Monday, September 3, 2012

Fragrance Review: LUSH's 25:43

Let's play the game Never Have I Ever! Alright, let's go... Never have I ever been so in love with a perfume. Well that's not true. I've been in love with many. So let's just say this is at the tippity top of the list of fragrances that I love! It is LUSH Cosmetic's 25:43 perfume that came out for their Valentine's Day Holiday line this past year. It's a very peculiar scent. You'll sniff it once and raise an eyebrow, sniff it once more and fall in love. Which is quite funny because this scent was created for Mark Constantine's (one of the founders of LUSH) son Simon's wedding day. The scent is sweet and then zesty. I know, trying to get your nose to even comprehend both smells at once is a bit of a stretch. Usually tonka is a smell I am in love with and this, no surprise, is a note in the perfume. The LUSH website states that there's also notes of lemongrass, vanilla, and ylang ylang to make it light and clean! It's a very personal sort of scent. It'll depend on your wittle nostrils as to wether or not you'll like this scent. I keep it in my bag all the time and spray every day when I feel I need a pick me up smell! This was supposed to be a limited edition scent but somehow it's still on the website and in stores, so who knows? If I've managed to intrigue you then scurry along to your LUSH and take a whiff!

If you've ever taken a sniff of this perfume, what did you think? I've known people to either love it or hate it. Would love to hear your opinions! And also, what are you favorite perfumes? Aside from this one I love Escada Taj Sunset but I can't find it anywhere. BOO!


  1. I never got to try this :( I don't even remember seeing it in our store! I really want the Imogen Rose solid perfume they sell. I always mean to buy it and then forget, but someday! It smells so lovely after you put it on and wear it for a while. My favourite at the minute is Angel :) x

  2. I haven't sniffed it yet! But I bet the scent is as peculiar as its name :) xx


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