Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Work Ramblings

Hello everyone! I'm at m work computer right now. My boss and superviser are away getting lunch whilst I'm stuck here in the office doing nothing. I just thought I'd do a little update, a sort of what's going on in right now post. I have a whole list of posts I want to start writing up for you guys! Hopefully I can get on that as soon as I get home tonight! My drafts are completely empty which is surprising!

Another random thought, I'm thinking of changing this blog's name. I really do love 'Faux Guru' but at some point I think I will tire of calling myself a fakie and I feel weird even associating myself as a guru because I'm just a blogger. I'm thinking of renaming it to something simple. You are all going to do mental face palms right now because I know I want it to have 'mermaid' in it, hahaha! I know, I know ;) But the problem with that is that a lot of the urls are already been taken and by blogs that have been inactive for some time. I'm trying to come up with someting really creative but am having a little trouble. If you guys have any suggestions please throw them my way! :) I hope I can revamp my whole blog quite soon with a new header, sub-headers, pages and the likes! I want it to look fun as well as polished and organized! #OCD

Besides all that my life has been pretty mundane. I'm just going to work, filing papers, and going home to sleep. I can't wait for July as I'll be traveling a lot and it's always fun to leave your home for a bit! I just need a change and next month will have me up and moving almost every day! How are you guys today? I hope you've all been well! I've been enjoying talking to you guys and discovering beautiful new blogs! You all honestly inspire me every day and I just want to end this post by thanking you for that!

Oh boy, boss is back with McDonalds! Until next time :)


  1. blah, i'm at work too. i wish i can escape and go travel too! where are you jet setting too?

    1. work is only fun on the day that lovely check comes in! haha I'm leaving for Boston in the beginning of the month and then Alaska at the end!:)

  2. LOVE the new design and title!


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