Friday, November 15, 2013

Aurora | Once Upon A Dream

Happy Friday, to all! It's been a while, but I'm finally back with my Disney Princess series! I've been sick all week, but it's been far too long and I needed to get back in the swing of this series! If you're new to my blog (there are a few newbies, so hello!) my Disney Princess series is basically a series in which I take inspiration from one Disney princess and create an eye/makeup look! I've already done six other princesses Snow WhiteRapunzelKidaBelleCinderella, and Ariel, so make sure to check those out by clicking on each respective princess! Today is the seventh installment and I bring to you Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. I'll be honest, this is the princess I had a hard time with finding inspiration. I really loved the concept of the "make it pink, make it blue" when the fairies were fighting over the color of Aurora's dress, but I couldn't find a way to make it not seem like a baby shower on my eyes. I wasn't very inspired by Aurora and all I could think was natural, natural, natural because she's a probably the most natural beauty. So I took the theme of natural and actually ended up using blushers as eyeshadows to create a pretty pink gradient. My sister said it looked like my Rapunzel look, but I think this one is more subdued and natural (*take a shot every time I say natural) I really like it and can actually see myself wearing this to work, sans the glitter of course, haha. I may redo her one day, although I am quite pleased with the finished look ... and the tiara ;D Here's what I used:

On the eyes:
  • Urban Decay Anti-Aging Primer Potion
  • Urban Decay Venus Eyeshadow
  • NARS Devotee Blush
  • NARS Devotee Blush
  • NARS Mistinguette Blush
  • NARS Goulue Blush
  • Urban Decay Mushroom Eyeshadow
  • Lit Cosmetics California Soul Glitter
  • ULTA Automatic Eye Liner in Raisin
  • YSL Badydoll Mascara
On the face
  • NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
  • NARS Mistinguette Blush/Benefit Devotee Blush
  • Benefit gimmeBrows Brow Gel
  • MAC Venus Lipstick
Which Disney Princess inspires you the most?


  1. You look so beautiful, I love the glitter on your lower lash line <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. Ahh you stunnerrrr! :) I also really struggled with Aurora, I've done her three times and STILL want to do a 4.0 look lol! She's really tough to do, pinks aren't my colour anyway. You really pulled it off though, hit the nail on the head :)

  3. You are so so pretty. I love the glitter and the tiara
    Beth x

  4. Love the glitter detail! Gorgeous look.

  5. Ooh I love this eye look! Pinks, sparkles and neutrals are my favourites and this looks so wearable! xx

  6. Super, super pretty. I love the glitter on the lower lash line and how you were creative in using blushes as eyeshadow :) Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Beautiful!!!! Love the glitter underneath. Tiara! cute!


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