Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall In Love ❧ Tag

ANOTHER TAG, JESSICA? Have you lost your marbles? In my defense, this was supposed to come before yesterday's Crazy About Lipstick tag. I've been out of the YouTube sphere for a while now ... almost a month with only one video. So I thought the best way to really jump back into my videos is a tag video about my most favorite-est season in the entire world! I was tagged by Sandra from SBeauty101 (The Puzzle of Sandra's Life here on blogger) to do the 'Fall In Love' tag, which is the cutest play on words that I ever did see. It looked like heaps of fun (tags usually are, haha) and my love for the autumn season is clearly apparent in this video. Oh, and it's officially October and what I perfect way to welcome a new month that is almost the epitome of Fall! Sit back, relax, grab some apple cider, and I hope you enjoy! I promise my next tag video won't be for quite some time ;D

What's your favorite thing about fall/autumn?

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