Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random Ramblings | Indie Nail Polishes

Indie Nail Polishes are becoming quite the sensation in the land of nail polish lovers. For good reason too! Some of these polishes are absolutely breath taking! If you're not sure what Indie Polishes are they are nail polishes that arae made by smaller businesses that are usually sold through e-mail or facebook or etsy shops. A lot of the time these polishes are made holographic or jam packed with glitters of various shapes, sizes, and colors! These polishes are becoming such a hit that the producers of these polishes barely have time to keep up with their orders! 

I am very intrigued by a lot of these brands and hope to get my hands on a couple of different brands! Some of these polish creators are so creative and innovative. I'm a sucker for anything that is well made, and by hand! Especially if the quality is really good!

I think I first started noticing these indie brands when Leesha from xSparkage tweeted a picture of an awesome nail polish she got from Lynnderella. I slowly started searching up more Indie Brands and "Franken-makers" as they are sometimes called. 

I'm excited to be ordering some soon! Hopefully in the next month when the funds become available! Here are some of the brands I have my eye on! Definitely check these out!

Have any of you ever ordered from an Indie Polish brand? Who are some of your favorite makers? Are you thinking about getting any now? :)

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