Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Don't worry, I saw this on Pinterest

I made a promise that when I went back to blogging that I wouldn't just post about beauty bits and bobs exclusively and that I would make more of an effort to spice things up and add some lifestyle and fashion posts (at which I am just failing, haha) So I thought I'd share about a little diddy that's been absolutely consuming my life and that is Pinterest. It's nothing new to most of you and a majority of you are probably over your "SUPAH OBSESSED. MUST PIN ALL ZA THINGS" phase but boy oh boy am I just getting started. 

It's the perfect thing for me really. A way to organize all the pretty things, and oh my do I enjoy organization and the pretty things. It's also a super cool way for me to take all the imaginary trips and events and interior designs that I make up in my head and make them somewhat of a reality on some space of the internet. It's a good place to find things you'd never find or know about had you not been on Pinterest. In honor of this obsession (why it needs to be honored, I'll never know, seems like I need to see a therapist is more like it) I thought I'd share three of my own favorite boards. Also, if you'd like to follow me on Pinterest (you'd be a peach if you did) you can click here.
HA! I feel like everyone has a wedding pinterest board, which seemed rather cute until I started becoming obsessed with my own and proceeded to share my pins with my boyfriend, haha. I'm seriously laughing right now writing about this. I'm not ashamed of it. It's the sort of tools I would have liked to have as a little girl when I was pretending to plan my wedding. All my visions and ideas are now pictures all neatly folded into this little 'Happily Ever After' board. Sure it makes me seem a bit crazy since I'm not actually getting married any time soon, but everyone else is doing it so it's cool, right? ;)
Ah, a not so crazy Pinterest board. My 'Roomspiration' board is just that, a place to put all the design and trinket ideas for a new room. I'm genuinely thinking about redecorating my room to make it a much brighter and more efficient space to work and be in. I like the white walls and furniture so I can add small pops of pastel colors here and there. The shelves make a much neater and more inspiring organization. It's going to take some convincing with my mom since there's currently furniture in here that she can't bear to toss, but I've had this room the same way since I was 9- I think it's time for an upgrade. When that day comes and she is convinced, this board will be super handy for instant ideas!
Who doesn't love a travel board? I'm a wanderlust fiend and seeing all these gorgeous pictures of cities and beaches just fuels that lust. My current obsession is the Maldives with the breathtaking ocean huts and the water that glows like stars at night. It's safe to say that I can't wait to drag Anthony out here one day in the future. It would be too romantic for me to handle. I'm about to start adding photos and ideas for Mexico because that's where we (mostly I) want to go for Spring Break next year. PARTY!

What's your favorite type of Pinterest board?
Are you as obsessed as I am?
Leave your Pinterest links in the comments so I can follow. I seriously follow everyone because you just can't have a bad Pinterest board, haha!

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