Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review: M.A.C. Nicki Minaj Lipstick

"Starships were meant to fly ...
Hands up and touch the sky ...
Can't stop 'cause we're so high ...

Let's do this one more time!"

Alright, I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't the biggest Nicki Minaj fan when this lipstick came out. Heck, I don't think I cared for or against her to be honest. She's growing on me. What I can is that I am a sucker for the Viva Glam lipstick packaging! When I saw this bright color inside I just died and went to bright lip colored heaven! Viva Glam Nicki Minaj is a yellow based bright pink color. It's out for te year and all proceeds ($14.50) go to the M.A.C. Aids Fund.

This lipstick is a Satin finish and I'm not that familiar with what a satin finish entails. It had a bit of sheen, not so much gloss, to it which I liked it. It was a little difficult to apply this lipstick. It seems to accentuate the lines and dry spots on your lips. The color is absolutely gorgeous when you wear it on what I call a "perfectly-smooth-lip" day and the pigmenttaion is opaque. The only thing I would say is that this formula leans toward the drier side. 

The lipstick wore on me about two hours before it started to fade. I am a lip biter and lick my lips a lot for some reason and unintentionally so regardless of the lipstick wear, I always seem to need reapplication. On someone without these odd tendencies I'd give about 3 - 4 hours before it started to fade. 

Viva Glam Nicki Minaj is what I like to call the bright Barbie pink lipstick. I really do feel like a Barbie doll whenever I wear it out. It'll be perfect for the summer time wether you're going out with friends, on a date, or just to the beach. I, personally, would even wear it out (if I had somewhere to go that is). 

I'm on the look out for more Barbie pinks! If you guys have any that you've seen be sure to let me know! Also, let me know if how you like this lipstick or if you're thinking about picking it up soon!


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