Monday, June 3, 2013

May Favorites

Is May really over? I mean finally over?! I don't know about you but May dragged on and on for me! I can't believe that so much has happened in just 31 days! As per usual, with the end of each month, beauty gals look back and reflect on the products that tickled out fancy in the past month. Me, well I get a headache trying to remember what exactly were my favorites! Was it this month? Or April? No wait, I didn't use that in May! LOL, I hope I'm not the only one who goes through that when 'Favorites' time approaches. My make up routine didn't change much this month as I've been pretty happy with my set routine. But there are some fun new things that I wanted to share with you all that, if I'm honest, I've been loving for the past two weeks! 

  • Urban Decay Naked Basics | I sound like a broken record every time I include this in my favorites posts/videos and talk about how great it is! I have a full rave review over here if you'd like to hear my thoughts on it!
  • MAC Let's Skate Paint Pot | I've been loving using this as a primer. The staying power is great but this one adds a little bit of sparkle! I've written a full review with swatches here
  • Beauty Blender | I'm planning on writing a RAVE review like no other on this amazing sponge. In the video you can hear my excitement and that's just a taste of how much I love it. It is the absolute best tool I've ever used to apply my foundation. 
Those are just a few of my favorites, there's a few extra makeup, hair, fashion and nail bits that I talk about in my video! Stay tuned till the end to see a seriously awesome favorite of the month! I'm so glad it's June and that Summer is "technically" here! I want the warm weather, beaches, pools, and maybe get a little color, although I always seem to get red instead of gold. The one thing I'm not looking forward to is cicadas. I saw a bunch dead on the street on a walk to the train and almost peed myself right then and there. Not something you wanted to picture, I'm sure, but seeing a battlefield of cicadas is something I didn't want to picture! Eek!

What were some of your favorites for May?


  1. Whoop whoop!! Off to watch the vidayo now; from the look of the products it's going to be a good roundup :D


  2. I cannot explain my jealousy over your Barry M polishes!! I want them so bad!! I;m doing a box swap with a UK blogger though so hopefully I can get her to include those :) What are the purple, orange, and green ones called? I think I'm going to ask for those xx

    1. I feel you, trust me, I do! I wanted them so bad that it hurt sometimes, which is so overdramatic, but they're amazing! Purple is Prickly Pear, Orange is Papaya, and Green is Greenberry! Definitely have her include some of these!

  3. Looks like some great favorites! I'm debating trying the beauty blender - I bought a cheap version of it from Target, but did not like it at all! I know the actual thing would be better, but I'm still holding off!

  4. Great post! Love everything you've mentioned! I have heard so many good things about those beauty blenders and I'm tempted to get one, but I can't see me actually putting it to good use! lol.

    Love your range of Barry M Gelly polishes ;)

    Laura's All Made Up ♥

  5. I love the barry m polishes :D x

  6. I just WANT those nail polishes! So pretty!
    I hate how 3/4 of these products aren't available to in Asia! :(

  7. I've just bought the Let's Skate Paint Pot and it really is a beauty :D look at you and your haul of Gelly polishes. I'm soooo glad you were able to get your hands on them, I know you were dying to have them
    Are my posts showing up for you now lovely? I've had someone tweak it for me, so I'd love to know xxx

    Gemma ♥ |

  8. Those polishes look so pretty! What good picks! i know the feeling it feels like May just sped by.

  9. I've fallen for the Essie nail polishes!

  10. I love the Naked Basics too! I love the way the colors are so natural, but really pigmented! :)

    xoxo aly

  11. Watched the video! Your quite funny :)
    That color of the liner is really nice! I think i'll have to pick up that UD basics palette :)

  12. I really need to try the beauty blender, I keep forgetting :)

  13. What a nice friend sending you those nail polishes! ;) Okay, so now you have definitely made me want a beauty blender. I've always been put off by the price as well, because really, it's so expensive for such a small piece of sponge! I'll trust you though and order one on my next pay day! I'm jealous of your hot weather. We had sun all last week and it was amazing, but I'm pretty sure that's our Summer over now! :( x


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