Thursday, August 15, 2013

INGLOT Eyeshadows & Freedom System

Happy Thursday, everyone! Hope you're all having a fan-dabby-dosey of a week. I'm finally back from my trip to Canadia (that's not a typo, I really do call it Ca-nay-diya) It was a really great trip that I think I'm going to do a post on with some pictures for anyone who would like to see. I did manage to pick up some beauty-related things whilst I was there (some that you can't get your hands on in the US) and I think I'll have a haul of that up quite soon. In the meantime, today I'm going to share with you a fantastic brand of eyeshadows that you no doubt have already heard about, and if not woah, mama get ready. I can't even remember how I was introduced to the INGLOT brand in general, but I do know that it was love at first sight. My favorite thing about INGLOT is their Freedom System. This Freedom System lets you choose from an assortment of different sizes and styles of palettes and a gigantic array of eyeshadows - in practically any color and finish you can imagine. You get to pick and choose which palette you want and want colors go inside, which is awesome! 

Every eyeshadow I've tried or bought is extremely pigmented - one gentle touch to the powder and your finger is left opaque with color. The shadows are smooth, easy to work, and blend able. Some are really buttery to the touch like the Pearl finishes and some are a bit stiffer, but that has no indication of quality because they all perform so well! The INGLOT shadows aren't labeled by name - they are labeled by number and finish, which makes it really hard to remember them when they're stuck in your pan or even go searching for one. It's a bummer, but if you right them down on the back or on a sheet of paper it shouldn't be a problem! Now this impeccable quality must come with an impeccable price tag, yeah? NOPE! INGLOT eyeshadows are $6 for the pan and you're getting about .08 - .11 oz of product (depending on the finish)! A MAC shadow only has about .05 oz. They're super affordable and there's absolutely no skimping on quality of the shadow. You're def. not settling and you won't find yourself saying "that's amazing for a $6 shadow" They are just incredible shadows, overall!

The eyeshadows and palettes are magnetic (super strong magnets) which is great because they'll never pop out and not so great because they usually never come out after you've placed them inside, haha. There are tons of tips and tricks to pop them out of the palette, the first being that you take the magnetic edge of the palette cover and place it on any of the corners of the eyeshadow pan. That method only works on one of my pans and not the others, so I had to go searching for other ways of taking them out. You'll see people telling you to use tweezers to sort of pull them out but honestly, all that ever did was break pieces of the eyeshadow and that drove me bananas. I have a baby Swiss Army knife that's thin enough for me to squeeze between the palette and pan edge to sort of pop it out. I find that's the best method if the magnets aren't working because your palette and shadows come out unharmed. 

As for the finishes, the Shine finishes are the sheerer of the bunch but have such an amazing sheen to them. They're not glittery or shimmery, just ... shiny, haha. The Pearl finishes are the ones that have the buttery texture when you go to swatch them. Each of the shadows with the pearl finish that I own has a golden sheen sort of running through them - super rich color! I can't seem to find what DS stands for but these colors are matte shadows that have little shimmers running throughout. I was hoping they'd be matte when I bought them, but the shimmers make these colors GORGEOUS and better than what I wanted. Lastly, the Matte finish is the most self-explanatory - they are matte, but they're not chalky or powdery - like I said before, super rich in texture and pigmentation! 

PHEW, that's one heck of a review, huh? I pretty much raved about all the shadows in general so I won't go in too much on the colors I have. I've included the numbers and swatches for all them anyway, and the swatches seriously speak for themselves! I've never had such glorious swatches! (click on the picture to get a closer look) I'm always so thoroughly impressed with INGLOT eyeshadows and the fun I have with the freedom system that I'm always excited to get more! You can find INGLOT eyeshadows on their website or check to see if there's a store near you. If anything you can pretty much always find them at an IMATS show! 
What do you think about the INGLOT eyeshadows and their Freedom System?


  1. I've been looking into the inglot Freedom palette for a while now but am always overwhelmed at the sheer amount of colors! The colors you have are gorgeous and I'm lusting after 24/31 Shine! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

  2. I love the color you've picked, although I think I would never go for them :D I'd stay in my safe zone and get neutrals haha

  3. I have no idea where to buy these! I always see bloggers rave about them and I'm dying to try them out! Great Post xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  4. I really want to try some Inglot eyeshadows, there so pretty and pigmented!

  5. Love this review, very informative. Have followed your blog! x

  6. Ahhh, Inglot... It was love at first swatch...

  7. Gah, Inglot. There's this one Inglot store that I pass by all the time at the mall, and it's sooo hard to just walk by. Everything looks so pretty!

    PS. may I ask what camera you use? I love the quality of these photos!

    XO, Abundance of Erica

  8. DS stands for double sparkle.

  9. Ive wanted to try inglot pallets for so long! These are some lovely colours xx


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  10. I've been wanting to build my own Freedom Palette for YEARS. I'm so glad you reminded me of that in this post, because I've been thinking about getting a few new MAC eyeshadows, but after reading your beautiful review, I realize that just doesn't make any sense at all! I think I'm about ready to have some Inglot in my life!


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