Friday, August 15, 2014

YSL Volupté Sheer Candy || Cool Guava

Normally I'm the kind of girl that always opts for a bold lip color. I usually don't see the point of applying a sheer lip color when it'll just feel like nothing is there. Well, somehow this YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in Cool Guava has found it's way into my top 3 most used lipsticks. Yup, this sheer baby pink color is a firm, firm favorite of mine to don' almost daily. Like said, Cool Guava is a baby pink color that leans a little towards the bluer spectrum of pink with maybe some mid tones of yellow. Basically, it's a cooler shade of pink is what I'm getting at. It's a super smooth formulation and a sheer wash of color. You can def. build up the intensity of the color by swiping over your lips a few extra times, but remember, it'll stay sheer and just give the color a little more brightness. The YSL Sheer Candy gives your lips a nice and fresh tint while adding some natural looking glossy shine. The color lasts for maybe 2 hours before it starts to fade into nothingness, but the formula is so moisturizing that you can apply it over top without fear of clumping the product. Also, since it's a sheer pigmentation, you don't have to worry about being precise and can genuinely apply this on the go by using the tiny reflective cap as a mirror. 

It goes without saying that the YSL packaging is a stunner. The silver tube with the color of the product in the middle accented with the gold logo is just spectacular to behold. It also goes without saying that this product is pretty expensive. I was lucky enough to have received a gift card from my sister on my birthday a few months ago that I got to use on this $34 gem. Would I have bought this product without one? If I had noticed it, probably! I'm so happy to have this lipstick in my collection. Some days, I just need that bright yet light and subtle wash of color; something simple to get me through the day.  Cool Guava has permanent residence in my handbag and I find myself popping it on all the time!
Have you ever tried any of YSL's Sheer Candy lipsticks?
What are your thoughts on sheer lipstick?


  1. You can't beat YSL for lippies, I love this colour! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  2. I've wanted one of these lippies for so long, and the packaging really is gorgeous. I'm going to have to treat myself to a shade soon, I love the look of this one! x


  3. gorgeous shade! it looks really nice on you!

  4. That colour is simply beautiful! The packaging looks simply gorgeous.. Nice blog post :)

  5. Ohh what a gorgeous colour! I love sheer lip colours so I'll have to have a look at the range for sure! xo

  6. Jealous! I look at these every time I'm in Sephora. It's kind of a perfect pink, isn't it!
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