Monday, April 23, 2012

Review: Sephora Collection Mermaid to Order

Have any of you ever bought a product because you were so in love with the name? Regardless of if you were ever going to use it or not? Well this polish was one of those for me. The name of this Sephora by O.P.I. nail lacquer is Mermaid to Order. I love anything to do with mermaids so I was sold on this before even seeing the swatch. Although the name does do it a lot of justice.

with flash

Mermaid to Order is a gorgeous metallic, predominantly blue, based teal. In the bottle there's almost a duo chrome of green to it that reminds you of the sea right before night falls. The consistency is like most of the O.P.I. nail lacquers that I have tried which is really good. Two coats will get it to a nice opaque and shimmering color. It really does look like scales of a mermaids tail!

without flash

The only thing that I can see being of an issue for some is that this nail polish does streak. But this color is truly beautiful for the summertime and looks especially amazing in the sunlight!

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