Thursday, June 21, 2012

Top Shop Haul! +other randoms!

TOP SHOP IS HAVING A 50% OFF SELECTED ITEMS SALE. I was walking in the city, only thinking I needed my pens and fabric dye when all of a sudden I see HUUUUGE window covering signs announcing the sale. It's not even just a rack, it was practically half the first floor. Even better? It's online, too! IDK for how long but I would go right now and take a look! This sale is making everything decently priced for those of us in the US. Click here and here

I obviously couldn't leave without snagging something! So I browsed around and this is what I came out with along with my other random purchases from Muji and Pearl Paint!


  • American Flag tank (on sale for $15)
  • Blue panties with White Stars (on sale for $4)
    • I'm calling this my Fourth of July OOTD, stay tuned ;)
  • 0.38 pens in teal and purple
  • Blue highlighter
    • these are for my 'Blog Ideas' journal so that it doesn't all stay the same color!
Pearl Paint:
  • iDye for Natural Fabrics in Turquoise
    • this is for a dance t-shirt that I got, which is also going to become a nifty DIY, stay tuned for that as well!

This is a very random grouping for a haul, but as my blog has been a tad screwey lately I wanted to put up a simple post! Anyone in the U.S. should def. go and check out the sale on TopShop! Everything is such a great deal for what you'd usually pay and don't forget that students get 10% off always! Let me know what you plan on getting! :D

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