Monday, May 21, 2012

Hiding Your Online Shopping Problems

Some of you may read that and wonder, "what kind of cuckoo blog post title is that?". It won't be that weird when I get into what I am trying to say. First off let me start by saying that this is not an informational post. I'm not about to teach you how to properly hide your online shopping parcels and habits. I would have to know how to properly do that to share any tips and tricks. Which brings me into my post. I am completely rubbish at hiding my online shopping addiction.

For example: I have boxes upon boxes stacked away in my closet. They're just sitting there and any sane person trying to hide something would have them thrown away! Nope, instead I'm just waiting for the opportune moment to brag about all the wonderful boxes I seem to have collected.

Another example: I, stupidly, keep all the things I buy out in the open! Instead of putting them in a drawer where it won't be seen I keep them in a bin that just multiplies in size every other weekend. I like to think that I'm so clever and no one will ever notice. Well, they notice...

A third example: When a package does indeed arrive and I'm not quick enough to catch it, I become a complete airhead. My mom will pick up the parcel and start shooting out questions: 

What did you order?
When did you order this?
How much was it?
Why are you spending all your money on this stuff?!

My answers to these question are simple ... and one answer applies to all: "I didn't order that!" Here would be the part where you would insert a face palm. Why do I think that that answer will suffice? Why do I get myself to believe that she'll just think I didn't order it and let me keep the items that I had not ordered.

Which brings me to my final example at how rubbish I am at hiding my online shopping addiction. Instead of having the package sent to my dad's house or my boyfriend's house I got it sent to my house. Now why is that an example? Well because it wasn't that I wanted to send it to my house. I stupidly put in my own address in the shipping and was so sure it was being sent there. So my package comes today but it ended up at my house. Now I am really dumbfounded, not even expecting the package, and have to answer to my mother.

IN SHORT: Make sure that those of you out there who are hiding your online shopping addiction, do so properly! I am an example of how not to go about this. My methods are entertaining and just plain laughable.

The title of this post is completely ironic, but if there are tips that you'd like to share please them here!


[NOTE: I do have an excessive shopping problem, but I do spend my own money, so just keep that in mind! :) ]


  1. yeah....sometime we really face the online shopping addiction as nowadays we can easily find cheap bargain price item online....sometime i had receive several call from abc online store that I had ordered something from them...but...i really cannot remember when i had purchase from them..=)

    1. sorry I am just now getting to replying! but yes, I've had that happen to me where a package arrives and I just stare at it wondering ... "what was it that I bought?!" haha!

  2. hahah, nice post! xx

  3. Love this, girl! I'm lucky I don't live at home anymore... haha!

    1. It was getting to the point where I thought about getting a P.O. Box. Desperate times call for desperate measures!


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