Friday, June 1, 2012

Current Cravings | June Edition

Current Cravings May
  1. Lace Crop Top from TopShop ($28) | First off, right off the bat, who wouldn't want a lacey cropped shirt? I saw this one as I was browsing online and just stopped and stared at it for a whole 5 minutes, zooming in and out. It's such a beautiful shirt that I can see myself wearing in the summer a lot with practically anything. With a flowing skirt if I go out to Central Park, with some shorts to go to the boardwalk and then a long sleeved denim shirt on top when it gets colder. I do mean I'd wear it with practically anything! I'd love to wear this to parties as well. It looks like such a comfortable fabric. I can't wait to go to TopShop and see it!
  2. Ro's Argan Body Conditioner from LUSH Cosmetics ($30) | Rose Jam has to be the most amazing smell to hit my nose since the Twilight scent. It's the most amazing combination of fragrances. You get the rose scent that has a mixed in sweetness to it that will make a rose lover out of anyone! This price for this product is steep, but LUSH never seems to disappoint with softening products. I think this would be the perfect product to use after shaving my legs to make them feel soft, smooth, and smelling incredible!
  3. Dr. Jart++ Waterfuse Beauty Balm from Sephora ($34) | I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW. I have heard only supercalifragalistic things about this BB Cream. And if anything bad has been said, well I just don't think I want to hear it. I have a Chanel foundation that I LOVE to use along with a M.A.C. concealer but in the summertime I don't want to cake even that onto my skin. I also heard that the BB Cream improves your skin while leaving a dewey finish, a light concealment, and does what my concealer will do. I MUST HAVE THIS.
  4. Chanel Precision Eye-Definer (Brun Cuivre) from Nordstrom ($29) | I've never been a fan of pencil liners, but I saw a makeup tutorial with a Bobbi Brown eye pencil in Bronze that was apparently a limited edition item and I was devestated. It was such a beautiful brown color! So I went on Temptalia to hopefully find a proper dupe for it because I needed to have the color. Lo an' behold, Brun Cuivre from Chanel fit the description perfectly. I'm gonna wait to test out the color in person before I splurge but I've heard that it is a great liner that doesn't budge or smudge! Also, having another neutral color that's not as harsh as black would be brilliant.
  5. Maybelline 10Hr. Stain Gloss & Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Stains from Drugstores ($6-$10 each depending where you get them) | Lip stains seem to be making quite a forceful comeback into the beauty world and I like what brands have done with them! The Maybelline Stain Gloss has been out for some time and reviews seem to be quite good that I wouldn't mind checking it out in maybe a natural pinky color! The Revlon Just Bitten stains are fairly new to the scene but they remind me of Clinique chubby sticks (which I do not own) but they are much cheaper so I would love to give them a go!
  6. H-Troser Shoe (Cognac) from Steve Madden ($60) | These shoes would be perfect for the summer time! I like to wear skirts a lot and sometimes ballet flats just don't cut it for some outfits! These are the first I found that are a pretty light brown color and a reasonable price! I've been admiring them for a while, so hopefully they'll be on my toes quite soon! :)
What are some of your recent beauty/fashion cravings? Let me know! Might be able to add some more to my list! ;)



  1. I am dying to try Dr. Jart++ Waterfuse Beauty Balm as well!! Lovely post Jessica.

  2. I have to laugh, several of your cravings I've already taken the dive on. I really like the Clinique Chubby sticks since I prefer sheer shades over full on lipstick, but I will say I'm disappointed in the amount of product you get, I'll probably stick with L'Oreal Color Riche Balms. I have a sample of the the Dr. Jart BB creams my local Sephora has, and like them. I also like the Skin 79 BB cream in the bright pink packaging. It's amazing how soft it makes your skin feel. Have you seen/tried the Laura Mercier foundation primer in Radience? I wear it under bb cream, or a sheer foundation, and have gotten compliments on my ( also fair) skin. I like it because it has a glow, but now bits of sparkle like Benefits Sun Bean, Moon Beam, etc. O.k. I will stop writing a book now. Love your blog, and the video I saw on LushiesUnite. I will be watching for more!

    1. I know! I love sheer tints for day time because it makes less of an impact but you still get the color you want! BB Creams are probably going to be my new obsession! They are amazing and I'm going to find it very hard to right a cohesive review on it, haha! I've never tried the Laura Mercier foundation primer! May have to check it out now; thanks for the tip! I love getting tips from fellow fair skinners :)

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write that, I really do appreciate it! Even more so appreciative of the fact that you watched my video! Thank you! :)


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