Monday, June 25, 2012

Review: NYX Roll On Shimmer (Green)

Good morning, all! It is currently 8:30 in the morning and pouring like an angry ex-wife. I was supposed to leave about 5 minutes ago for work but as it stands I don't have a boat to paddle through the water and am terrified of getting electrocuted. My mother has graciously told me she would drive me to work which leaves me with an hour to wait! My television is out, but luckily the internet is working so I decided that I would find a product lying around somewhere in my room and review it for you all! Hooray!!!

Tada! Today's chosen product is NYX's Roll on Shimmer in the color Green. I got this at IMATS in NY but you can get it anywhere they sell NYX which I believe is Ulta! I probably should have photographed the applicator, but think of a roller perfume and you'll know what it looks like! I really am surprised but how much I love this. Now I didn't get it in the most practical color but I still love to use this as a pop (well more of a burst!) of color on my inner corners.

An amazing amount of product comes out when you roll it onto your skin or eye, so much so that I usually use a brush to apply this! It can be a bit messy if you apply it straight to your eye! The color comes out pigmented and super shimmery (the photo didn't catch that quite well). I used this for my Sea & Sand look for the inner corners to make the blue/green shadow really pop. I plan on getting this in two more colors, I love it that much! I'll probably get a white one and a brown-y nude just so I can wear it more often. 

I'm always impressed with the quality of NYX products. They don't put a huge whole in your wallet and you still get fantastic quality. 

What do you guys think of NYX products? What are some of your favorites?


  1. Oooo, lovely colour! It matches your blog! :) xxx

    1. Haha, you can see why I was so drawn to it then! :)


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