Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Recreating A Look

Every time I see a picture on the web and the model's make up is done brilliantly I always wonder how I can go about recreating it. I am as amateur as amateur gets with make-up. Figuring out colors is one hurdle, the next one is trying to figure out what order all of it goes in! 

I saw this picture on a tumblr dashboard (I couldn't find out who the photo belongs to so if it is yours please let me know! I want to give proper credit). I had just bought the MakeUp Forever Aqua Eyes 5 eyeliner and needed to procrastinate from studying for finals so I decided to take on my first recreation!

That's what I came up with. The colors are a lot brighter in the original picture and I couldn't seem to get my black eyeshadow as dark as the models! I'm pretty pleased with the eyeliner (color and application) although the model's eyeliner makes mine look as dull as a cloudy sky! The make up looks a lot better in the photo than in person if I'm going to be honest. If I closed my eye, it was just all over the place!

Regardless, I did have trying to recreate a look. I think it's good practice for when I apply my own make up. It really helps me see what colors would look great together in a make up application! Let me know what you guys think! :)

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