Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lit Cosmetic Glitters || Review & Swatches

No surprise here, I'm obsessed with glitter. How can this mermaid not be? It's colorful, reflects light, and is just oh so, shiny. I've tried tons of glitters in hopes of being able to incorporate them into my make up routines or just for fun make up looks that my imagination creates. Never though, have I come across a brand that is as brilliant as Lit Cosmetics. They are, bar none, my absolute favorite destination for all things glitter. The variety of sizes and colors is just incredible. There's a glitter for anyone and everyone. I cannot fault them of a single thing. They make glitter fun and, best of all, wearable. 

On my last two trips to IMATS in New York, I've stopped at their booth. The first year because I was like "OMG, GLITTAH" where I picked up six glitters (crazy, but that booth is seriously mesmerizing) The second year I wasn't planning on stopping by the booth in fear that I'd buy more but that's where Andrea and Coco decided I should meet up with them. When I saw their hands swatched with glitters I went into a frenzy, caved, and bought three more glitters. I have no intention of skipping the Lit Cosmetics booth next year!

One of the biggest perks of the Lit Cosmetic glitters is that there is virtually no fall out thanks to their Liquid Glitter Base. You just dip your brush into the liquid, dab off the excess, pick up the glitter and apply. You can pat it on for a more concentrated application or sweep it on to have it dispersed. The only time I ever seem to get fall out on my face is when I haven't used enough of the liquid and that's to be expected because then I'm just applying a dry product with no base to adhere to. Learning what's the right amount takes a little bit of practice and by 'a little bit' I mean like .5 seconds of actually using it. Super simple! Once the glitter is on there, it's staying there and lasts throughout the day without flaking off or fading. The sparkle lasts you the whole time you choose to wear it. I've placed the glitters on the inner corners, outer corners, upper and lower lash lines, and haven't found it to irritate my eyes, which is saying something because they're quite sensitive.

As for removal, it's a breeze. If you've ever worked with glitter before you'll know that sometimes it takes a special kind of make up remover to really get the job done but not with these. This glitter comes off with ease wether I'm using an oil, Bioderma, or even a good ol' make up wipe. It comes right off and doesn't scratch your eyes or face in the process, which is a big problem I had with some glitters in the past. It may take a little extra time to remove the glitter as some of it might slide to your cheeks or forehead in the process, but nothing that can't then be washed away whilst you cleanse your face.

The Lit Cosmetic Glitters
(side note: the size numbers refer to how big or small the glitters are cut)
  • Peacock (Size #2) is a blue/green glitter that applies like a sparkly pigment. It reminded me of the ocean and mermaids, so it was a must have.
  • Cowgirl (Size #2) is a coppery brown with tiny gold flecks that also applies like it's a sparkly pigment. 
  • Soul Sister (Size #3) is a dark greenish glitter that reflects different shades of golds, coppers, and browns.
  • Nightlife (Size #3) is a black glitter that's reflects greens, reds, blues, and purples. It looks like a night club in a pot.
  • California Soul (Size #3) is a bright pink that's reflects lighter pinks and bright golds.  
  • Margarita (Size #3) is a white glitter that reflects blues and greens. I freakin' LOVE this glitter.
  • Champagne Wishes (Size #2) is a neutral, golden champagne glitter with flecks of clear multi colored glitters.
  • Wonder Woman (Size #2) is a blue and fuchsia glitter and also applies like a sparkly pigment. It pulls majorly towards the blue when applied but you can see the fuchsia underneath which helps make the blue more vibrant and gives it a tinge of purple.
  • Goober Grape (Size #3) is a light purple, sort of lavender glitter, with possibly the cutest name for a glitter, like ever.
In honor of finally going through and reviewing my favorite glitters, I've decided to create six different looks using these glitters and I'm going to be posting one each day for the rest of this week. I really wanted to show you guys what these glitters look like in action. They really fuel the imagination and add a little pizazz to already great make up looks. I had a lot of fun coming up with ideas and getting more use of these gorgeous babes! Once the week is over, I'll link them all in this post in case you're viewing this later!

You can find and order Lit Cosmetics glitters on their website They're each $12.95 and shipping is a standard $10. Unless you're ordering a bunch I'm not sure if the shipping is worth it. Like said, I got mine at IMATS and I think they exhibit at a majority of them. They offer great discounts at conventions like this and I don't have to pay for shipping. Additionally, they now sell a few 'starter packs' that you can find at Sephora, in store and online. There isn't a huge variety of colors but the ones they do have are gorgeous and they also come with a small bottle of the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base, as well as a small brush. It'd be a great way to dip your toe into the world of Lit. 

IN CONCLUSION (you're a peach if you've made it this far) if you're a fan of glitter or want to be, Lit Cosmetics is the way to go. It'll be love at first sparkle! 
Have you tried any Lit Cosmetic glitters?
Which are your favorite?
Which would you love to try?


  1. These look amazing! I'd love to see how you'd use them in a makeup look! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

    1. Aren't they? Stay tuned for the rest of the week! I've created six different looks :)

  2. AHHHHHHH, Goober Grape and Peacock <3 It's going to take a lot of self restraint to not buy all of these!

  3. Ooh, gorgeous! I don't play with glitter nearly often enough. These shades are amazing :)



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