Thursday, April 19, 2012

Retail Therapy: NYC IMATS 2012

Walking into IMATS, for any beauty enthusiast (professionals and amateurs alike), is like walking into a candy store. All of the various companies set up so nicely ready for you to 'ooh' and 'ahh' at their latest and greatest. They pull you in with colors set out so you can go forth and play. I was no exception to this clever trap.

I'd like to think that I picked up a nice amount of things at IMATS; nothing more than what I came there to get. But I can assure you all that next year my wallet with loathe me.

Naked pigments

  1. NYX Cosmetics
    • 4 single panned eyeshadows (Light Green, Lanikai, Hot Pink, and Lagoon Sparkle)
    • Cream blush in Glow
    • Powder blush in Terra Cotta
    • Aqua Shimmer eye liner
    • Roll on Shimmer Green
  2. Kandy Cosmetics
    • Liquid Sugar
    • 3 eye glitters (Chiclet, Tiny Tart, and Peach Fizz)
  3. Naked Cosmetics
    • Tropical pigment stack
This entire haul set me back about $100 which is CAH-RAZY considering I was ready to spend about $300. The prices were insanely low and I know, knowing that, I will go insane next time. I'll be sure to review and swatch them as I begin to use them! 


  1. You got great stuff! I cant wait to go to LA IMATS! Im a tot makeup junkie ! Check out my blog(:

    1. So jealous you're going to LA IMATS! It's absolutely brilliant and you're gonna love it!


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