Friday, October 24, 2014

Update: Back to my Happy Place

This is SO strange, and buy 'this' I mean sitting down to type up a post.

*waves* Hi, guys! Let's cut to the chase because I think I may have more to say than I think I do. I haven't blogged in AGES- almost two months, which doesn't sound as long as it seems, but it is. I came back from Disney World and then BOOM - classes begun once again and I was determined to do well this semester. Not only that but my blog was slowly starting to stop being my happy place. No matter how many times you can read "it's not about the numbers," I was sub-consciously being consumed by page views, post views, amount of comments, and of course, how many people were following me. I was constantly comparing myself to other blogs and, seriously, no matter how many times they say "don't do it!" you just can't help it. So no more of that. 

I started blogging at a point in my life where I needed a place to talk about and connect with a few people who loved something as much as I did. At this point, I need my little space on the inter webs back more than ever. Make up is a creative outlet that just makes me happy and relaxes me. I'm also quite good at it, and I've never been a person to think they had talent in something, but with make up, I think I have some chops. I'm still in school and it's becoming harder and harder to stay focused when it feels as though everyone else around me is working towards something and I'm just there for a degree- in and out. I've talked with my mom and we've agreed that once I'm done getting my Bachelors, I'm going off to make up school to do what I love and something I can get better at. Having this realization kind of sorted out all the messy puzzle pieces of my future and I feel like the puzzle of my life is slowly starting to put itself together, at least for now. 

I want to get back in the swing of things of my hobby. I miss it. I love doing it and it's not something I've ever wanted to be more than that. From now on, I'm getting back to that- blogging for me and those that want to come along. Stay tuned for make up, favorites, inspired and creative makeup looks, life, and whatever else I fancy!

See ya later! ;)


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