Friday, June 22, 2012

My Favorite Shoes ATM!

My recent Top Shop haul made me think about these beauty's. I bought them about a month ago and have been wearing them non stop. They are called Sicily Taupe Wedges. That's more describing them than naming them to be honest, haha but they are gorgeous taupe shoes. I think most of the material used is suede, don't quote me on that though! 

Tall wedges have been in style for quite some time and I've always been so intrigued with them! I've always wanted to own a pair only I didn't have the confidence to match the sheer amazingness of these shoes!

They are about 6 inches tall and have a platform that makes them more bearable to wear. Surprisingly they are really comfortable. I know, I know you're looking at them and thinking ... no way. As comfortable as tall wedges, such as these, can get, this by far exceeds the comfort factor. They're soft on the inside and the tie up laces allow you to make the shoes fit more snug so that you're not falling out of them. 

Yes, I feel like a giant every time I wear them. I love them too much to care what people think of them when I walk down the street! I love the platform shoe, tall wedge trend. It's one I love seeing on others and hope to add more of these to my shoe collection!

What do you guys think about the high shoe trend? Do you have any favorites? Or is this just not your cup o' tea? 

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  1. Love them! This type of shoe is my favorite and are so comfortable! I have 2 pair of black ones and wanted to buy a new pair today and wanted to find out exactly what they are called and came by your page! Lovex333


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