC Ladybug Lipstick/Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Black

What do you think about this series? What are your thoughts on Snow White? Let's debate, haha!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blog Love #03

When you go on a break from blogging, mobile apps like Bloglovin' make it really easy to still keep up with your favorite blogs (although would it kill it to let you comment on them?) Even though I wasn't blogging I was still reading my dash of blog posts, perhaps more than I've ever read before, but like I said, the Bloglovin' app makes it really hard to actually show the blog posts some love, besides giving them a like. So I thought I'd write up a post full of blog lovin' (pun was so intended) These are blogs I've loved reading as of late. Of course, they're not the only blogs I enjoy to read but that goes without saying, I hope! As always, these lovelies are in no particular order besides alphabetical! 
:: Becky Bedbug ::
I've always seen Becky's twitter pic floating in the #bbloggers tag on twitter during the chats, but it's only recently that I've discovered her blog! Her blog is a mix of so many fun outfit posts and quirky lifestyle ones, as well. You can really see her personality shining through the web pages and I absolutely love that about her blog! 
Okay, okay, I know I included Marvelle in my last Blog Love post, but I didn't realize how much I really loved her blog! Her reviews are just spot on and she's so thorough! The swatches she posts of products will have you lusting after the product in a heart beat - specifically her week of reviewing Lime Crime products! She also posts a ton of creative and not-so-typical eye looks that will really inspire you! 
I admire Charlotte because she has a way off being super classy, yet totally fun all at the same time. I envy the way she is able to pull that off. I've been reading her blog since I first started my own and just recently I've fallen in love with her YouTube channel (here) She's completely enchanted with Disney, as am I, and it just makes me like her even more. Her blog photos are brilliant, as are her reviews, and she has me wanting so many things (esp. her Marc Jacobs bag!!)
:: Paint Potted ::
Amy's blog is everything I want my blog to be. The clean lay out, the gorgeous photos, the short and sweet reviews, ahhh, it's all amazing. She's also a blogger who loves Disney and in my books that gets you like ∞+ points. I'm fairly new to reading her blog but I'm liking what I see and I can't wait to see what more she has in store!

I really love doing these types of posts and I hope you give all of the bloggers a visit to their blog. They're amazing and I'm sure you'll thoroughly enjoy them! They're all UK bloggers so I think next time I'll have to give some US lovelies some love :D

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wishlist | The Leaves Are Changing ...

Autumn Fashion Wishlist
... and so will my wardrobe. It's taken me a while to realize it, but Autumn/Fall is my favorite time of the year. The leaves are changing, the apple is cider-ing, and everyone's mood gets just a little bit more jolly because the winter holidays are that much closer. The air gets crisp and we pull out our leggings and longer sleeved shirts, but it's not frigidly cold yet so the possibilities are endless. Autumn brings out the creative writer in me, haha! I've been eyeing a bunch of new pieces to add to my wardrobe (which will have to wait because of my gosh darn spending ban) that I think these will be great to wear in the fall with other clothes that happen to be filling my closet, as well as transition nicely into the other seasons!
  1. J.Crew Pixie Pant | Are they pants ... or are they leggings? The world may never know. What I do know is that these pants know how to WORK! I know they've been somewhat talked about for a while but I've just come to the realization of how classy and comfy they look! They'll be those pants that'll make my butt look nice and I can either dress up or down with the proper tops and shoes!
  2. Michael by Michael Kors Satchel Selma | I first saw this wondrous bag in LilMissChickas 'What's In My Bag' video. I'm normally (re: always) the type of girl to wear a small-ish crossbody bag a la Rebecca Minkoff. I can't ever be bothered with the larger bags because they're usually a tad more expensiv-o and I've just never really LOVED one, until now! The Selma bag is modern looking and doesn't have any obnoxious bells and whistles that come with these sorts of bags. The big seller was that it could be worn as a cross-body and came with a long strap. I just love it and I'm going to be saving up to buy myself this as a Hanukkah present. I still can't decide if I want blue or grey <3_<3
  3. Uniqlo Long Sleeve Flannel | Fall = Flannel - at least in my world it does and you can seriously never have enough flannel. The problem is finding them in a whole assortment of colors to justify having so many. I mostly have red and purple flannels, which sort of happened by accident but I've always wanted a blue or green flannel! I found out Uniqlo is Flannel mecca. They come in every color and pattern of lines under the sun; plus they're super soft and comfy. *snuggles into imaginary flannel*
  4. NastyGal Wreckless Skater Dress | I still can't tell if I like this dress or the model in it is pulling it off amazingly. I really want a black dress I can wear with my Litas (that I have yet to wear out DX) I like that this one is super fitted at the top and then comes down into a nice 'swishy' skirt.
  5. NastyGal Love Loves Me Lace Dress | Can you tell I've been perusing the NastyGal website? Now I know this dress doesn't SCREAM Fall but ... it's whispering it. It's coral, but it's leaning so much to the red/pinky side that I think this would look amazing with a black leather jacket and my precious Litas :D
  6. Catbird NYC Alphabet Rings | I love dainty rings, especially when you can just cover your fingers in them. Okay, maybe not cover, but stack! Catbird has these dainty silver rings in every letter of the alphabet and then a heart, ampersand, and star. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY WANT THEM, but they are so gosh darn expensive for just one at $56 >.< I think the crazy in me could justify it if that got me three rings, but it doesn't - so I'm afraid this'll be on my wish list and stay there forever!
What's on your list?