Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Weekend

Things I learned this 4th of July weekend ...

  • iPhone cameras ain't so bad for capturing moments
  • flannel shirts aren't as warm as I'd like them to be
  • I wouldn't mind being a fresh water mermaid
  • fireworks are so mesmerizingly beautiful 
  • buying fireworks made me feel like a bad ass
  • farmer's markets make me want to eat all the veggies
  • Sweet Leaf Iced Tea needs to run through my veins (seriously, SO DELICIOUS)
  • alcohol is not always your best friend
  • mint chocolate chip ice cream makes my taste buds dance
  • having a panic attack in the middle of nature is a blessing and a curse
  • I should've bought more fireworks

 How was your 4th of July weekend?
Did you see any amazing firework displays?
How many hamburgers and hot dogs did you eat? (two; one) ;)


  1. Woah we're these photos taken with an iPhone? Love the blog design too! X

    1. Amazing, isn't it?! So many more photo editing apps to choose from when working from the iPhone, too, it's insane!


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