Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Not You, It's Me ...

Actually it's college. I blame it all on the hectic scheduling my professors have placed upon me. Yes, my professors. They'll (all) do this thing where they give you no work or exams to study for and then out of NO WHERE, wham-bam here's a project, have a paper, and while you're at it, here's a midterm! I'm not good with stress. I don't like it. Gives me pains that I didn't know I could have. I've been going non-stop since last week and I still haven't finished everything I needed to do. 

So with that I've decided to take a small break from blogging. It's not a forever thing (will probably only last a week or so) but I'm having so much trouble writing up posts of quality. If I uploaded any drafts you guys would automatically pick up on how lackluster I'm feeling. The big kicker is that I haven't even had time to read or comment on other's blogs which is something I used to always have time for! I need this break to finish all my coursework and then just breathe for a bit. No writing, no reading, just relaxing. I hope you guys can understand. 

One fun thing is that I did manage to film/edit a video for this Friday! How'd you have time to film/edit a video?! Well it was already filmed and all I had to do was edit it. I had an all nighter writing a paper and by the time I finished I couldn't fall asleep so it passed the time. Anyway, it's going to go up on my YouTube channel, if you're not already subscribed it'd make my day if you did! 

Hope you all have a great (and stressless) week! Ill talk to you all soon! :)


  1. Totally understand this, they have a tendencey to lay everything on you at once! So frustrating. Good luck etting everything completed :) xxx

  2. Ugh I totally understand how you feel. I'm feeling the same way at the moment! I get stressed out so easily, but just remember that it won't last forever :)

  3. Definitely understand this feeling! I've had so much school work recently and it completely takes away inspiration for writing posts! Good luck with it all though :)

  4. I totally understand and remember the days of undergrad where professors do that to you... I swear they had a Sadist Professors Anonymous club where they would plan out the weeks where they would impart our week long all-nighter schedule (sick b**tards...).
    So no worries and best of luck with your studies!! You'll get through it and be able to look back on it fondly (and by fondly I mean you'll be able to laugh at yourself and what you've been through) someday :)


  5. Get your head together and don't make blogging a chore! See you soon :D x

  6. Awh feel better Jess! Everyone needs a break, sometimes it's all we need to feel better and come back even stronger.

    We'll be here waiting!


  7. Sounds like we're in the same boat, although I was just dealing with workplace drama. Your school stress will end, and your inspiration will return! We all need a good breather from time to time. :)

  8. Aww I know what you mean! All exams always end up on the same week. Hope you do very well in your courses <3

  9. Only reading this now and I'm so glad you're feeling much better! We all need a break sometimes x


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