Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Late Night Thoughts

This isn't going to be any sort of review as it's 1:39 am here in New York and I can't create any more logical sentences after writing my 8 page paper all in one go. Now I'm sitting here wondering if the previous sentence was a run on ...

Have you ever been in that weird daze where you're tired but you can't fall asleep? That's me right now and how do I spend my time? Online shopping. Or browsing at least. 

I'm going to the city tomorrow and sort of want to stop by LUSH because I seriously haven't in the longest time! Except for my little impromptu dash into the Atlantic City shop. I want to pick up all two of their Mother's Day bubble bar wands and maybe a Twilight bath bomb. I have officially run out of bubble bathing products and their by far my favorite. Have any of you ever gone into a LUSH before? How addictive is it?

I'm thinking of reviewing the bubble wands and comparing it to the Magic Wand bubble bar that came out during the Holiday season. 

I also sort of want to stop by the M.A.C. Pro Store and see if they have any Show Orchid in stock. It's a beautiful fuchsia lipstick that would take a pretty ballsy person to wear, but I need it for my collection! Have you ever just needed a color to have in your collection? I went in the PRO store last week and they didn't have any. It was so strange going into the Pro store. I felt like I totally did not belong in there and the workers all knew it. It's SO intimidating, but I'll call tomorrow and see if it's in stock. Fingers crossed!

It seems that I can never have enough lipsticks. I have a lipstick holder that fits 24 lipsticks and it's already more than 2/3 full. I still want more! Hahaha, all of them are bright lipsticks that sort of fit an 'occasion' so I've been thinking of getting M.A.C. Chatterbox or Angel. Have any thoughts on which?

Haha, so I see from rereading this that my late night, term paper fried thoughts consist of a shopping list. No wonder my wallet's always empty! Well I'll leave it at that, as to not make the shopping list any longer. Have a goodnight!


  1. Lush is the best shop ever!! I am in love with their bath bombs! Their shampoos are really good and conditioning too :)
    As for M.A.C. lipstick.. I would probably choose Chatterbox because I'm a fan of lighter colours!!

    1. Every time I go into MAC I cannot ever find Chatterbox. It will be mine to own someday soon! :)


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