Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Makeup & Me

Today I've got a fun tag video in store for you all - the "My Makeup & Me Tag" I was tagged by the wonderfully charming Cassie who is ThriftThick on YouTube. If you have know idea who I am talking about then you are seriously missing out. She is just so relatable and hysterically funny - seriously ... she cracked open a bottle of Corona in the middle of one of her videos and I lost it! This tag was originally created by Jen from Jenluvsreviews. You might remember her as the one who was hosting the Best in Beauty competition. She created this tag for the 6th round of the contest but that doesn't mean the tag has to stop there! This is the first video I've done that I've actually been tagged to do. It was a glorious feeling! I was so happy to get to do this tag and I tagged some lovely ol' Best In Beauty veterans ;) I talk about how I got into beauty, why I started my YouTube channel, and basically what I want to get out of creating these videos for you all! I hope you guys enjoy, and as always I tag all of YOU!! (if you want to) to go ahead and do this tag! Make sure you link it to me so I can see what you had to say :)

Let me know what you think!


  1. You're such a natural in front of the camera and deserve way more subscribers! Great video!

    Bea xx

    1. Thank you so much - that's really sweet of you to say :)


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