Thursday, June 7, 2012

Review: M.A.C. Soft & Gentle

Highlights, and bronzers are products that have not been so high on my list of make-up must haves. I didn't understand why you would want a shinier face and orange looking skin. Knowledge is definitely a friend. As I began to read more blogs and watch more beauty related videos I discovered that these products could actually enhance your look and dimension!

M.A.C. Soft and Gentle is a MSF (Mineralize Skin Finish). It's $29 for 0.35 oz. Don't ask what exactly that is because I have no idea. Browsing through blogs I can only infer that they can be used as blush, highlighters, and even setting powders.

After my fail trial with Benefit's Watts Up I knew I wouldn't be looking for a cream highlighter anytime soon. Surprising enough, I hadn't seen too may reviews on Soft & Gentle (most likely cause I didn't really review it!) When I saw this at the M.A.C. counter I knew I couldn't leave without it. I rarely do that, surprisingly enough. I will usually at least look up ONE or TWO reviews about a product but not with this one.

Soft & Gentle is a gorgeous peachy, champagne, shimmering high lighter. When applied across the cheekbones it gives off a natural looking highlight. It brightens up the entire face and I swear it makes me look younger than I already do. I know you can use this as an all-over the face brightener or as sort of a peachy tint to your face but I can see myself only using this on my cheekbones. Which I don't mind! For the amount I paid I want this to last me a loooong time.

This is a product I can see myself enjoying A LOT. So far I've used this every day and I LOVE it. I'd say to go check it out at your M.A.C. counter or store. It'd be a great summery highlighter, oh gosh, especially with a tan! It'll be all you need :)

What are some of your favorite highlighters? Have any of you ever used an MSF from M.A.C.?


  1. I love highlighter! It makes something sparkle in your face, and gives a polished finish! I use elf cosmetics highlighter. I crushed it up and it goes on so smoothly now.

    1. Oh wow! I never thought to crush up some highlighters. I've never checked out any ELF products but they seem to have good reviews!


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