Sunday, May 27, 2012

Review: Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop

Before I even begin my review I'd like to take this small space to say a few words about Deborah Frickin' Lippmann. I first saw her nail polishes reviewed on the beauty blog Temptalia and then a small hand full on Amarixe's beauty blog. My first reaction was "eh". I'm not kidding. I said eh, and was astonished that these polishes sold for $16 ($18!!! if it was a glitter). But then was having a 20% sale and I saw her polishes on the site. So I decided to investigate a little further and looked up some swatches of a handful of colors.

OH. MY. GOOD GOLLY. GOSH. This women makes polishes for a reason. Deborah Lippmann has some of the most unique glitter and holo and even plain jane nail polishes that I have ever laid eyes on. And she even got me with a mermaid nail polish (remember? sucker for the mermaid polishes...) So I shelled out the money and I bring you this review ...

Candy Shop is a Deborah Lippmann polish that is so fun and so girly. It is unlike any glitter I've ever had. The polish has a sweet candy pink base and then is jam packed (would injected be a better word? haha) with rainbow glitters. Just looking at the polish in the bottle makes me salivate for cotton candy!

with flash

I love that in this nail polish the glitters come out with the base. Unlike most glitters I've worked with where you almost had to scoop to get any glitters. When you apply the brush to the nail the glitters transfer and don't start to migrate with every brush stroke. This is especially good for those like me who always layer two coats no matter what the polish. It creates dimension and layers of glitter that I personally have never seen with glitter polish. Everything lays flat and with a good thick coating of top coat you shouldn't even be able to feel the glitters. 

The pink of the base really shines through and enhances the whole polish rather than fighting to be seen under all the happy and fun glitters.

without flash

It saddens me to do this but there are a couple of cons to this otherwise gorgeous nail polish. As I said before, when you apply the polish the glitters transfer and then don't budge. The bad thing about that is that if you get too much glitter on one side of the nail, babam! It's staying there in a heap of glitter. There's no moving it around, otherwise you're just helping the mountain grow.

Lastly, this is going to be a doosey and pardon my French as I say this, this polish is THE most ANNOYING FREAKIN' THING TO WIPE OFF. The pink base comes off beautifully but then you're left with monster glitters on your nail that only shred cotton pads and balls to bits! I was scraping off the glitters with my teeth for a good 30 minutes on just one hand!

I'm not sure if that would ever be a deal breaker for me because this polish is truly one of a kind in my book, but my GOD. There needs to be a better way to remove this guy! 

I look forward to trying and buying more of Deborah Lippmann polishes. These polishes are one of those things that when I fork over $18 I don't feel a gut-wrenching guilt in the pit of my wallet. So I'd say this was absolutely worth a look-see. And perhaps go on the hunt for a super hero nail polish remover? Haha!



  1. It looks like cupcakes!!! ^^ Oh my god do I love it !! Thank you for sharing ! maybe we can follow each other ?

    1. Yes! Omgsh, I hadn't thought about that! They do look like cupcakes, haha! I'd love to follow each other!

  2. I love this! I'm still deciding if is should get one. So expensive, but totally worth it, right? Love this colour! x


    1. YES. SO WORTH IT. Even if you just get one!

  3. ahh my god! this is so beautiful but it's SO expensive here where i live. i think it's about 25 bucks for a deborahh lippmann nail polish. *sigh*

    1. $25?! Oh gosh, I thought $18 was already pushing my buttons! Hopefully you get your hands on some soon :)


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