Thursday, June 7, 2012

OOTY: In the Moment

OOTY. Stands for Outfit of the Yesterday. Clever, I know. I meant to put this up last night but sort of got side tracked! This is a picture of me in my Sweet 16 dress that I bought/wore 3 years ago. My younger sister's Sweet 16 is fast approaching which means LOTS and LOTS of dress shopping ... but for her. We ordered a bunch of dresses online for her to try on and while she was doing so I got really nostalgic and ran to put on my dress.

I am in love with this dress; have been since I first put it on. I got it at a Betsey Johnson boutique in a Nordstrom that is sadly no longer there. I was so surprised that I still fit into it. More comfortably than before, actually! The skirt is my favorite part! It's sparkled with sequins that shimmer so prettily when you walk. It was one of those 'the one' dresses. I wasn't settling for it and I knew I could have nothing else.

The shoes are Via Spiga, I think. Just in case you're wondering. Neither one of these are sold any more unfortunately, but I thought I'd share as I was feeling incredibly nostalgic.

Have you ever had an outfit that you couldn't bare to part with or brought upon so many memories? I'd love to hear your stories! :)



  1. Those shoes are so pretty! I love the blue and the design! Too bad they don't still sell them.

  2. your looky is such a beautiful.. nice looky! would you like to follow each other?


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