Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review: LUSH Cosmetics Twilight Bath Ballistic

Look at this beauty and tell me you aren't in the least bit curious as to what it's beautiful powers are. Twilight bath ballistic by LUSH Cosmetics. In my opinion, the most loved scent by MANY Lushies. I have made friends from just our sheer love of the scent and the product itself. 

For those unfamiliar with what a bath ballistic is, it's a fizzing ball of delightfulness. It foams up in your bath and releases different scents as it swirls, twirls and floats around your tub. Some have different colors drifting inside, others may have different little surprises!

I don't reach for bath bombs very often because I'm more of a bubbles in my bath kind of girl. But when I do I always reach for Twilight. It smells deliciously of lavender oil as well as tonka oil. The two mixed together create this unbelievably calming scent that will leave you napping in your tub for hours.

Twilights foams a pink-ish color and it has bits of bubble bar formula which allows it to slightly bubble up. Inside there's a block of blue bath bomb that shoots out the pink.

They swirl around each other creating almost a galaxy and as the colors mix it turns purple to create a twilight looking bath. Twilight, get it? No vampires involved, haha. There are also little glitters in the blue that create sort of stars in a night sky. LUSH went all out with this bath bomb which is why it's my favorite.

I love using this at night cause the comforting scent helps you doze right to sleep when you're out of the bath and snuggled in bed. I love the scent of this bath bomb so much that I also have it in a perfume.

I highly recommend this product! It is one that I am never without and will cry if LUSH ever chooses to discontinue it! Have you ever tried the Twilight bath ballistic? Which is your favorite LUSH ballistic? 



  1. LUSH has some of the neatest products !
    check out my blog I tagged you

    1. They never cease to amaze me! And WOWZA. Thank you so much! :) I really appreciate the tag, especially one like that! :D

  2. Oh my goodness, these pictures are gorgeous!! I took one and put it on tumblr with you as the credit. Gah! xxx

    1. I was wondering if that one was mine or not! Haha! Thanks girlie <3

  3. Hope i only loved this awesome twilight bath bomb. You can get more idea here for this lush products.


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