Saturday, August 30, 2014

Florida | Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

So there were two things that really made my day in Magic Kingdom. Super-awesome-sequined Minnie Mouse ears and running into my boyfriend on the edge of Main Street. Magic Kingdom is my favorite from all the parks. My dad would say it was designed mostly for smaller children and I would say that it's the one filled with the most magic. I had my Minnie ears at the ready and practically skipped through the entrance of the park. Anthony (the man friend) was on a separate vacation with his family in Florida but we somehow ended up going to Disney on the same day. I was so happy because we got to take a picture by the castle together, which okay, was totally wicked and is now probably my favorite picture of us (as well as my desktop screen saver and iPhone background. Yeah, I'm that Disney obsessed girlfriend, haha!) 

We made it onto most of the rides and attractions excluding the really long lines for the more small rides (I'm looking at you Peter Pan) My dad kept stopping for a smoke break every five feet and on one break we ended up near the back entrance of Cinderella's castle, which, if you don't know, is where the Bibbidi Bobbity Bootique is. YOU KNOW, I already have plans of taking my future daughter there since I am too old to partake in the princess festivities. BUT, I really want to thank one of the fairy god mothers in training there. My sister and I were standing by the entrance just admiring the costumes and little girl's running around with super sparkly hair when one of them approached us asking if we had any questions. I politely told her "no" and that I was just admiring the "pixie dust" and in 1.5 seconds she was asking me IF I WOULD LIKE SOME PIXIE DUST. 20 seconds later and the fairy god mother in training was waving a wand full of glitter over my head. I proceeded to spend the rest of the day with a crap ton of glitter in my hair, but mostly on my chest. It was absolutely magical, haha!
We caught the end of this show and I couldn't tell if there was sweat rolling down from my forehead into my eyes or if I was crying. All the shows in Magic Kingdom always get to me.
We found Rapunzel's castle (a princess with which my sister is obsessed with) and I found it hilarious that it was the entrance to the bathrooms, haha!
LOVE this ride and the wait was 10 minutes which is a rare feat. My dad hated it, haha, but I feel like you can't go to Magic Kingdom and not get on this ride.
Cheesing next to the newly opened Voyage of the Little Mermaid. It was such an enjoyable ride through the story of The Little Mermaid.
PURE MAGIC. Both these photos. Ugh, the fireworks mesmerize me, without fail every time I go here and I got to watch them with Anthony, which, since I'm a super sap, made me want to cry with pure happiness. I already had him promise me that we'll come back together in at least 5 years.
*sigh* TAKE ME BACK.
Last stop, Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure ...


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