Saturday, April 21, 2012

Review: NARS Mediterranee

NARS eyeshadow duos are notorious for either being a total hit or a total miss. My take on this is that you've got to LOVE both colors or it's going to seem like it has fallen short. I have blue eyes and I know that what compliments blue is orange. Since oranges and corals are in, I've been dying to find an brilliant orange that I'd want to wear forever. Originally I had planned on looking at MAC Rule or MAC Orange but the orange in this duo caught my eye before I even got the chance to look at the former. 

I had only swatched the Orange when I knew I had to have it. The NARS duos retail for $34 dollars which isn't a steal, but it's not a total bust. The NARS Mediterranee duo comes with a very light, almost  peachy, shimmering orange and then a true, albeit slightly on the deeper side, orange. The color pay off of the lighter shade is slightly sheer, while the orange shade swatches like a charm. I can honestly tell you guys that I was about to buy this duo (the $34) without even looking at the other shade. But these two colors can be paired so well together and with other colors that I'm glad I gave it a glance ;) The few times I've used the duo together I put the lighter shade on 3/4 of the lid and then the orange shade on the outer V and a little in the crease. It's subtle and effortless. It's a very fresh, summery look that I think would look great on anyone. These colors really blend well and I think this is one of those knock out duos that NARS has created.

If you've got baby blues or are just loving the orange/coral trend, I'd highly recommend you give this duo a try!


  1. Omg soooo pretty! I just got my first nars duo in March(in Alahambra) and I really love it. I have been loving orangey coral shades so I might have to pic this one up(:

    1. Definitely check it out! It'll carry on so nicely into the fall season too!


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