Monday, September 1, 2014

Florida | Universal Studios + Islands of Adventure

So on our last day in Orlando, we didn't go to a Disney themed park, only because, besides Disney, I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd. There was no way I was missing out on the glory that was going to be Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express (although I did end up missing out on the former, BOO HOO D:) Anyways, my dad so graciously agreed to get, not just the 2-Park Admission, but VIP Express so we can run through both parks without having to wait on the lines. We started in Islands of Adventure working our way through Marvel SuperHero Island and having quite a long stop at Toon Lagoon. First we got soaked at the Congo rapids style Popeye ride, so we thought we should absolutely follow it up on the Ripsaw Falls, where we got absolutely drenched. I think I saw water in the shape of a fist just smack the whole of the left side of my body. It looked like I had just gone for a swim. So of course we had to spend a nice amount of time drying off and no way did we want to spend $5 for a drying service, haha! Good thing we managed to take photos before all the water madness, otherwise we would have looked like wet dogs in all those photos, haha.
THE most refreshing strawberry and lemon slush to have ever existed in the entirety of the world. They only had it at the Marvel Superhero Island so I couldn't get another once it was finished. Also, a worker at the park made me throw it out because I couldn't get on a water ride with a drink. Of course, I hid it and she was right pissed when she saw me emerge off the ride to retrieve it, haha! 
I feel like this is an omen in a picture. Seriously, the detail in all these parks is amazing and so fun. We could have snapped pictures there all day!
BEFORE THE STORM ... the ride that had me lying flat on scorching hot benches afterwards just to dry off, haha
After spending the amount of time that we did at Toon Lagoon, I was like "forget Jurassic Park" (I know, terrible, but they had another water ride there that no one was fit to go on anyway) We rushed through Jurassic Park and *angels sing* we were at Hogsmeade. I always walk through the grounds super star struck, as does my dad. The detail is just impeccable which, it turns out, if you're not the biggest Harry Potter nerd, you can still totally appreciate. I was super excited to get on the Hogwarts Express, which was quite magical, but a little tarnished by a small family who had children that wanted to hog both sides of our small compartment. There was plenty of room for them to fit on one side, but of course, their parents said NOTHING and I didn't either, but, there you go. When we finally arrived at King's Cross Station we had a traveler with us, I won't say who, but she way quite cross herself. So I couldn't totally appreciate where we were. Plus, we couldn't, for the life of us, find Diagon Alley. We were walking around like angry chickens with their heads cut off.
Luckily (LOL), Anthony happened to also be at Universal with his family so we met up and he showed us the majesty that was Diagon Alley. Super clever and creative way to hide this park, but dang, I wish there were some signs! Again, didn't get to spend too much time here (or any at all) but I managed to snap a picture and quickly pick up a Hufflepuff lanyard to proudly house my express pass. We ended up meeting up with Anthony's family and riding through a good chunk of the attractions at Universal, one being the Hollywood Rip Ride RockIt roller coaster, which was a blast (and got stuck, haha!) After that, my dad, sister, and I were super hungry having not eaten any lunch or dinner yet, so we took the trek through the rest of Universal, City Walk and back through Islands of Adventure to end our day at The Three Broomsticks. It was a trek, but so worth it because the food there is delicious and portions are monstrous. Plus, I ended the day with my very first Butterbeer, which tastes surprisingly delicious and refreshing!
So that's it folks. My small Disney vacation that just has me itching to go back very, very soon. Especially to fully immerse myself in all that is Diagon Alley, and also spend more time at Downtown Disney, which I went to for the first time this year but of course, right before they were closing. I hope you guys enjoyed these posts. I have one more Disney post left in me that I'm almost certain you guy will enjoy seeing/reading. After that, it's back to life and beauty reality!


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