Friday, November 9, 2012

Woah, Hiatus!

Hey everyone! A little bit of explaining is in order. My blog hasn't seen an update in content in about a week. Hurricane Sandy seems to have left a bigger impact on me than I would have thought. I am not living at my home as there is no power and it is absolutely frigidly cold in there. I'm living with my mom's friend for the past two weeks which is nice but it's not home. I haven't updated this blog because of a few reasons 

a.) I've been physically/emotionally drained
b.) College sucks and like's to rear its ugly head at inapropro times (re: too much work)
c.) I haven't been able to take pictures of products to review

I do have three reviews worth of pictures on my computer, but they're all knew products and I haven't been able to even test them out, except for one. So hopefully, by tonight there shall be a new review for you guys to read! 

Also, a huge hello to lovely new followers! You all seem to like my blog better when I'm not talking every day, haha! Just teasing :) I hope you all (old and new) understand that time's are a bit sticky at the moment for me which is why content is lacking. Hopefully things go back to normal soon (we were promised power by the end of the day *fingers crossed) before I go completely mental without some normalcy back. And no college isn't normalcy, it's insanity haha! 

I hope you are all doing so well and have a fantastic weekend!

Oh P.S. - I got hired as a seasonal hire at Bath & Body Works #hoorayforsoap ! :D


  1. Don't feel like you need to apologize! Blog when you can! Were be here waiting!! :)

    Adele xx

  2. Aw don't apoligize, we totally understand! I hope you come back soon because I love your blog, though!

  3. No need to apologise! I think Sandy had a bigger impact then a lot of people across the world imagined. I hope things get back to normal as fast as possible.

    Also congratulations on the job! I bet it's a lovely place to work, I wish we had some over here in the UK.

    Charlotte xo

  4. That really sucks, hope everythings back to normal for you soon :) don't worry about the blog I'm sure everyone understands!

  5. That must be so horrible not being in your own home! I really hope you get your power back today. Congratulations on getting a job in B&BW. I would actually never make any money if I worked there, it would all be spent before I'd even walked out the door! By the way, if you need anything, I can post anything you want over to you! It hasn't been on the news as much so I'm not sure what it's like right now x

  6. Hope you and your family are okay, what a horrible situation to be in! Absolutely love your blog, followed! I really hope things get back to normal for you soon xoxoxo


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