Saturday, October 27, 2012

All The Pretty Girls on a Saturday Night!

As college girls all around the U.S. of A prep for their first (even second) night of Halloween festivities I am sat home, alone. Sometimes I really despise the whole 'commuting to college' thing. My college isn't very centered at making commuter students feel welcome and all that jazz. Regardless! I though I'd share some things that have happened in the past few days with you!

- I got festive "fairy" lights and hung them up in my room! I turn my lights off and keep these on. Feels like I'm in a dream and I always get so sleepy!

- I had all my midterms this past week and had been in a bubble of "Ow, too much information!" No clue how I did, only time shall tell!

- I went into Bath & Body Works and dropped of an application to be a holiday hire! Had a group interview and I could not keep my mouth shut or stop giggling. I really hope I get this job! So fingers crossed everyone! :)

- If you live on the East coast of the States you probably already know that we're getting Franken-hurrican aka Hurricane Sandy! It's supposed to be a doozy of a storm so I hope everyone on this side of the world stays safe! My classes for Monday and Tuesday have already been cancelled. Hooray! But that makes you wonder just how awful of a storm this'll be!

- Plants vs. Zombies. Why have I not ever played this game before?! I'm addicted and cannot stop playing. The zombies scare me to bits and pieces. BRAINS.

- I finally got to see Mihai (aka boyfriend) this weekend after not seeing him for two weeks. We made some homemade apple cider and it's delicious! I should grab a cup after I type this up! He also brought me my Sephora Friends & Family Sale haul! I'm so excited to share it with you all! 

That's it for tonight! Hope you all are having a great weekend, stay safe and dry! I'm off to take a long bubble bath, catch up on America's Next Top Model and see if I can take any photo's for the blog as I cannot seem to catch the sunlight anymore! 

What have you all been up to? Any fun parties? ;)


  1. I'm in NJ so we are preparing for the storm as well. Stay safe! Found you on the blog hop!

  2. Oooh I can't wait until Halloween! And you my friend are very lucky with the bubble bath, I just ran out of bubble bath! Haha ;-)

    1. That's the worst! Hope you can replenish soon! :)

  3. Fingers crossed you get the job, that would be a good one! :) We're hearing all about the hurricane over here too! Sounds scary, but I hope you're safe. I'm so glad we don't get anything like that over here, it's the only good thing about living here! Also, I have been craving apple cider so bad the past few days! I was looking for it in work earlier to see if we had got any in, but it's not that popular over here, people prefer mulled wine which I really dislike :( x

    1. Thank you! And I was wondering if people heard about it over seas! Guess you do :) Usually New Yorkers never think Hurricane's will get to us but they do! I'm safe with all my snacks, haha! How can you not have apple cider at your shop? I'll have to send some over ASAP! Haha, hope you find some soon! Not a big fan of mulled wine either :/ xx


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