Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bright FOTD & My Latest Accessories

Gah, my shnozz is so profoundly Jewish sometimes it hurts me. Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday to you all, although my Tuesday's aren't quite so jolly as I'm in class from 8 AM - 5:30 PM. Fun times, but seriously, never hire me to create your school schedule. You will hate me forever. Today I thought I'd post a little FOTD for you all. Yesterday was my first time out of the house since Thursday (aside from having to go to the hospital/orthopedics) On Thursday, last week, I was riding my new Penny Board and being a little cocky I ended up flying over a speed bump, off my board, and straight onto my ankle. It's sprained pretty good and now I've got some groovy new accesories to add to my daily wear; crutchs and a big ol' ugly boot. I've already swapped the boot for a sturdy ankle wrap. It's gotten a bit better but it's still quite bruised (and by quite, I mean super bruised) and a little hard to walk on so I'm still in need of crutches. They're quite embarassing. I don't enjoy the attention that comes with hopping from class to class and building to building. Makes me want to hide away in a shell like a turtle. 

Anyway, I think I've digressed a bit. Yesterday I ended up going out with my mom to go and get my ankle wrap before we went to see my sister model on the catwalk at a Prom Expo. I was gonna be out and about in the public eye, wobbling around on crutches, so I wasn't about to miss the oprrotunity to wear some make up. I kept the face make up simple with the Urban Decay Naked Beauty Balm as a base. Then Rimmel's Wake Me Up Concealer, under my eyes and on a few spots. I set all of that with Rimmel's Stay Matte Transluscent Powder. For cheeks I whipped out my handy dandy NARS One Night Stand Blush Palette and used Goulue on the apples of my cheeks. I added a bit of highlight to the tops of my cheeks with MAC's Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish. I also patted some of that onto my eyelids. For eyes, I used Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Liner in black to line my eyes and gave them little flicks for a teeny weeny cat eye. Hooray, because they came out even :D Lastly, the piece de resistance, as without many of my looks, the lipstick. I pulled out MAC's Candy Yum Yum because the weather outside was starting to feel like spring and I wanted to embrace it whilst it was here!

So that's it for my FOTD and my little update on what's been going on in my life, haha. I'm really looking forward to the warm weather but it's such a shame that I'm gonna spend most of it in doors. Oh well, spring is on it's way, I'm healing, and that's all that matters. Hope you guys are experiencing similarly beautiful weather!


  1. Desperate to try the Stila liquid liner, heard its amazing! Hope your ankle gets better :)

  2. That first line got me chuckling.... Oh man, you're great:) and even though you hurt your ankle penny boarding, I STILL WANT ONE<3

    p.s. please don't stop blogging! I love your blog and your personality so much!

  3. Oh no Jess I'm so sorry you hurt your ankle!! I remember when I had to wear a big black boot like that around campus a couple/few years ago… I think for a couple of months? It was awful and really does make you self-conscious! Anyways at least you're a lovely girl so that may be the reason why people are staring anyways ;) Much love!!!!


  4. I hope you feel better! Your make up looks great! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  5. oh dang! Hope things get easier for you!! Lovely look though :)


  6. You look beautiful, Jess!

    This is a serious problem though. Whenever I visit your blog and keep browsing through your most recent posts I'm shocked that you've posted because they NEVER show up on my Bloglovin' feed. And this happens every time I sporadically visit The Mod Mermaid. I'm like "What's all this??? This was never on my feed" I just assume you haven't posted in a while because I've been following you for MONTHS (year+?) and I rarely ever see you posts on my BL feed anymore. D: And I don't think I miss them because sometimes I reach the end of my feed. This is a serious problem! Have I told you about this before? I don't know. I guess I'll have to check everyday manually or you'll have to tweet me whenever you post :D Haha

  7. Oh no, I don't like your new accessories! But I do like your lipstick! I have it myself, I just haven't worn it yet. I hope it will suit me, because on you, it looks AMAZING!

  8. Looking gorgeous dear. Loved your blog. Get well soon <3
    Greetings from:-


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