Monday, October 15, 2012


This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

So this weekend I went (ahem, ran) over to the LUSH in Herald Square to snag their lot of Pumpkin Soap. I know ... sharing is caring and what not, but not when it comes to this gorgeous, hunk o' soap! I grabbed three (which means I know have 5 pumpkins, giddy little me!), a baby Twilight shower gel (AMAZING STUFF), and an Enchanted bath bomb because the sales associate compared it to blood oranges and ... well I have a weird thing for blood oranges! 

Anywho, I got a pretty big response on my short review of the Pumpkin Soap (that is until my blog stats disappeared, has this happened to anyone else?!) and it seems that a lot of you missed out or are missing out on this! Since it is coming to the season to be holly and jolly I thought I would spread some early Halloween joy and give away one of these gorgeous babes to one lovely reader!

Le Rules:
* You must be a follower of this blog via GFC

* Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite part about halloween/the autumn!

* If you are under 18 years old,  please let your parents know you are entering so they don't flip their tails if a piece of soap arrives at your doorstep!

* This giveaway will run from October 15, 2012 to October 30th, 2012. The winner will be announced on October 31st and must respond to me within 24 hours to claim their prize, otherwise another winner will be chosen, so on and so forth!

* Ways to earn entries will be listed in the RaffleCopter widget below!

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Good luck to you all! I'm actually really excited to share the Pumpkin-y goodness! They made them a lot bigger this year, so that's something to note! :)


  1. My favorite part of Halloween is that I get to go to Halloween parties! Getting ready for the party is super fun! From selecting a Halloween costume, to doing spooky makeup and just hanging and chilling around with friends! :D <3

  2. My favourite part of halloween is going to our local fright night!


  3. My favourite part of halloween is dressing up in a scary-ass costume & scaring the living day lights out of my flat mates
    - This year I intend to dress up like a victorian porcelline doll :)


  4. Very cute give away. I love Lush!

  5. My favourite part of autumn is cute and cozy knittings such as sweaters. I am seriously inlove! :)

  6. My favorite part about halloween are all the cool halloween makeup/costumes on Youtube. lol

    1. Btw.. my stats disappeared too! Wth? They're back now though..

  7. My favorite part about Halloween is the creativity with makeup & costumes!

  8. Looks lush. My fave party is the candy, ohh i love sweets haha. Not good for my teeth but taste delish xx

  9. My favourite thing is the fashion and colours which come with the Autumn season. Chunky knit jumpers! :)

    Great giveaway!

    Laura x

  10. AHHHH PUMKIN SOAP!!!!!!!!
    Obviously fashion :)

  11. I went to Lush the other day to look for their halloween soap and the Glasgow one didn't have any :(. I just thought they weren't doing halloween soap this year. My favourite thing about Autumn is Halloween and the atmosphere of the dark nights.

    Much Love: If you fancy a nosey. I am collecting buttons too, so if you would like me to add yours - let me know. xx

  12. Oh i love lush and fall and pumpkins. this is perfect haha

  13. This is amazing! I love autumn weather!!


  14. I bet that pumpkin soap is absolutely amazing!!!

    My favorite thing about fall is the weather and fashion!
    I also love seeing halloween decorations! I keep mine up all year around! :)


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